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ID# 168978Posted Sep 19

Off Road Parts-168978

1. 2.0 Howe System .....$1500.00
2. Wide 5 Hubs for combo spindles....$225.00
3. LS1 Headers up and out....$250.00
4. 2 Ultra wide 5....3.50in bead locks w/new bfg 33x10.50x15 km3....$500.00
5. 2 Ultra wide 5....6.50in bead locks w/wrangler 33x12.50x15 mt/r kevlar.....$600.00
6. 100 watt halogen light bar...2 spot, 2 flood.....$175.00
7. 2 flex.a.lite fans w/housing (1 fan does not work)...$50.00


ID# 168961Posted Sep 19

Off Road Parts-168961

New king g springs two12"-3.12.300g16 & two 14"-3.14.500 L16 $350 for all 4

Mendeola 2d

ID# 168862Posted Sep 15
FOR SALE $2,000

Off Road Parts-168862

Mendeola 2D 4 speed h pattern for sale. It is damaged and needs a rebuild. Cracked case in multiple places. Unknown damage inside. Lost second gear while running and shut it off shortly after. Also have Pro Am shifter to go along with it. What you see is what you get. 2000$ obo as is.

Lexus/Toyota 1UZFE

ID# 168751Posted Sep 10
FOR SALE $3,500
1992 Lexus/Toyota 1UZFE

Off Road Parts-168751

Just pulled engine out of race car due to switching classes and don't need it anymore. Engine runs perfectly and bummed to sale. Just received a full tune up and decided to switch. New plugs, plug wires, water pump, timing belt, timing pulleys, and new value cover gaskets. Engine is signed by the legend himself Ivan Stewart at the Chenowth Museum. Engine has a full exhaust system, CBM Motorsport stand alone wiring harness and computer. Computer and wiring harness are attached to aluminum panel and also comes with (2) fuel pumps. This is a complete engine setup. Comes with spare Alternator, Water Pump, Spark plug wires, gaskets, belt.


ID# 168655Posted Sep 08

Off Road Parts-168655

Great shape nothing wrong with him $350 each

Ford Bronco rear leaf shackle spring hangers

ID# 168537Posted Sep 02

Off Road Parts-168537

Ford Bronco rear leaf shackle spring hangers. Fit 1980-1996 broncos. Extended 1.5”.

F-150 Grill / Hood

ID# 168437Posted Aug 31

Off Road Parts-168437

‘92-‘96 F-150 / Bronco Grill Hood

Original FORD grille and steel hood. Vent behind hood and faded lights included.

Also have FORD passenger front fender.

750 hp GM LS2 Stroker Supercharged Engine.

ID# 168351Posted Aug 26
FOR SALE $18,500

Off Road Parts-168351

Stroker Engine : Tuned and Dyno to 750 hp.
Whipple 4.0, 95mm throttle body, CNC cylinder heads, Stage I Cam, Callies Dragonslayer Crankshaft can handle 1500hp, 4.000-2.558-2.100 58x ctw prep, Callies Compstar 6.125 rods LS series, 4000 Series 6 KWY LS3 Timing sets, Cam Thrust plate-LS7 Camshaft retainer, Race Tec 2618 Blower Pistons with heavy wall pin, Granatelli Coils and wires, Melling high volume oil pump, AN-20 male outlet and inlet for Water pump, Headers by Tom Face, CBM Mephi 4 ECU, Wiring harness, Professional Tuning, Balance and Assembly by CBM Motorsports, less than 500 miles ( 25 hrs ) of use. The reason for selling: Running a stock engine for long trips to Baja on a street legal prerunner and this stroker engine is been on hold for the summer waiting for the Glamis season.

Chevy Silverado TT and Parts

ID# 168281Posted Aug 24
FOR SALE $18,000
2003 Chevy  Silverado

Off Road Parts-168281

I hate to have to sell this but I’m getting ready to go through a divorce and need to get rid of everything. Here’s what I’ve got:

Blitzkrieg Motorsports Centermount Bulkhead with upper and lower A-arms, Spindles (minus snouts), partial engine cage tube work and base flooring attached to 4-link mount pockets - $17,500 obo

King Pure Race Series Shocks - $5,600 obo
(2) 3.0 x 14” coilovers with remote resi’s - $2100 obo
(2) 3.5 x 14” 5 tube bypasses with remote resi’s $3500 obo

Used 94 gallon fuel cell with in tank fuel pump. Came out of a Geiser Bros. TT - $2500 obo

2003 4 door Chevy Silverado Extended cab with doors. Cab needs some bodywork - $500 Firm

A-arm front suspension Kit for Baja, Manx or Sand Car

ID# 168283Posted Aug 24
FOR SALE $2,050

Off Road Parts-168283

Complete front A-arm suspension for Manx, Baja bug or sand rail. Kit comes with upper and lower a-arms, bulk head, spindles, tie rods, and install plates, fully welded. Includes all rod ends, hi-misalignment spacers, bushings and grade 8 bolts. Has 19” of wheel travel when using a 10” coil over shock (not included). Also available with boxed lower a-arm and a dual shocks set up ($600 extra). Uses a sand buggy style front steer rack and pinion steering box (not included), 70-74” over all width (depending on wheel hub offset). Same width as bug when using 3x3 rear trailing arms. Remote mounted upper shock tower designed to fit under Baja or Manx hood. Zero bump steer, 4 degrees of camber change, 5 degrees of caster. Laser cut, CAD designed, jig built, double shear suspension pick-ups even steering box for zero bulkhead flex. Simply cut off old beam suspension and graft on this new one or we can do it for you. Instructions included. Shipping available, CC accepted. 2050.00

F150 Ring and Pinion

ID# 165874Posted Aug 21
2012 Ford F150

Off Road Parts-165874

I'm selling the stock ring and pinion from my 2012 Ford F150. Both front and rear axles. 8.8" & 9.75". Stock gearing 3.73. Low mileage. Maybe 10K. Swapped out for 4.56's. Located in Prescott Valley, AZ. Would like to sell as a pair. I also have bearings

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