Off Road Race Vehicles

Baja bug / Crumco class 5

ID# 181646Posted Nov 06
FOR SALE $21,000

Off Road Race Vehicles-181646

Crumco race car class 5 eco-tech O91 bus box race pack gauges end navigation text or call if I am at work I will call you back in 30 minutes please leave a message 818-822-6094

Buggy 2013

ID# 176587Posted Nov 05
FOR SALE $12,999
2013 Short coarse or lite 10 car for short races Pro buggy A arm

Off Road Race Vehicles-176587

Pro buggy roller Offroad shortcoarse race car. no engine/trans/ tank/cvs/guages,shifter. Was getting ready to Install a ecotec- motec electronics and 5 speed Mendeola. Mounts for a busbox still intact. Has FOX coil overs all corners. A Arm front and tubular rear arm. 930 set up. Brakes still working. Seat, seatbelts all there. Steering all hooked up. Fire control system still hooked up. Very light. Wide enough for a V8 or V6. 702-275-1505 or email [email protected]

Ultra4 4800 KOH FINISHER

ID# 181593Posted Nov 04
FOR SALE $65,000
2016 K&K Motorsports 

Off Road Race Vehicles-181593

Selling my whole race program as age and health would dictate. Tiffany (her name) was built by a master fabricator Dan Kovarik out of a two car garage in Redding California over the course of two years she was finished just in time for nationals 2016.
LQ4 with a hot tune from Josh West 208 Motorsports right around 420 hp.I did not want to pump it up to much where we needed to run race fuel and all the other bullshit that goes along with it so we kept her reliable. We’ve run KOH three times with a successful attempt in 2019 in which we finish top 20. First attempt we were stopped by an electrical problem and third attempt was a broken axle which has been upgraded. Don’t let the lower horsepower full you.
Th400, atlas, 25 gallon fuel cell, Lawrence GPS all spare parts fire suits, helmets, rugged radio, the whole kitt and caboodle. And a 24 foot enclosed Charmac trailer,
Take her home and get ready for KOH 2022!

Ultra4 4500 Jimmy's Bloodline

ID# 181602Posted Nov 04
FOR SALE $65,000
Jimmy's Ultra4 4500

Off Road Race Vehicles-181602

Vehicle is Tagged for Ultra4.
4500 class but could race 4800 or 4400.
LS3 stroked to 427
Jimmy's Built Turbo400
Atlas Race Case 2:1
Spidertrax axles with 10" Spool 5:86 gear
New Nitto 37' trail grapplers mounted to Method Race Beadlocks
32 Gallon fuel cell with Dual pumps
5" GPS for driver, 10" for Co pilot
Car is race prepped and comes with new panels for you to wrap


ID# 180421Posted Nov 03
FOR SALE $95,000
2015 jimmys bloodline

Off Road Race Vehicles-180421

Jimmys 2 seat Podium Bloodline

-Build Sheet:
LS3 motor
spider trax axles
atlas transfer case...

$35,000 Step #.1-#2.-#3. 2-seat-Podium Bloodline Roller KIT
$35,000 Bloodline Roller KIT Podium series;
2.0 x .120 DOM ;
Main frame, Hood-line, all door bars, Belly, Lower front Frame rails, Roof over head "X"-ing, Top part of "X" in rear window, and outer rear belt line, "C" support to lower "B" Vertical support
1.75 x .120W DOM;
Lower rear frame, Inner Bed and rear shock support Vertical, front window down tubes, Vertical support tubes front window to front frame rails, Nose Verticals, winch fill and support tubes
1.5 x .120W DOM;
Front shock vertical support tubes, dual engine cross over tubes, Lower "B" support to belly (Seat "H" mounting), Seat tube
1" x .120W DOM;
Dash and center dash for floor layout
1.25x.120W DOM;
Engine Skid plate

Options Included;
Gen IV design
Turnkey Fill and Support tube Kit
This is all the fill and support tubes for shocks, seats, Gas tank, winch, etc
Single tube front Included
Single tube rear Included
"V" Doors

