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WTB jeep xj Front drive shaft

ID# 202700Posted Sep 20


looking for a stock jeep xj 4x4 front drive shaft .thnx

96 jeep xj transmission aw4 2wd

ID# 202516Posted Sep 14

1996 jeep cherokee xj xj

Search Result-202516

im swapping in a 4x4& dont need, working great when parked last week, its a factory mopar new trans replaced in early 2000s by previous owner, has a mopar rebuild tag dated '02.comes with good 2wd drive shaft will have a 2000 nss with it, i kept the 96 nss for the swap.can deliver .tork converter included, also includes stock shifter& push pull cable

96 jeepspeed build

ID# 202232Posted Sep 04

FOR SALE $2,300
1996 jeep xj cheroker

Search Result-202232

96 2wd build i just dont have the right situation to finish right, i started it , but just cant do it right, runs great , just passed smogg, registered till Next September 2024, it is currently 2wd, i have a good aw4 4x4 tranz , 2000 , need transfer case, have 3 new slip yoke drive shafts w cardon joints, momo wheel, new tranz cooler with built in fan, not installed yet, nice winters Rad gated manual shifter installed, 3 old skool re coverd mastercraft suspension seats in good shape, has rubicon long arm kit installed, heavy duty steering linkage, rubicin shocks, deaver triple rap 1700 pacs installed stock 8.25 corporate rear axle, stock front 4x4 axle out of the 2000, also have the engine, was gonna use the low milage 2000 bottom end with the 96 head rebuilt& mild ported with the 2000 intake/ & 62mm& tbs set up, have the 00 intake &tb set up, has 5 baja ta 33 10 50s on 4 eagle alloys, for testing,also 4 stock rollers with good 31 inch hankook at tires, interior is gutted stock dash& door panels with good crank windows still intact, runs and drives straight& solid ,have extra rust free roof for when roll cage goes in, use old roof for template makes for a clean install

wanted , shocks

ID# 201969Posted Aug 27

FOR SALE $1,739

what do ya got?, looking for 1700 cls legal, 3 inch smooth or 2.5 bypass10- 12inch front& 12 inch on up for the rear, bump stops too, if in need of a rebuild, or a little ruff ,ok, im NoT picky

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