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Fat Performance 1915 VW Engine

ID# 167786Posted Aug 05
FOR SALE $2,500
VW  Fat Performance Built

Off Road Parts-167786

Fat Performance built 1915 cc long block engine. Super fun and reliable motor. We took it out of our Cat 5 Baja Bug. Great compression. Full tune up about 80 miles ago. Have video of it running and more info if needed. Great motor!

Bronco/F150 Frame Gauntlets (1980-96)

ID# 167608Posted Jul 29
Ford Bronco/F150

Off Road Parts-167608

In my own build I needed an elegant way to tie a Desolate Motorsports engine cage to my frame without directly welding on the frame. My solution involved converting the engine cage to a bolt-on assembly by creating an overlay, or "gauntlet" that is formed over top and around the frame rails where the stock coil buckets originally bolted to.

The top flange provides a surface to land a tube on, whether for a prefabbed engine cage or one of your own design. The vertical flange provides a surface to mount bump stops without making the gaffe of welding vertically directly on a frame rail. The bottom flange increases strength, allowing the part to be physically locked in place also in shear strength rather than clamp alone.

There are a number of advantages to properly fitted modular/bolt-on cage assemblies in off-road trucks, not the least of which being the ability of fasteners to disperse shock loads evenly into their clamp force. This method has been used extensively by one of the most renowned fabricators in the industry, SI Motorsports, and has allowed for race trucks that have approached 100k dirt miles.

I have made 2 sets of these overlays at present and have nailed down the process, with much care and attention paid to fitment.

Fits 80-96 Bronco/F150

Mild Steel $200
4130 $325
(Predrilled holes incurs extra charge)

Toyota/Lexus 1UZFE V8

ID# 167536Posted Jul 27
FOR SALE $4,500
1992 Toyota 1UZFE

Off Road Parts-167536

Just pulled engine out of race car due to switching classes and don't need it anymore. Engine runs perfectly and bummed to sale. Just received a full tune up and decided to switch. New plugs, plug wires, water pump, timing belt, timing pulleys, and new value cover gaskets. Engine is signed by the legend himself Ivan Stewart at the Chenowth Museum. Engine has a full exhaust system, CBM Motorsport stand alone wiring harness and computer. Computer and wiring harness are attached to aluminum panel and also comes with (2) fuel pumps. This is a complete engine setup. Comes with spare Alternator, Water Pump, Spark plug wires, gaskets, belt.

2.5L Ecotec DI

ID# 167332Posted Jul 17
FOR SALE $1,000
Gm Ecotec

Off Road Parts-167332

I have two 2.5L ecotec for sale both low miles bought for projects and changed directions. Both have computer but need tunes

1450 partout, f150 LT kit, full floater, BMS hubs, glass, tires

ID# 167301Posted Jul 15
FOR SALE $3,000
2003 Ford F150

$3000- BTF Fab Race Long travel kit, 1" upper uniball, 1.5" uniball, fabbed spindles, set up for running Dana 44 hubs using factory f150 rotors. Comes with H&M fabbed center steering link.

$1500- BMS 2.5" Race front hubs, brand new never run

$3000- Currie Full Floater, tig welded top and back truss, bump pads, sway bar mounts, 4 link mounts, 72" wms to wms, Proam 2.5 hubs 5x5.5 bolt pattern, Strange 9" 3rd member 4.56 gears spooled, 40 spline axleshafts, unsure what calipers the mounts are set up for, comes with 4 brake rotors.

$350- One piece fiberglass hood with mini fenders.

$300- Fiberglass bedsides

$300- 2 BFG KR2's 39x13.5x17, great shape, lots of tread, no holes.

$150- 1 BFG KR3 40x12.5x17 decent tread, no holes.