Bloodline series Master Bracket kits-Standard Option's;
Tabs & Brackets- All Included in Standard kit
Motor mounts at center block, Head mount kit, Transmission adapter mount, Transfercase torque mount, Link mounts at chassis (.25 thick, for 3/4 bolt lower/upper), 1-piece steel Belly Base Mild steel, Hydraulic Valve Tab for under dash, Trans-shifter tabs, Resorvoir Tab, Seat Belt Tabs, Limit strap tabs, Tabs for all sheetmetal "Standard", Swaybar Double shear Tab's

Master Bracket Options and Add's;
Steel belly 54"
$300 **Upgrade AR400 Mounts
Link mounts 1/4" for 1.25 lower and 3/4x7/8 upper
**Weld washer tabs
#3.Radiator Mounts/Cups or tray;
Front CBR
#4. Battery tray
Single Optima
#5. Motor mount
GM LS*/GEN III-IV Standard
#6. Transmission mount,
Atlas -Standard
#7. Transfercase Torque mount,
Atlas Standard
#8. Fuel Tray
#9. Steering,
#10. Winch Mount,
Full drum,
Long Fairlead bracket
#12. Shock mounts,
Dual cross over tube Included in chassis
**Single shock
#13. SKID's
Engine Skid Plate with UHMW
#14, Accessories
Gusset Kit
Side Nerf Bars Pair (Includes Install Time) (skinny, Mid or wide)
Passenger Grab Handle w/grips
Tab Antenna
Engine head mount kit
Tow hooks each 4 corners
Add Attachment point for winch Tie Off point
**Add rear view Mirror
side mirrors

SUSPENSION Bracket kits;
4-link Standard Master Axle Bracket Kit-Large
Upper front link Towers Brackets w/weld washer Tab style, Bump stop landing pad's
Rear upper Towers for Jimmys Traditional mounting,
2-sets of lower link kits, Lower single shock tabs or dual, Weld washer tab style
Front Clips Included's HOOD PIN KIT
STANDARD 1-piece Universal hood-
Rear Clips
STANDARD Rear Fenders Aluminum w/Aluminum rear
Turnkey Standard Master Fabrication
Place motor/trans/t-case (Includes weld in Motor mount and Transmission mount, place and weld Transfer case torque/support mount) weld belly and link mounts "Standard", weld in Fuel tray "Standard 16G", set and weld in winch mount, HYD steering mount "Standard", Radiator mount "Standrad", Seats and seat belts, Transmission shifter, Transmission cooler “Standard”, Power steering cooler "Standard", Place gauges, Mount Battery tray-single Firewall location, Power steering reservoir, Mounts for fuel pump and filters Standard, shock Reservoir mounts, Swaybar Double shear Tab's
all tabs to go Turnkey
All Floor work/Firewall work, Standard dash and center console, Fuel splash behind seats
Front kickers, Doors, Roof Standard, Rear Aluminum fenders and Tail gate

Place and weld in all Suspension link mounts, Place weld shock mounts "Standard", Mount front steering Ram, place limit strap tabs, place and weld in swaybar tabs

$4301 Step #.4 shocks
Shocks and Bumps
$1233 $616.50 X qty 2 FOX Factory Series Coilover w/res 2.5x14"
$1251 $625.50 x qty 2 FOX Factory Series Coilover w/res 2.5x16"
**w/DSC adjuster
$702 $175.50 x qty 4 FOX Factory Series Bump stop 2.0
$120 $30 x qty 4 FOX Factory Series Bump stop Mounting can
$600 Pac Springs 3.0 ID for 2.5 Coilover
$145 Shipping and Handling

$250 Limiting straps
set of 4, Includes quad straps, Tabs and Bolts, Fabrication to place and weld

$2,520 Step #.5 Suspension Parts
$770 Large ROD END KIT
7/8 UPPER, 1.25 lower C-Molly Rod Ends, Stainless spacers and Washers
Link Material-Aluminum
$1,750 7075-Large LINKS

$1,906 STEP #6. Steering
$1560 Steering – Dual Cylinder
PSC, full hyd kit, (TC/”P”) Pump, Steering VALVE (3.5 turns, other valves are available), COLUMN for Steering WHEEL), RESERVOIR (6” reservoir w/low pressure hoses), Hi-Pressure HOSES AND FITTINGS, DUAL 2.5 RAM, Small ENDS, END LINKS (Rod ends and dom tube),

