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37in General x3

ID# 206963Posted Feb 18



3 General grabber x3 race take offs 37-12.50-17r 80% tread life or more no patches $150 each

Need a beaclock for a Method 15x4.5 wide 5 VW wheel

ID# 206948Posted Feb 17


A beadlock rim has gone missing. Willing to pay 125.00 for one in good condition that fits a Method 15x4.5 wide 5 VW wheel.

Sand Blaster 33-15 Pro/DWT Wheels

ID# 206914Posted Feb 15

FOR SALE $1,500


Pair of STU Sand Blaster Pro 33-15 Pro with DWT Wheels. Tires and wheels are in great condition. No plugs or patches in the tires. They hold air year round. I'll be in Glamis Feb. 22-25th for pickup or pickup in West Los Angeles area.

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Method beadlocks

ID# 206913Posted Feb 15



Two brand new method beadlocks wheels Toyota bolt pattern negative -38

2024 Denali HD 7 dually wheels/tires 8x180 LT235/80R18

ID# 206910Posted Feb 15

FOR SALE $2,195


Only 175 miles on them . Put 26s on my 2024 denalihd dually after I brought it home and had it lifted . 7 wheels total the spare is included . Tires retail 365.00 each without tax and without rims !! 8x180 Michelin lt 235/80r18

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Toyo tires

ID# 206909Posted Feb 15


Used 285/75-16 Toyo tires still hold air got new ones need gone 100 for all 4

Method Beadlocks

ID# 206896Posted Feb 15

FOR SALE $1,800


Two still new in the boxes and the other two had tires on them but never used. Two rims will need bolts for the beadlock ring. Lug pattern is for Chevy 6x5.5. They are not drilled for 5/8 studs

ProAm forged wheels

ID# 206885Posted Feb 14

FOR SALE $2,400


17x8. Wide 5 wheels. Never used never had tires mounted on them. These are forged wheels. They are not cast wheels like all the methods out there. Super strong super light. I'm looking for $450 a wheel or $2400 for all six. Cash or I need flooring for my house. put $2400 worth of flooring on your credit card, and they are your's

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KMC beadlocks 17inch tall by 9 inch wide 5x5 lug pattern

ID# 206817Posted Feb 12

FOR SALE $1,800


KMC Machete real beadlocks wheels 17 inches by 9 inched with 5x5 lug pattern. Fits Jeep Wrangler JK or newer.
total of 6 wheels asking $1800
they have some road rash on them but in perfect condition for off-roading.

2024 Ram 2500 Stock Wheels and Tires

ID# 206818Posted Feb 12

FOR SALE $1,300


Brand new wheels and tires off 2024 RAM 2500.

5 32x10x15 tensor ds tires

ID# 206808Posted Feb 12



5 32x10x15 tensor DS tires hard compound
90 to 95 % tread