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New S5D Mendeola / Weddle

ID# 176548Posted Jul 31
FOR SALE $21,000

Off Road Parts-176548

Brand new S5D with new funco gearing. 21K

The price is not negotiable.

Blitzkrieg 3.5 housing

ID# 178521Posted Jul 31
FOR SALE $9,000

Off Road Parts-178521

Everything is new. Never ran, only used for mock up. I have a Blitzkrieg motorsports 3.5 mig welded housing for sale. WMS to WMS is 72.5” Upper and lower link mounts from quixotic motorsports. Has 2.5 6x5.5 Blitzkrieg hubs with radial mounted wilwood 6 pistons and Coleman 14” rotors. Comes with Evan Weller racing strange 3rd member with 5.13 gears and a 40 spline spool. Never taken out of its case. Still has yellow paint on gears. $9,000

Also a set of front 2.5 Blitzkrieg motorsports hubs and snouts. Also comes with 6 pistons wilwoods and 14” rotors.

Hubs have some wear on the ano from rims going on and off but everything is in good shape and only used for mock up. Just switching to a 4” housing and TT hubs.

Tubeworks rear end housing

ID# 178367Posted Jul 25
FOR SALE $8,000

Off Road Parts-178367

I have a Tubeworks rear end housing out of a Geiser trophy truck. 6x6.5 Geiser bros Tt hubs. Jumbo 36 spline axles. 14” rotors.
74” wms


ID# 178364Posted Jul 25
FOR SALE $1,500

Off Road Parts-178364

Off an older truck...built for a horizontal 1.5" lower spherical bearing and a 1" horizontal upper. Billet Clevis.

3.0 x 12 RS King Coilovers and Bypasses(Brand New)

ID# 178313Posted Jul 23
FOR SALE $7,000
King Race Series

Off Road Parts-178313

Race Series, Brand New, Never Been on a Vehicle. 4 Tube Bypass.

See Picture

Ford F150 5.4L 3V cylinder heads

ID# 178315Posted Jul 23
Ford  F150

Off Road Parts-178315

Forsale is a pair of remanufactured Ford 5.4L / 4.6L 3V cylinder heads. They are complete with lifters, rockers and new camshafts. I payed $1200 for them and they required me to send my old heads back also. So here is your chance to get a deal and not have to send in your old heads as cores. I just went a different route with my engine build. So I don’t need these anymore. Just double check that your heads match 3L3E as seen in my pictures. That number will be on the exhaust manifold side of the heads. Asking $850 call or text Marc at 805-660-8159


ID# 178279Posted Jul 22

Off Road Parts-178279

The Kenwood TK-790H radio is for the best of the best. The 110 watts of power gets incredible range in off road racing conditions. They do not have the yellow ignition wire like some other ones (who wants extra wires). We can do the Race modification for $85.00. These are NOT the old 730h Will ship for FREE. We except PayPal or COD with UPS

• 110 Watts of power
• 160 Channels
• Alpha Numeric Display
• 790h not 730h
• Built in speaker in head
• Remote head ideal for cars or trucks with limited dash space. Mount the body of the radio behind the seat and the remote head is at your fingertips.

Foritn 5 Speed - H Pattern Complete Rebuild Zero Miles

ID# 178179Posted Jul 20
FOR SALE $10,995

Off Road Parts-178179

This transmission was in my Alumicraft dual sport. It went up to Rancho Transaxle and has been completely gone through with new gears, bearings, ring and pinion, side plates, throw out bearing etc.. Zero miles on the tranny since rebuild was done within the last couple months. The gear ratio's are as follows:
1st - 1237
2nd - 1432
3rd - 1628
4th - 1825
5th - 2025
Ring & Pinion - 7.34

If you have any questions please give me a call or text. Bear @ 760-522-2338
Price $11,500 obo

WC Fabricated Housings

ID# 178177Posted Jul 20

Off Road Parts-178177

Wicked Creations rearend housing, These rearend housings are built to the highest standards, the base rearend has 3/8 Face Plate, 3/16 shell, and 3.5 x .250 4130 axle tubing. Housings have inner gussets and have been thoroughly race tested in the USA and abroad. These housings have been ran in Score, Dakar, Baja, and more. They will accept a Ford 9" or 10" 3rd member. These housings are special by they are made housing centered and equal length axles. These include a WC Large Fill cap and a 3/8 NPT drain.

VW Rear Torsion Coilover Adapter - Dual Shear

ID# 178175Posted Jul 19
VW Bug / Buggy / Baja Bug

Off Road Parts-178175

For the hardcore VW pan based bug or buggy builder. Wicked Creations offers its same great coilover conversion kit but with a double shear, and a lock for the pivot bolt. This takes alot of the load off the bolt, and locks it in so it cant come loose. For use when using bigger tires, bigger engine, or more suspension travel. This kit comes with everything you need. The kit includes (2) double shear mounts that bolts to your VW torsion housing, (2) 3/4 heim joints, (2) 3/4 jam nut, (2) trailing arm mounting plates, (2) 3/4 bolt locks with (4) 10-32 locking screws, (2) 3/4 grade 8 pivot bolts, and torsion mounting hardware. MADE IN THE USA out of lasercut 1/4 mild steel.

WIY (weld it yourself) Kit - $200 this kit includes everything but Heim Joints and Jam nuts

Welded Kit - $300 - includes everything in part description above

WC Harbor Freight Jack Skid Plates and Mounts

ID# 178150Posted Jul 19

Off Road Parts-178150

Our number one seller, for a reason. We designed a skid and mount for the most popular jack in the desert.

The skid, is lightweight aluminum, laser cut and mounts directly to the Harbor Freight aluminum racing jacks. It allows the jack to slide over dirt, gravel, rocks and is lightweight and easy to manage.

The mount, is laser cut out of steel so it's easily bolted or welded to whatever application you need. We used a spring loaded pull pin that locks into the jack skid and is 100% secure.

Save money and buy the combo kit that includes the Wicked Creations jack skid plate, and the Wicked Creations jack mount. Perfect for you chase truck, trailer, garage, or rig. If you only need one or the other, they are available individually as well.

Available for the Harbor Freight 1.5 Ton, 2.0 Ton, 2.5 Ton, and 3.0 Ton Jacks.

Designed and manufactured in Garden Grove, CA.


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