$30 PSC steering wheel Disconnect splined
$88 Shipping and Handling

Steering accessories
$60 Lonacre 13" aluminum w/rubber grip
$90 7075 Aluminum Steering Links, dual Ram
Step 5.B choice a cooler
$78 Derale 18” log cooler
Includes 1.5 x .25 DOM tubing for steering ram

$1,400 Step #7. Fuel Hard Parts;
$233 Fuel Cell– #260-116-NF Poly tank, No Foam
Jaz 16G race tank w/extra Injection fitting, NO FOAM
$78 shipping and Handling 16-22 Steel can tanks
Fuel Pump Pick up kits;
$750 IN-TANK, Holley Hdra mat, 32G Alltech Baffle kit ($280)Hoses fittings and Install Labor
$230 Brake kit
wilwood dual master, 1” Bore , Fabricated Pedal (Longer ratio), qty (2) 2# residual Valves

$1,527 Step #7. Hard Parts & Accessories;
$700 PRP Premier with Drains and custom stitching
**PRP w/drain
$232 seat belts
PRP w/sewn in shoulder pads, 5-point with rear loop, BITD/KOH certified
$500 Rear storage Kit;
Igloo 18G cooler 8gallon storage, bottom tray mounting kit and install with pin style strap

$3,392 Step #9. Mechanical and Accessories
1350 2.125 X .188W DOM, W/spicer SPLINES "Balanced"
$20 DRIVE LINES U-Bolt kits
(Qty 4, spicer 1350-1410 u-bolt kits
$850 Jimmy's Sway bar 1.125 Active, 35 Spline
$900 WINCH
WARN M8000-s W/syn winch rope 100’ x 3/8
$122 Catch cans Race
1 quart Breather/ with filter; AN6 Inlet
1 pint mini breather w/filter, Dual Inlets 3/8 inlets,

$1,202 Step #10 Coolers & Accessories;
Front Mount;
$799 Radiator
CBR 31x14x2.25 dual pass w/ dual elec spal fans and mount, set for surge tank
$85 aluminum Brushed Surge tank/Overflow

Transmision**Suggest Dual pass
$250 Derale Pass aluminum Cooler
$68 S&H coolers

$2,296 Step #11. Wiring and Electrical
Step #11. Wiring and Electrical
Includes; Autometer Sport Comp 2/16, Coolant Temp, Oil Pressure, Volt
$950 Wiring supplies W/Head Lights (Does not include top light/s or Rock Lights, Please choose Head Lights )
Master kill switch, optima Red top, wire, connectors, switch’s ( ignition switch, fan Switch, Toggle for lights {head lights and Rock Lights) clamps, heat shrink, wire ties, relays, fuse block, battery cables, grounds, circuit breakers, fuses, extra wiring for head lights and rock lights etc…..
ADD Trans gauge $64
Add Tach 3 3/8
$100 ADD Tail light wiring and Lights
**Turn signal
$132 qty4 –led rock light strips round eyes (under car)

Mikes Import spot LED Light Bar
$150 2x2” Dually Head light pair
**KC dot square
$550 36” E Series FRNT or top light

$350 mounted in light bar Craddle (protect for roll over)

$0 Step #12. Race Kit Options

$8,500 STEP #13. Motors;
STEP #16. Motors;
GM Assembled long block Motors, GM Intake, DBW T-Body, F-body pan, Front kit with Hi- Mount Alternator, no steering pump, GM DBW Engine wiring Harness with Computer, Air Filter, pre & post Fuel Filters, Fuel Pump, Headers, starter, all Hardware…….
LS3 430HP $8,500

$2950 STEP #14. Transmissions/Kit;
$2950 THM400 HD/Race “B” 203 Short shaft Deep Pan
Thm400 “K” case*, Drilled for ¼” vent w/Barb, Short NP 203 output shaft, Billet HD converter, pump modifications, Direct clutch Drum w/32 Element Sprag, OEM Stock FWD Drum, New OEM Deep Pan, All plastic washers Removed, Transgo shift Kit or TG Full manual kit FWD shift kit, Winters rev FM No Comp-Breaking, locking dipstick, AN Fittings at case, and Gate Shifter

$2985 STEP #15. Transfercase; No speedo, Regular yokes
$2650 Atlas II with 32 spline front output
$225 Atlas Thm 350-400 adapter
$110 Shipping on Transfercases

