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Polaris Cognito Pro Turbo

ID# 204303Posted Feb 11
FOR SALE $40,000
2018 Polaris  Pro turbo


Cognito full tube chassis car, everything has been updated to the pro XP configuration. This car is very light and very fast! Has about 200 miles on it since all new driver terrain. Care is ready to race. Comes with very big spares package. Car has been professionally maintained and is ready to win! NEED TO GET OUT OF SHOP, OUT OF ROOM! $40K come take it.

Polaris Jimco SMG RZR Pro XP turbo

ID# 204302Posted Feb 11
FOR SALE $62,000
2020 Polaris Jimco SMG RZR Turbo Pro R


By far the most advanced nicest Polaris turbo car ever made. Build by Jimco and Scanlon Motorsports Group. This was the factory Polaris car of Craig Scanlon. There is no expense spared in the build or prep. The spares package alone is worth over $100k. This car works absolutely amazing and can still run as a top turbo car in any series. The car is ready to race and only has about 200 miles on all brand new driver terrain. NEED GONE, OUT OF ROOM AT MY SHOP. $62K TAKE IT!

Shock Therapy Off Road Can Am Package

ID# 204145Posted Feb 11
Can-Am X3


Can Am X3 race team, Pro Turbo Car, Super Stock car and pre runner/sportsman ready to race today. All spares and extras go as well. This is the best way for you to be competitive in 3 classes tomorrow! The best of everything is on these cars. Father and son race together! Brothers race against each other! Or just try all the classes and see what you like immediately with zero wait or learning curve. Everything on these cars is sorted out already so you can enter and finish races right now. Will sell as a complete package or individually. Please call or text with any questions.

Pro turbo car $100,000

All race prep engine, trans, diff
Geiser arms
All hard line brakes with in-car shut offs
Streamline Large rotors
P Clutch, 150-190 deg belt temps, 106 mph
ZRP double sheer spindles with big bearings
ZRP, heat treated big bearing drive plates
Method wheels
Tensor 33" tires
Smart lock diff
E power steering 800 watt
Weddle transmission
Fox bypass with electronic adjustments via IQs system
Full Shock Therapy suspension systems
Geiser 4130 hand made chassis, fixture checked for straightness
Sand Craft prop shaft
Fortin driveline sprag
43 gallon Pyrotech fuel cell
Aim PDM with Data logger
12" GPS
PCI radio, Intercom
Fluid logic
Mag Loc
ST billet rack
Baja designs
Mil spec wiring
2200 lbs
top 5 qualifier
3 podiums

Super Stock Car $50,000

All drive train, fresh prep
Smart lock diff
P clutch, 150-160 deg belt temps
Geiser arms
Method Wheels
Tensor Tires
ZRP double sheer spindles with big bearings
ZRP, heat treated big bearing drive plates
Fox bypass with IQs electronic adjustments
7" GPS
AIM Dash
Switch pros
PCI Radio, intercom
Mag lock
Mill spec wiring
1950 lbs
4 podiums
14 gallon trail tank, also have Pyrotech factory location 23 gallon cell
PWR double pass radiator, no cooling issues
ST billet rack and pinion
Baja Designs

Pre Runner/ pro turbo or sportsman $50,000

Fresh prep drive train
X travel front suspension
X travel spindle with big bearing
Geiser rear arms
E power steering 800 watt
Steamline Large rotors
P Clutch, 130-160 deg belt temps, 106 mph
ZRP rear spindles with big bearings
ZRP, heat treated big bearing drive plates
Method wheels
Tensor 33" tires
Smart lock diff
RCR prop shaft
Fortin sprag
Fox bypass with electronic adjustments via IQs system
Full Shock Therapy suspension systems
Stock fuel cell with 12 gallanon AGM cell
7" GPS
PCI radio, Intercom
switch pros
Mag Loc
King jack
ST billet rack
Baja designs
2200 lbs
Pre runner for Mexico but raced Parker one time and won first place

All spare parts and chase truck items. Way too many to list, 10 pallets of parts. $50,000

1 donor engine
1 stock transmission, Weddle prep transmission
3 spare P drive clutches with tools
3 spare 2020 clutches with tools
piles of spare belts
clutch covers
15 wheels
15 tires
2 front diffs
8 stock prop shafts, 2 RCR prop shafts
Fortin sprag
1 set of shocks
2 sets of axles
2 sets of spindles and drive plates
3 sets of front arms, steering and trailing arms.
1 set Radius rods
spare stock frame
spare steering racks
Three E power steering systems
two complete turbos
Spare shanked hardware for all cars
spare sensors
pallets of Stock components
Soo much to list, takes up 2500 square feet of shop when spread out on the floor.

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Race Car Rental Opportunities - by MB Motorsports

ID# 202764Posted Feb 11


Have you ever imagine what it would be like to experience Baja with a multi-time Baja champion? Well here’s your opportunity!! Come experience Baja with MB Motorsports. MB Motorsports will provide two fully- prepped and race ready race cars available for rent for Score International race series BITD, Mint 400 and King of the Hammers. You don’t have to worry about anything, all you have to do is show-up. This is a turnkey, once in a life-time, off-road desert racing experience that allows you to enjoy the thrill of racing straight from the driver’s seat. The package includes two fully prepped Can-Am X.3’s race cars, entry fees, race fuel, Pre-running and test time in the race car. Also included, four chase vehicles full equipped with all the tools and parts, Pit support, race team transportation, and accommodations, You will also have the unique experience of having a Multi baja champion helping you and showing you the ins and outs of racing the course. For an extra added fees you have the option of custom wrapping the vehicle to your liking and rent a pre-runner.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or call 619-508-7116

Pristine RZR Pro XP4 | Converted to 2-Seat Pre-Runner

ID# 202505Posted Feb 11
FOR SALE $60,000



Converted to two seat Pre Runner.

