Victor 1640 Lathe

ID# 155330Posted Jul 09
FOR SALE $1,500

Comes with chuck, 5C collet closer, steady rest, and anything else we find that belongs to it. Spindle runs good, automatic feed needs to be repaired.

Scratch and dent , UNIWELD Nitrogen regulator shock charging kits.

ID# 154938Posted Jun 26

I have (5) Uniweld 400 PSI output nitrogen regulators (only 3 left) , that had some form of defect over the last year of our sales at Schmidty Racing Suspensions, that I sent back to the manufacturer, for warranty repair. They were new units that were returned , so they are still practically new. But since they are warrantied repaired, I am not going to sell them as a full retail unit. Here is an opportunity at a great kit, at a greatly reduced price. I am selling these complete regulator /shock charging kits with new 8' rubber hoses, and new end assemblies that have a stainless inline shutoff valve, a 0-600 # dry SRS secondary gauge, bleed-off valve, and a no loss chuck. The regulators have a standard CGA580 tank nipple on them. (stand fitting for US) These will not have the swivel end by the NL chuck or SRS engraved manifolds like our "retail" regular kits, but will in every way function like our normal kits otherwise. The end assembly can be used as a "test" tool by closing the inline shut-off valve. I am going to blow these out for $165 shipped. Paypal me via friends and family @ [email protected] . First come, first serve.
Evan Schmidt , Owner at Schmidty Racing Suspensons

plasma table

ID# 155459Posted Jul 12

FOR SALE $11,500

arch light 5x10 plasma table with computer and operating system. this system includes arc light Dynamic’s pneumatic CNC plate marker that will accurately engrave letters and lines, followed by a plasma cut, in the same operation. also included is the hypertherm 220 plasma cutter. this is about 5 years old was used in a shop that we shut down.

Mac tool box and side cabinet with tools

ID# 155443Posted Jul 11


Top box 33wide. 16deep 17 tall
Side cabinet 15 wide 18deep 31tall
2 3/8 drive air impacts
3 3/8 drive air ratchet
2 Small air drills
A bunch of different taps
A Pittsburgh 46 piece bolt puller set
Soldering irons
Many extra hand tools also

un-used pro eagle 2 ton jack including mount

ID# 155391Posted Jul 10


I bought this jack directly from pro eagle, last year I think, it's never been used. It's the black and gray one with the metal roller wheels, not the big wheels. It includes the jack extension and the aluminum mount plate, and the 2 piece jack handle.
It's the one currently shown as sold out on the pro eagle site. I think I paid $350 for the jack + $180 for the plate = $530, asking $400 or make me an offer.
I'm probably moving within a month or two and I might was well get this out of my garage if I'm not going to use it. I'm in San Jose, CA.

Power Trailer Dolly

ID# 155260Posted Jul 07


Dual tire Power Trailer Dolly has 110V motor with forward and reverse and roughly 50' extension cord. I am unsure of the brand but it is in good used condition. Dolly does not have trailer mount included but it can be easily purchased online or you can make your own. Asking $500.00 obo.

Wiedemann Turret Punch

ID# 155259Posted Jul 07

FOR SALE $1,500

Wiedemann 12 Station Turret Punch with stand. Punch includes the following punch and die sets 1", 7/8", 3/4", 5/8", 9/16", 1/2", 7/16", 3/8", 5/16", 1/4", 3/16", 1/8" die only(missing punch). I don't know the exact clearances on the punch and die sets but they all work better on thicker material. Asking $1,500.00 obo.

TennSmith 52 inch hydraulic shear

ID# 155225Posted Jul 06

FOR SALE $3,200

52 inch TennSmith hydraulic shear. Good condition can be seen under power. 16 gauge capacity, I've used it to cut aluminum all its life. Making room for more CNC equipment, hate to see it go. Please call or text 760 519 2077

Car lift

ID# 155202Posted Jul 04

FOR SALE $1,000

9,000 lb car lift in good condition no pump

uni hydro 42 ton iornworker press

ID# 155132Posted Jul 02

FOR SALE $4,000

uni hydro 42 ton iornworker press
i purchased this a few years ago for a shop that i was a partner on they went out of buisness and i kept alot of the equipment. this being one of the items. the unit works well it is a 3 phase and it is hooked up to demonstrate but i do have a converter from 3phase to single phase. this unit goes for 6000-7000 used same condition i am just trying to get it out of my building. i also have a Archlite plasma table i will be posting when i get the photo.

250 gallon tanks

ID# 155122Posted Jul 01