$1,589 STEP #16. Plumbing Kit;
Base; just enough to do a base car, no Oil cooler, no Accumulator, no brake switch or line locks, no cutting brakes
Standard Race; Has enough to do a base car, but also will have a Oil cooler, and a oil Accumulator, with brake switch and a line locks, still no cutting brakes
**This price includes Fittings and ends for running brake lights and line lock, but does not include the fittings, Check valve for a Oil Cooler/accumulator, when Running this Items you will have more 30, 45,60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 Degree Fittings which cost more.
They are priced in the engine section..
Pure race; is the same as a Stanard race but is with Twsit Lock instead of puch lock
$1268 Standard Race PLUMBING KIT— 8600 Push Lock, Race kit KOH certified
AN fittings, series 8600 hose
MASTER CYLINDER to Calipers, Cutting Brakes
Fuel length vent line to Catch can, over flow, or cap
3Add pressure port for rear Brake Light and Valve for Line Lock/Parking brake (KOH)
SHUT OFF VALVES (3 required for Hammer King rules)
ADD Fragola Billet
Radiator Plumbing kit;
-16 push lock and 8600 hose (Radiators must have AN fittings and Motor also)
$225 Rear Radiator w/Front mount engine (series 1-2 and 3)

$19,324 set/pair 2014 sheet
$11,742 Standard Mild steel Ultimate SPIDER 9 Front
Axle Housings & Knuckles
(Hi-9 and Driver Drop suggested for Front axles)
FRONT 3.5 OD x .25 Housing
3.5 x .25, ULTIMATE 60 KNUCKLE KIT, Ultimate1-TON UNIT BEARING, 5-6 LUG with 1/2 studs, Housing is cut and Knuckles are placed and welded,
Tube Seals
Tube seal ¼ tube and 3/8 Tube, Pair, single seal in each Housing
14” Brake kits for Spidertrax Knuckles
(qty 2 Hats, qty 2 Rotors, qty 2 wildwood Caliper 4 or 6 piston, pair wildwood poly matrix pads, and pair Caliper mounts)
4-piston kit
DROP OUT”S (Third Members)
(All carriers priced w/35spline and full steel spools, Solid spacer and 1350 forged yoke)
Standard Hi 9
Steering arms for Spidertrax Knuckles
Axle Shafts (Includes S&H and assembly)
SPIDERTRAX 4340 axle shaft kit w/Yukon super U-Joints
Assembly Labor
Install all Drop outs shafts and install/Bolt on Knuckles and wheel hubs

Unit Bearing and Knuckle options
$500-option Add Pro series Knuckles to Standard 3.5” Housing
$22-option ADD Extra axle seal, pair, to Double up in seal housing
14” Brake Options
(qty 2 Hats, qty 2 Rotors, qty 2 wildwood Caliper 4 or 6 piston, pair wildwood poly matrix pads, and pair Caliper mounts)
DROP OUT”S (Third Members) Options
(All carriers priced w/35spline and full steel spools, Solid spacer and 1350 forged yoke)
10” Gear works Housing Low Pinion,
$1300-Option ADD Gear works HI-10” gears, GW or MW spool 35-40 spline
$730-option ADD SPOOL TO ARB 35 spline only
Steering arms for Spidertrax Knuckles
$250-option JIMMYS WELD ON STEERING ARMS, Double shear

Axle Shafts (Includes S&H and assembly)
$500-option SPIDERTRAX 300M axle shaft kit w/Yukon super U-Joints

$7,582 SPIDER 9 REAR
3” X .375 or 3.5” X .25 HOUSING, 1 Ton Full Floater End Cup’s, Ultimate 1-TON UNIT BEARING, 5-6 LUG with 1/2 studs, Housing is cut and End Cup’s are placed and welded,
Tube Seals
Tube seal ¼ tube and 3/8 Tube, Pair, single seal in each Housing
14” Brake kits for Spidertrax Unit bearings and end cups
(qty 2 Hats, qty 2 Rotors, qty 2 wildwood Caliper 4 or 6 piston, pair wildwood poly matrix pads, and pair Caliper mounts)
4-piston kit
SPIDERTRAX 4340 axle shaft kit
Yukon “N” Iron housing 3.25, iron pinion support, Detroit, 28
Assembly Labor
Install all Drop outs shafts and install/Bolt on Knuckles and wheel hubs

