matco tool box 4s

ID# 146591Posted Nov 16
FOR SALE $3,199

matco tool box 4 s with top hutch
power in hutch and drawer
led lights
usb ports


ID# 146303Posted Nov 11
FOR SALE $2,999

Delto Engineering 60x60” cnc plasma tables for sale, works great for cutting parts quickly and with great accuracy. With a cutting area of 50”x50”, this machine accepts a half sheet of metal. Powered X,Y,A, and Z axis. Runs off of preprogrammed GRBL, uses sheetcam for CAM processing, and UGS. Includes table and electronics, just attach your non-HF plasma cutter, hook up your laptop, and immediately start making your shop more productive. $2999. Located in PHX, AZ. Free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.


*Requires- Non-HF start plasma cutters.
Air Compressor
*Assembly Required-will come with a detailed manual.

Baileigh PT22 2x2 cnc plasma table

ID# 145484Posted Oct 19
FOR SALE $3,900

Almost new, only used a few times. Comes with software but no computer or plasma. Just add your plasma (hand held or machine torch) and a laptop and you are in business.

Here is what the Baileigh website says.....
Runs on 110-volt power.
2’ x 2’ (610 x 610mm) cutting area.
Comes fully assembled with correct alignment. No need to spend hours building.
Most other companies’ plasma tables come in 5 or 6 boxes and cost about as much to ship as Baileigh’s larger single box shipment.
Includes user-friendly programming software (see more details below).
You can control the torch using the handheld panel with a jog dial for the X and Y axes and program start and stop buttons.
Durable, high-quality stepper motors drive the X axis (single drive) and Y axis (dual drive).
All motor controllers and electronics are enclosed. No loose wires to get in your way.
Industrial cable track on the X axis ensures smooth cutting movement.
2 different torch-holders to accept both automated torches and handheld torches.
Pre-cut flat bar grates support the material.
Fully-welded steel frame will stay square for accurate cutting. By contrast, many competitors’ aluminum tables will warp due to heat over time.
Small footprint accommodates shops with limited space. You won’t find many competitors that make machines this compact.
5” caster wheels (2 stationary, 2 swiveling) let you move the table easily.
Water bath with a ball valve drain collects dirt, debris, and smoke. It also keeps the table cool to prevent material from moving while being cut.
Cabinet in the base with latched and hinged access doors.
550 lbs. shipping weight.

Miller blue star 185 welder generator

ID# 146513Posted Nov 14

FOR SALE $2,000

Miller blue star 185 welder generator with only 11 hrs on the meter. Has 50’ leads for stick. Just sitting in the garage no use for it anymore. $2000


ID# 146407Posted Nov 12


Generac GP5500 Brand New CARB Legal ready for desert season.

Like New Miller Diversion 165 with/without tank, pedal, acc. etc

ID# 146308Posted Nov 10


For Sale: Lightly Used Miller Diversion 165 with/without Diversion 165 foot pedal, 150 ct tank 80+% filled, steel & aluminum rod, tungsten, and nozzle/gas kit.

The welder has maybe 6-7 hours on it and only 1 time using it for a good amount of time at once. Was bought new from A& B Supply in Havasu. Only selling cause i rarely use it because very hard to tig weld 1 handed.

So $860 for WELDER ALONE same as if bought it new.

The tank is a 150 cf (50" tall 7" diameter) as you can see over 80% filled usually has 18-20 psi when filled. Your looking around $250 to buy a tank unfilled online.

The foot pedal ranges from $150-200 depending on which brand and model you purchase.

As for all the rod, tungsten, and welding city gas/nozzle kit I'm tossing that in with the tank & pedal if bought with welder.

Over $400 in stuff lets say $280 for the lot.

If you buy it all lets say $1100 I am open to offers. If you contact me today and get a deposit in by tomorrow morning i could deliver all to vegas on Sunday, or Ill be driving to Irvine, CA from vegas on Monday and back to Bullhead, AZ tuesday morning.

Like New JET 48" Brake 16 gauge with/without JET 48" stand

ID# 146306Posted Nov 10


This brake has been kept inside and has under a 100 bends on the die and have never bent over 16 gauge. Which keeps the die perfectly straight, you could easily bend over 16 gauge. I am selling it for $850 without stand or $1000 with stand ($395 value). I will sell stand alone for $250.

If you shop for these you know shipping cost is what gets you, usually several hundred and tax as well. Get a like new item for over a $1000 under msrp.

Also if contact me today Nov 10 with deposit I could possibly deliver to vegas tomorrow on Sunday or between Barstow & Orange County Monday night.

Miller Syncrowave 200

ID# 146232Posted Nov 07

FOR SALE $1,700

Miller Tig welder. Works great comes with new tig torch

Shock Charging Tools and Kits

ID# 146069Posted Nov 05


LOSS-LESS FILL TOOL: $65 shipped
The Loss-less Fill Tool allows you to finely tune the charge in your high performance shocks. The knurled knob is threaded onto the shock Schrader valve then a second knurled knob is threaded in to activate the Schrader. The pressure is read from the integrated gauge and pressure is easily adjusted by pressure the pressure relief button. Additional pressure is added by applying pressure to the Schrader valve at the back end of the tool using a standard Schrader chuck. The tool also features a heavy duty braided line and multiple swivel providing easy access to hard to reach shock Schraders.

LOSS-LESS KIT: $170 Shipped
The Loss-less Kit incorporates all the features of Loss-less Fill Tool with the addition of an integrated ball valve, high quality 3000 PSI urethane coated braided hose and a 600 PSI pressure regulator. Also available without regulator as the RETROFIT KIT for $100 shipped.

MASTER KIT: $205 Shipped
The Master Kit is a compilation of all of the BAJAmike charging products, with the added benefit of quick-release application. The core of the kit is made up of a 600 PSI pressure regulator, 3000 PSI urethane coated braided hose, ball valve, and locking quick-release Schrader chuck. The kit includes a standard Loss-less Fill Tool, a Needle Adapter and a Standard Schrader Chuck. Also included is a tank handle that fits most small Nitrogen tanks.

Shop Equipment/Tools

ID# 146080Posted Nov 04


4 corner rolling Engine Stand, Break Bleeder, Oil Drain Container, Shop Tables, Pallet Racks. Closing Race Shop call for pictures and what you want.

Band saw

ID# 145798Posted Oct 28


12" band saw/sander works great