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Race team members needed

ID# 195104Posted Dec 28


Racing Opportunities-195104

Competitive UTV Prod Turbo team seeking two to three committed race team members. We are looking for chase team people and help one to two saturdays a month doing prep. How many events we run in 2023 depends on the level of help we get from response to this ad. We are family oriented, meaning we bring wives and kids, sometimes dogs LOL. There is some compensation, but if you're looking to do this as a high paid job, this isn't us. We cover costs; lodging, food, and supply team apparel. Fuel will be reimbursed if you choose to chase in your truck, otherwise we use our trucks. UTV guys encouraged, as you gain a few more benefits with product discounts and services. Shop is in Hesperia , CA. Prefer commitment to experience, We can teach what we need, we can't supply the willingness to show up. Contact at [email protected] or text first. I run a business and don't always have opportunity for a call.

Looking for a doorway....

ID# 195097Posted Dec 28


Racing Opportunities-195097

My name is Trevor. I'm a mechanic by day, but I love to dirt bike, off-road, and develop my skill set as a driver.
I'm looking for an opportunity to get into the world of racing. With practice, I can be competitive in rally, 2x4 and 4x4 ATV classes, or anything long-travel and caged. I have a natural understanding of how vehicles work, and I consider myself a better driver than most.

The problem I face daily is this: I'm a young adult, and the perfect age to begin a career in racing. While I am saving up to get into a better vehicle than my Gambler 500 rig, there's no support for me to be competitive before I'm significantly older. I love my family, but I wasn't born into a 5-point harness like some were. I need to find my own door in.

This is where you come in. You might have a dilapidated class 7 project that barely runs out behind the shop. You might have a fully prepped Trophy Truck, and nobody to drive it. You may even want a co-driver who can stay level-headed while you test the roll cage extensively. I want in.

I'm building capital, but until I do, I can't offer much for the least you have. I don't ask for any commission if I'm driving your car or your colors, the experience and practice is payment enough. If you need a grease monkey, I'll ride along and do your dirty work.

Looking to sponsor a kid from Washington who may be the next big name in racing? All I can do is give you 110%, and you bet your boots I will. Have a project that just sits and you'd like to see finished? Make my life. All I need is an inch, and I'll make it a mile.

If you have any words of advice, my contact info is there. In the meantime, I'll be busting my butt chasing my dreams.

See you out there.

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