Unit Bearing options
$22-option ADD Extra axle seal, pair, to Double up in seal housing
14” Brake Options
(qty 2 Hats, qty 2 Rotors, qty 2 wildwood Caliper 4 or 6 piston, pair wildwood poly matrix pads, and pair Caliper mounts)
DROP OUT”S (Third Members) Options
(All carriers priced w/35spline and full steel spools, Solid spacer and 1350 forged yoke)
10” Gear works Housing Low Pinion,
$1300-Option ADD Gear works HI-10” gears, GW or MW spool 35-40 spline
$730-option ADD SPOOL TO ARB 35 spline only

Axle Shafts (Includes S&H and assembly)
$300-option ADD SPIDERTRAX 300M axle shaft kit

$3,468 Step #18. Wheels and Tires
Wheels & Tires
$2100 BFG Red 39" Krawler set of 4
$1320 Fuel Beadlock set of 4
Lug nut kits
$48 Lug nut kits standard 6-lug acorn open 5/8

$13,585 Step #19B. Turnkey Finishing work;
All Projects are Built With set up parts. During the building process cars will be tore down and put back together numerous amounts of times.
Our goal is to keep your new parts as new looking as Possible through the build process.
We try to use as many “Mok up” parts and supplies as possible.
We use bolts w/Non locking nuts, No washers, they are not used in the build process so at the time of “Final assembly” the Bolts and nuts used on the project will retain there true locking function.
All Builds, from a roller to a full turnkey are tore down for final welding of Chassis and Mounts, there is no charge to pick up Chassis and Parts Un-assembled.
If you would like your “Build” in a Roller or if you are going full Turnkey, please pick on of the following Mechanical charges)
Base Builds;
Turnkeys that are Raw or spray painted, Base parts. No extra coolers w/ fans on accessories, base gauges, and Basic Plumbing. no lights
Standard Builds;
Standard builds are Projects that will get tore completely down and Transported for Powder coating of chassis and Mounts. Most usually will have a 8x10 Trans Cooler with electric fan and a log style steering cooler, no Oil coolers, No Accumulator’s, no race accessories or Comunication's, minor lights, etc…
expext extra accessories time to time
RACE Builds;
RACE builds are Projects that are fully loaded, extra cooling, Item's to pass race Tech, larger fuel tank's, remote fill, full light packages, race accessories and Comunication's along with GPS and Air pumper
PURE-RACE Build Turnkey w/Full Lights --Powder chassis
Includes, Installing All Hard Parts; Mounting all standard Base Build parts, Standrad and Race items. accessories
$10,000-+ Turnkey Package’s Non Paint
**Mechaical can change with Add's
**Paint and powder coat Prices are not Exact but Average cost of out last 10 Builds** For Estimate Only
$1785 Powder Coat
Chassis, small parts (radiator mounts, engine mounts, trans-mount, all clamps and Brackets, window net hardware) axle housings/Knuckles/diff cover

$1800 Body Paint/PC
Paint outer body hood, cowl, fenders and grille, Powder coat all interior panels

$2,800 STEP #20. Supplies
Bolt kit's, Grade 8, Nylon or steel lock nuts
$750 Bolt kit, Turnkey/Race
$550 Fluids/Race
Antifreeze w/Distilled water, Wilwood Brake Fluid 600+, GM Steering Fluid, MAG-1 Transmission fluid Type-F, MOBIL-1 Engine oil, REDLINE 250-Shock prof Gear Lube for both Differentials

Welding supplies, Grinding discs, Helmet lenses, Rags, Lubes and Cleaners, waste disposal, ETC
$1500 Turnkey/Race

$95,000. price


Hammertown opens January 27 and closes February 5th!

It's #KOH2022 time!

text me 909 478 4791

Race Ready 6100

ID# 181549Posted Nov 02
FOR SALE $135,000
2018 Off road race vehicle 6100

Off Road Race Vehicles-181549

Race ready 6100 prepped.
525hp LS3, 200 miles on engine.

Former Candy Cane Car- A Piece of Offroad Racing History

ID# 181296Posted Oct 25
FOR SALE $17,500
1988 Raceco  2 Seat Race Car

Off Road Race Vehicles-181296

Now is your chance to own a piece of off-road racing history!

