Shock Charging Tool ***$65 Shipped***

ID# 133640Posted Dec 17
For_sale $65

Tool for charging shocks with nitrogen. Threads onto shock Schrader with one knurled knob and activates shock Schrader with another. Braided hose swivels and rotates. Pressure release button for setting accurate pressure. 400 PSI gauge. High quality Schrader. $65 SHIPPED

This is a universal charging tool for use on Fox, King, Swayaway, Icon, FOA, Radflo and may other coilover, reservoir, bypass, air, shocks and bump stops.

Miller Dynasty 200 DX & Coolmate 3 water cooler

ID# 133625Posted Dec 16

For_sale $3,500

Used Great condition

PlasmaCam DHC CNC plasma cutting machine 4x4 plasma cam table Hypertherm

ID# 133624Posted Dec 16

For_sale $12,500

Excellent, barely used PlasmaCam DHC 4x4 CNC plasma cutting table package with Digital height control. This is the best, most user friendly CNC plasma cutting table and software available ! !

Set up for down draft which is a lot better then a water table

Has leveling feet added.

Hypertherm PowerMax 65 Plasma cutter with hundreds $$$ of spare consumables and manual. Hypertherm is the best plasma cutter manufacturer, especially for CNC. Made in USA. Not china like some manufacturers

Complete with computer, design software, art disc, installation and operation manual etc. . Possible deal on additional software package that includes several thousand plasmacam and related files

Possibly can ship. Contact with your address for a quote

Mac 11 draw tool box

ID# 133605Posted Dec 15

For_sale $2,000

Great condition don't have enough tools to fill it cost 7000 plus new 2000obo

Off-Road or San Jack

ID# 133604Posted Dec 15

For_sale $100

Off-road or sand jack

Built using a legit Lincoln 2-ton commercial floor jack.

Very heavy duty, works great.


Pro-Tools Electric Bead Roller With Dies

ID# 133571Posted Dec 14

For_sale $1,200

Electric Bead Roller with all the dies you will ever need all of which are brand new. I only used one of the step rolls for less then 20 minutes on some .050 door skins and a roof panel. Its basically still new. I just purchased it new from Pro-tools a month ago. Comes ready to use and will include 2 sheets of .050 aluminum with it. Take everything including the stand $1,200.00 Cash. I am FIRM on the price NO TRADES

Burr King 760 Grinder

ID# 133569Posted Dec 14

For_sale $1,500

In good shape with stand and extra belts.

Underhood Premier Power welder

ID# 133564Posted Dec 14

For_sale $700

Underhood welder mounts as an engine accessory and provides welding capability in the field

Tube roller

ID# 133290Posted Dec 07

For_sale $500

Tube roller for sale. Used it once last month for a project of mine. Dont need it anymore. Comes with 1" 1 1/2" 1 3/4"& 2" dies 1st $500.00 cash gets it.

Lincoln g3503 tif welder cooler 1.6gal

ID# 133256Posted Dec 06

For_sale $550

Used I built a cart for it so can move around shop easily