$300- 1 Toyo 39 brand new mounted on an Ultra X103, 6x6.5 bolt pattern (TROPHY TRUCK NOT CHEVY)

F150 Ring and Pinion

ID# 165874Posted Jul 15
2012 Ford F150

Off Road Parts-165874

I'm selling the stock ring and pinion from my 2012 Ford F150. Both front and rear axles. 8.8" & 9.75". Stock gearing 3.73. Low mileage. Swapped out for 4.56's. Located in Prescott Valley, AZ. Selling as a pair
I also have bearings

Geiser Brothers Ford Raptor Trophy Truck Body

ID# 167255Posted Jul 14
FOR SALE $2,500

Off Road Parts-167255

Up for sale is a complete Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck body. Hood, Roof, doors and bedsides. Excellent condition.

vw 3x3 trailing arms and jamar hubs

ID# 167256Posted Jul 14
FOR SALE $1,500

Off Road Parts-167256

jamar hubs and calipers. raced the mayhem 150 and only made it 100 miles on these.

on the trailing arms im not sure what brand or what material they are made of. two years ago i had to repair on so i has a patch on it. arms have delrin bushings.

comes with everything you need for a 3x3 set up.

will throw in the coilover conversion as well.

570+HP LS3

ID# 167180Posted Jul 11
FOR SALE $7,500
2020 BCM 

Off Road Parts-167180

Fresh build 570+HP LS3 11.1:1 CR. Comes complete from intake to oil pan. Block was hot tanked, surfaced (.010"), align honed, bored and finish honed .5mm over, durabond cam bearings installed. Crank is .010/.010" and polished. Mahle flat top pistons (flycut for ptv clearance) with premium ring set, Clevite P series coated main, rod bearings, gen 4 rods, rotating assembly fully balanced. Ring gaps set @ .016" top and .018" 2nd. Heads milled .020", 3 angle valve job, with BTR .660" platinum double valve springs installed. Has a Comp 233/250 .619"/.595" 113lsa cam. 7.375" Chromoly hardened pushrods, Johnson hylift ls7 lifters, Cloyes timing set with HD timing chain, melling high pressure 10295 oil pump, OEM .051" head gaskets, headstuds, prw pro series roller rockers. Tall runner fabricated intake manifold with 92mm billet throttle body, billet fuel rails and 50lb TLF flow matched injectors. Fabricated tall valve covers with billet coil brackets, coil packs, braided loom coil wiring, ac delco performance wires and ngk tr6 plugs. Has corvette harmonic balancer (shallow beltline), ac delco waterpump, manual billet tensioner with pulley, alternator bracket and 140amp alternator. Has all stainless allen hardware throughout. Comes with your choice of Fbody Camaro (pictured) or hot rod oil pan kit. Comes with 90 day-6 month warranty (warranty depends on vehicle and tuner) all major credit cards accepted but include tax and processing fee. No trades and any questions feel free to ask. Shipping available as well.


ID# 167100Posted Jul 07

Off Road Parts-167100

The Kenwood TK-790H radio is for the best of the best. The 110 watts of power gets incredible range in off road racing conditions. They do not have the yellow ignition wire like some other ones (who wants extra wires). They come with all the brackets. We can do the Race modification for $85.00. These are NOT the old 730h Will ship for FREE. We except PayPal or COD with UPS

• 110 Watts of power
• 160 Channels
• Alpha Numeric Display
• 790h not 730h
• Built in speaker in head
• Remote head ideal for cars or trucks with limited dash space. Mount the body of the radio behind the seat and the remote head is at your fingertips.

Toyota Tundra Parts- IPT/ Camburg/ AFE/ Rigid/ Wilwood

ID# 167080Posted Jul 06
Toyota Tundra 

1 Rigid Industries RDS dbl row midnight spot 54" bar- Bought new from Rigid Ind. Includes full set of black covers and full set of amber covers. Mounts for 14-20 Tundra also available. - 500.00

1 Wilwood Brake resi- new. 50.00
1 Camburg Handbrake kit new 200.00
1 07-13 Tundra AFE dry filter (does not fit 14 + airbox) 50.00
1 IPT trans Valve Body NEW- AB60F trans for Tundra. includes new OEM strainer 650.00
1 set of Spoolin Shift kit for Tundra AB60F/E 200.00
1 set of Solid Offroad Motor Mounts 07-20 Tundra- 400.00

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