This two-seater Raceco former “Candy Cane Car” is well-known, has won many races, and is ready to earn more trophies.

For sale for $17,500 or best offer. Serious offers only.

It has several new and updated components.

—2276 CC engine by Eddie
—Dry sump
—002 close ratio
—Pyramid trans (zero miles!)
—4.86 Ring and Pinion
—Summers rear hubs
—Tatum front hubs
—Wilwood Brakes, disc all around
—Power steering
—Oil coolers
—Steering brake
—Fuel safe fuel cell, approximately 23 gallons
—Helmet air system
—Fox shocks all around
—5-point harness
—Intercom system
—Momo wheel
—Spare (like new) Gene Berg shifter
—UMP air filter

Contact [email protected]

2020 Jimmy IFS Ultra 4 Red Dragon 4400 Car

ID# 177539Posted Oct 23
FOR SALE $280,000
2020 Jimmys 4x4 Ultra 4 IFS 

Off Road Race Vehicles-177539

Almost Brand new Jimmys Car, Have raced 2 races. Getting re prepped and ready to race. This is an amazing car and love to drive it but priorities are Changed right now and need to sit on the side lines for a bit. See the amazing build sheet
Next level Dragon 2-seat IFS-Hard Roller
PRO PKG Hard Roller
Fabrication and assembly Full Tig weld (Chassis, Brackets, suspension)

NL “Next Level” IFS FE-"Pro-line" CNC Chromolly chassis / pro line Race
All support tube, 100% tube, Including all dash, Interior, seats
RD-RE2-Slant V2.0 Red Dragon Front Engine 2-seat Version
**Gen III Lower Belly, Wider spread on Trailing Arm’s
**Tig Welded

IFS Roller Hard Part kit; Included
Spidertrax Chromolly 10" front housing,
**7075 Aluminum Billet outer Uprights/Knuckles
**7075 Aluminum Billet Upper A’arms
Lower A'arm chromolly, Billet Ends at all four corners, fully Heat treated
Steering swing set Mount, Heat treated
Tie Rod’s 7075 Aluminum
Complete Hardware kit FK Rod ends, Com bearings
**New for 2020 4140HSTR Nitrate plated spacers/Misalignments
Pair of Unit Bearings 45 spline (2” OD) 6 on 5.5

RCV series 30 Inboard and outboard Race Prep Bolt holes bored and Knurled
33 spine front mid shaft 300M,
Inboard axle stub's 40 Spline
outboard axle stubs, 300M 45 spline outers
Boots, Band’s, Grease and CV-Bolts

**GEN III Rear link set up;
 "Pro-line", 7075 Billet Aluminum Lower Trailing arm kit
(**Uses Pro-Am Large Billet wobble stopper Plates, and Com Bearing at Axle end)
Upper 7075 Billet Aluminum Links
Mounting bracket's at chassis w/Billet weld washers and inner saddle mounts, 

Fabrication; “Brackets” Place and weld only
IFS "Pro Series", “Premier” Turnkey Fabrication;
All Major Mounts, and Race accessories (Com’s, Jack’s, Siren, Mirrors, etc)

IFS Master chassis “RACE” Bracket kit; (Pro-line) 100% complete Turnkey
Belly Skid plate/s (AR-Plate) **Removable
**2-sets, AR Plate KOH and Aluminum rest of the season
Motor mount's, w/Bushings
Motor Head mount kit, w/Bushings
Transmission, w/Bushings
Transfer-case torque mount, w/Bushings
seat tab's, and seat belt
Shock mount kit F&R (Cut away mount's w/Billet weld washers and saddle mount's),
Link Brackets Rear
Limit strap tabs
Radiator Mounting kit (CBR or Ron Davis),
Winch mount and fairlead mount,
Battery tray, (*Options)
Fuel tray / Tube w/Bungs
Dual Remote fill Dry break mounting bracket
Remote fill mount, (*Options, standard is Combo twist/Dry Break)
Transmission shifter
cooler mount's, Transmission, heat exchanger, steering, oil
Brake master pedal mount,
Steering column mount (for a PSC aluminum long column),
steering servo mount,
Limit strap tab's,
seat belt tab's,
Dry Sump Tank Mounting

