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2020 TurboS 4 Seat platform Tube Chassis with Race Suspension

ID# 208961Posted May 08

FOR SALE $6,500

JEHC ish Turbo S 4 seat Dealio

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This tube chassis platform is designed around the 2020 TurboS 4 Seat platform, all the drivetrain, steering rack, cooling, and electrical will fit into this chassis from a donor TurboS. It was initially designed for a 3-seat platform but will fit 4 seats if desired, the rear spare tire setup is designed for up to 35” vertical spares with a custom cell between them.

Chassis – Main structure is 1.75” by .095 wall DOM With 1.5” by .095 wall sup structure. Nothing in the chassis is stock, its 100% new, designed in CAD and built on the chassis table at Master Fabrication. MIG welded with 70 series wire. Chassis tubes are fully welded, platework is partially welded with some items tack welded in place like the shock mounts. Comes with shock mounts, some drivetrain mounts, suspension mounts, and sway bar mounts for the rear. The prep-carts that the car is sitting on are also included in the sale.

Front Suspension – The front end is designed for race pace and abuse, all 4130 and TIG welded with modified geometry (uprights). The trackwidth will be about 78+ with standard high offset race beadlocks, designed around the Innov8 race wheels. The uprights utilize machine housings with 7/8 bearing spuds for upper and lower arms that accept stock TurboS shafts and hubs/brakes. The steering is setup for the Shock Therapy rack with 4130 tie rods with rod ends.

Rear Suspension – The rear uses the same upright main body, TurboS hubs/brakes/shafts, and has integrated third link for the rear to control the toe curve. The geometry is updated to fix the issues with the stock TurboS platform, so it has 4 links per side. The components are Tig welded 4130 with machined bearing ends for the links and adjustable rods end setup.

Santa Maria BBQ Pit Trailer - 120 sq ft grill surface

ID# 208960Posted May 08

FOR SALE $6,500

2016 JEHC JEHC 38'

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This custom designed and built Trailer is the world’s largest Santa-Maria Style pit, providing 120 square feet of usable grill surface on two 10x6’ racks that have roughly 3 feet of movement up/down. Each grill rack can easily hold 2500 lbs. of meat and is made of 18-8 food grade stainless steel. The overall length of the trailer is about 38’ and is a triple axle with 2 5/16” ball.
This trailer was used for catering operations all throughout San Luis Obispo county for several years. Built in 2016 it was in use until 2019 and has been sitting in so-Cal for the remainder. It has been features on several TV shows and other internet media such as Food Network / Cooking Channel etc….
Trailer is sold as is, needs some work and love but still functional. Material / parts cost alone was 24K in 2016.

MULTIPLE positions available.

ID# 208959Posted May 08


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We are expanding into a larger facility and looking for qualified canidates for unlimited class program.

Posisions avilable.

-Race Mechanic (must have plumbing experience)
-Fabrication (tube chassis experience)
-Fabrication (Sheetmetal experience)

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