X-Travel Suspension
35” Toyo Tires SXS (5)
15” KMC Wheels (5)
Fox Live Valve Shocks
Rhino 2.0 Axles
TMW front Bumper
TMW front windshield
TMW Cage
PRP Seats and Harnesses
Kibbetech pelican case mount
SB particle filter
PCI intercom and Radio system with push to talk buttons
Parker Pumper
Polaris Factory Rear Cargo Box
10” Baja Designs LED

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2018 Polaris RZR 1000 XP turbo

ID# 206770Posted Feb 10
FOR SALE $23,700


2018 Polaris RZR 1000 XP turbo
Very clean 4 seater, Utah Street legal, WD electronics kit, Madigan Motorsports roll cage, roof, doors and windshield, LED light bar, LED mirrors, 5150 LED whips, PRP quick disconnect steering wheel, aftermarket wastegate, Maxxis 32 x 10.00 15 tires with low miles, bead locks, tuned shocks with Eibach springs, new Polaris Drive belt, PRP gear bags, stock motor, oil & filter, air filter, differential fluids just changed, Car is ready to go we just don’t seem to have time to use it. Clean title in hand.

Fully Built Polaris Pro R Prerunner

ID# 206753Posted Feb 10
FOR SALE $76,000
2023 Polaris Pro R


PRO R Ultimate with Smart Shocks
105.3 miles
2” .120 wall DOM Gilley Fab Tig welded cage with A+ pillars, roof rack, and windshield
Chase light bar
Viper machine shifter
Rugged radios and 4 way intercom "STX stereo version with adapters for standard connecters also"
Switch works Alpha 12
Metalhead Fab passenger grab bar
MOMO 6 point harness's
AGM 15 gallon extended fuel tanks under seats
Cage works front bumper and rear tire carrier
Polaris cooler and storage box
Moto armor doors and front door bags
Schmidty Billet front shock lower eyes
CMI Upgraded rebuildable front lower ball joint
Black Ops "Heavy Duty" upper ball joint
2 Baja Designs LP6 lights and 12" ONX6 bar
Custom 5lb Safecraft automatic fire system
Factory UTV full skid plate
5 Method bead grip wheels
5 Tensor DSR 35" tires

2019 CanAm turbo max rs

ID# 206733Posted Feb 09
FOR SALE $28,999
2019 CanAm  Turbo Max Rs


Selling our CanAm, kids and wife are over it. Absolutely nothing wrong with the car, drives great and looks great. In my opinion one of the cleanest looking cars out there, the cage has a real aggressive look to it. Never flipped or any accidents of any kind
Car includes:
* Custom bt stereo system with (2) subwoofers that rattle the car
* Rugged radio w/ car to car
* Oversized optimum battery with battery disconnect switch
* Custom roll cage and doors made by wolf pack race team
* Side view mirrors
* Led interior lighting
* 50” Baja design light bar Onx 6 pro series
* 5150 led whips (2)
* Catch can
* Storage bags
* 35” STI Chicano off road tires on 15”STI bead lock wheels
* 32” System 3 ss360 tires on 15” system 3 bead lock wheels
* Spare belts
* Garmin gps
* CanAm cooler mounted

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Speed El Diabo LE

ID# 206729Posted Feb 09
FOR SALE $35,000
2024 Speed El diablo


Master #930 speed el Diablo el jefe
In first batch of cars
See pic for accessories

Speed El Jefe LE

ID# 206728Posted Feb 09
FOR SALE $36,500
2024 Speed El jefe le


Master #934 El Jefe LE
See build sheet for accessories
Total price $37500
10k less than todays price with accessories


ID# 206709Posted Feb 08
FOR SALE $15,000


Only 2,200 miles, 750 miles displays on race pak dash

Performance details:
• 144hp stock, upgraded to 185-190hp with 17 cams, 17 injectors, and AA level 3 tune (91 octane)
• Recently adjusted valves with minimal adjustment needed
• Head bolts retorqued to 85ftlbs
• 2016 blue crank (Strongest factory Polaris crank)
• 2017 Factory Polaris Cam Shafts (ARP Sprocket bolts)
• 2017 fuel injectors & level 3 - 91 octane aftermarket assassins tune
• AA Charge tube & BOV

Additional features:
• Ideal for WORX, AZOP, short course, or recreational use
• RCV Axles front and rear (Just serviced & rebuilt)
• Holz racing billet motor & transmission mounts
• Tig welded 4130 Holz racing cage & Holz racing side kick outs
• Aluminum roof
• Holz racing front upper and lower A Arms (Uniball style, no ball joints)
• Holz racing rear trailing arms
• Worx & AZOP legal, locking doors
• Sparks racing exhaust
• Walker Evans Shocks
• Large 3 core radiator & intercooler
• 7075 Aftermarket tie rods with rod ends
• Battery relocated to front (larger battery)
• Under hood fuse block
• Aluminum firewall
• Aftermarket rear sway bar with adjustable links & adjustable sway bar ends
• Razor back belt temp gauge
• Method Beadlock wheels (spare rings)
• Momo steering wheel (horn controls) with quick disconnect
• Steering quickener 2-1 ratio
• RacePak UTV Dash display (no data logging)
• Aftermarket seats
• 5 point harnesses
• 40” Apex light bar
• Fire extinguisher
Asking price: $15,000
This is a high-performance and competitive vehicle, You'll only need window nets for racing

Steven McGee
Performance UTV
602 384 7270