Spare Driveline and Race Jack Mounted Low in Rear
**Add Jack Mounting Points and Trailer Jack mounting points for prep

Sheet-metal kit; Next Level Full Race Package
Top Dash and Dash Face plate
(*On Single seat Dragon, includes P-Side Sheet metal
Front Kicker's, w/screen
Door's (*option)
bead rolled inner panels and kickers w/stainless screen
Standard Rear window shakers screen w/stainless screen
100% DZUS fastener’s Interior and exterior
**Universal quick release on Hood
full Ducking splash around Radiator (*Replaces standard shaker screen)

Jeep JK Fiberglass

Front Suspension (A’arms at chassis and at Upright steering Knuckles (qty 12), Tie Rods (qty 4)
Rear Suspension (qty 8)
Motor mounts at chassis (qty 2) (*not at Block)
Head Mounts at Chassis (qty 2) (*not at block)
**12 point, Bolt & Nut 8740 Alloy w/aircraft washer

KING Racing Shocks
2.5x12” RS Coil Carrier with Remote Res
1” shaft upgrade
2.5x16” RS Coil Carrier with Remote Res
1” shaft upgrade
3.0 x 14” Bypass 6 tubes with 1” shaft and ¾ Large Tubes
3.0 x 16” Bypass 6 tubes with 1” shaft and ¾ Large Tubes

Front 2” shorty compact 2.0 Bump with Can
rear Bump Shock Eyelet type

Limiting straps-ELROD's **Double up
set of 8, Includes quad straps, Tabs and Bolts, Fabrication to place and weld 23”-28”

Steering Power Steering Solutions
3" x 6.0 TT Rack
Machined Spacers for steering Rack
Servo Control Valve
TT "P" Pump w/300M shaft
Pulley 8 groove serp
Pump mount and alt mount for TT set up
Reservoir set for Relief valve
CBR “Hi-Flow” Billet steering cooler
Relief Valve
Aluminum Steering Column and U-Joints and Steering Mid shaft
PRP Suede Steering wheel w/Push to talk and Horn Tab and 6 bolt adapter

**Nylon Race Hose
**Hard line on brakes
**qty 2 Line locks on dash

Fuel and Cooling:
Red Dragon “Slant Back” FE 2-seat #PYRO-000592
Custom Pyrocell bladder, foam and .090 internal flange aluminum can with .080 lid. 5" tall baffle wall with 2 ball checks toward front, 10" tall baffle wall with 3 ball checks and 2 baffle walls creating an 8 " wide collector center rear with 4 additional ball checks. Built to drawing #Pyro000592.( Modified Pyro 000206 - Section removed)
parts for fill plate : (1) 6x10 plate - Bolt thru (2) OCG024 Gaskets (24) Bolts (24) Washers (2) 2.25 90 degree tubes (2) Wagon wheel- weld on (2) -10 Pickups (1) -8 Vent roll over valve (2) -8 Return
Fuel sending unit and Gauge
Dual Dry Break Remote fill 2.25x4.5” center w/hose

Brake kit / JAMAR 19-1 Pedal, Dual Master bracket and Balance-bar
CBR 16x12 Trans cooler w/12" fan (2.25 deep)
CBR 21x35 radiator w/heat exch & twin 15" fans (3" deep)
CBR Heat exchanger stand alone

Wiring and Electrical
Finishline Racing(Smitty) Full Chassis and Dash Wiring
Holley Dominator ECU
Holley 12” Dash
2 ECU Masters for all Accessory Controls
Baja Design Ligths

Body and Interior
Jimmys JK body with Bead rolled panels
Mechanical and Accessories
Rear Chromolly slip and spline, Balanced, Adams With 1 Spare
Front 934 CV, MW w/speed rated Carrier Bearing Dual shaft 4 yokes
PRP Belts for Neck restraint
Headers custom Built

Wheels and Tires
Dirtylife Beadlock 6 x 6.5
BFG 40” Sticky

Lug Nuts Open 5/8 Tapered

Options accessories
Rear Custom 300M sway bar w/Billet arms arms
Front Custom 300M sway bar w/Fabricated arms arms
WINCH Warn 9000RC

Race Kit Options
Window nets
Custom Built swinging SFI certified Nets
Race communications;
PCI Elite Race Com, Kenwood radio

Fire Suppression
Safecraft 10LB auto/manual fire suppression system
3 Safecraft Fire Ext. with mounts

488 Dart Tall Deck
Dart Tall deck Block
Brodix Heads
Dailey Dry Sump
MSD Intake (Carbon fiber dipped)
Holley 105 TB
Billet Crank
Titanium Rods
Meziere Water Pump
Holley Dominator ECU
Air Cleaner Kit K&N 18x7x7 4” inlet, Tube and Boots w/Foam wrap
Drysump Tank

Zero Gravity Th400 in Reid case w/Converter
All Billit internals

Winters shifter w/mount;
Gate shifter

Lokar Race ”

SCS (Straight Through, 1-1U, 1-1 QC, 1350 yokes)
Single shifter kit AA
Billet adapter

Brake kit; F&R
Pro series Vented (Spidertrax Hat VR, Wilwood GT Vented Rotors, Wilwood 6P Bridged Calipers and Pads
6.5BC Mounting
TubeWorks TW-CrossTie X-LP Billet Ford 9" / 10" Third Member Extreme, ARB 40 spline
**w/Dual Load Bolt
4.0 x .25, Pro series housing
Rear Floater cup for 4.0 Tube
GW 45 spline UNIT BEARING, 6 on 6.5 LUG with race series shanked 5/8 studs,
**with dual Load Bolt
Master Rear Axle and Bracket kit; "Pro-Line"
Back brace with upper towers and Bump stop landing pad's, with Billet weld washers and inner saddle mounts
Lower link mounts with billet weld washers and inner saddle mounts
Axle Shafts (Includes S&H and assembly)
300M axle 45 spline shaft kit Gun Drilled
**Rear Pinion Guard
**Assembly Labor is Included in Master Fabrication

Chase truck - Trailer - Prerunner

ID# 180100Posted Oct 23
FOR SALE $125,000

Off Road Race Vehicles-180100

The 6100 race truck and chase truck has been sold. The prerunner is still available.

Prerunner - $125,000 firm

Pre Runner Ready to assemble parts list
New Lowrance HDS12 Gen 3 GPS Chevy Tail lights
PCI race radio
PCI intercom
Hella Horns
Sho – Me PA/Siren and Controller
Misc. Seals/bearings/races
4 New Wilwood 6 Piston Calipers
4 Aeromotive filters
18 Racer Off Road/TUCO New in packages – variety of circuit breakers Starter
Perko Battery isolator
New Red Dot A/C – Durka Durka Approved
Muffler hardware
2 New UMPS
Solid Custom Radiator lines already fabricated
Assorted New A/N fittings, anodized black
Remote Oil Filter, fully plumbed
Safecraft fire suppression system complete with nozzles, hard line and fittings.
3 Sparco race seats – have red covers on now, comes with black as well – No Tony Barazza these aren’t outta the Land Shark!!!
3 Sparco camlock belts MPI Steering wheel Rear View Mirror

General Pit Equipment Generators
Pit Lights
Pit Carpets Welders
Main Pit Toolset

Pro 2 Minus Engine

ID# 179001Posted Oct 23
FOR SALE $50,000

Off Road Race Vehicles-179001

We have a complete Pro 2 without the engine for sale in Green Bay, asking 50,000. 2015 Stamper chassis. Literally everything there but the engine. Has the trans, fuel cell, underdrive, plumbing, dash, wiring etc. Major spares are transmission, 3rd member, rear end, shocks, front and rear suspension arms, other misc parts from when we bought it.

5 podiums in 2019 and hasn’t been raced since. Engine is here but was hauled as a spare for my other truck, will only put it in and sell with the truck if serious.

Pro 2

ID# 181210Posted Oct 23
FOR SALE $125,000

Off Road Race Vehicles-181210

This pro 2 is very nice with no experience spared on maintenance and prep. James Lin wiring harness with motec controls and motec PDM c127 dash display, COD front end and rear end design, Bilstein coil overs and bypasses, RDE transmission, Weismann underdrive, tubeworks rear ended housing, CBR coolers, new 410 Pro Power engine with fuel injection with Pro Power and James lin programming in truck. Truck is extremely nice and simple to work on if you have anymore questions feel free to shoot me a call anytime.

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