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1992 Bronco Cantilever Project

ID# 181446Posted Oct 30
FOR SALE $46,000

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Bought the truck stock with no issues and I have the title. It is currently a roller. Here is what parts I have for it or that are currently installed for mock up:

Desolate Motorsports 4.5” Cantilever Kit (includes link arms, cantilever arms, sway bar, billet sway bar arm, shock mounts)
Desolate 4.5” Beam and Radius Arm Kit
Desolate Double Swing Set Steering
(All Desolate parts include grade 8 or F911 hardware and FK heims)

Ford 347 Engine (ran when I bought it, was converting it to wet sump)
Fresh Culhane C6 with converter and rebuilt T-Case
New Threat Motorsports fabricated Tig welded chromoly knuckles
New PSS Ram with ported steering box
Front Dana 44 diff with axles and new Motive 4.88 gears installed
New Wilwood 6 piston calipers with slotted rotors
New locking hubs
New CBR Radiator with fill neck and fans
Camburg Mig welded rear end housing with tabs and 35 spline axles
New Camburg 5x5.5 hubs with Wilwood rotors/4 piston calipers
Yukon 35 spline 3rd member with new Motive 4.88 gears
CVF Ford serpentine conversion kit with alternator, AC, power steering
Meziere starter
New 5 37” Grabbers mounted on 17” Ultra forged beadlocks
New set of Fox 2.5” 14” remote Resi Coilovers
New right side Fox 3.0” 14” Piggyback 3 tube Bypass
New Eibach Springs for each corner

Still have various stock parts like fuel tank, headlights, bumper, grille, hood etc. The inside is stripped to a point, dash and wiring all still there. I’m not sure when I would be able to complete the project and we are currently working on moving is the only reason I’m selling it. There are lots of nice parts here and can make for a very cool truck when completed! Can send more pics, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY

2021 Stock Ford Ranger Wheels/Tires

ID# 181339Posted Oct 26

FOR SALE $1,000

Search Result-181339

Got a set of 4 Bridgestone Dueler AT with only 200 miles on them on stock Ford Ranger wheels. 255x65R17. 6x139.7 lug pattern. Everything in great shape like new, asking $1000

New Spal 14” Fan 1864CFM

ID# 181321Posted Oct 26


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Brand new 14.00" Electric Fan Puller Style High Performance 1864CFM 10-blade curved style blade

Part # 30102042

Gen1 Stock Raptor Wheels and Tires

ID# 181293Posted Oct 25


Search Result-181293

Got a set of 5 stock Raptor wheels and tires off a Gen 1. BFG All Terrains LT315/70R17. 35-40% tread left and the fifth “spare” tire is a little chewed up on the outside. Asking $600

Jones Racing Alternators

ID# 181098Posted Oct 19


Search Result-181098

Got 4 Jones Racing Alternators, they came off a couple old Prolites. They need checked/rebuilt as I do not know what condition they are in. $75 a piece. Part numbers:

Qty1- AL-9101-D3-NS (1 wire, self exciting, 12V, 90 Idle, 160+ amps)
Qty 3- AL-9101-E-NS (1 wire, self exciting, 12V, 140+ amps)

Motive Gear Ford 9” Gears

ID# 181096Posted Oct 19


Search Result-181096

Got new Motive Gear ring & pinions for a Ford 9”, 28 spline pinions, $100 a piece

5.67 (x2)
5.83 (x2)

Brand new Gearworks 10” Spool

ID# 181095Posted Oct 19


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Got a brand new Gearworks Ford 10” 45 spline Spool, part number C5045-30. Went a different direction and don’t need it. For 30 degree pressure angle axles. 2.25” journal. $350

2.5” Fox Bypass Remote Resi

ID# 181061Posted Oct 18

FOR SALE $1,000

Search Result-181061

Got a set of 2.5” Fox 3 tube bypass shocks for sale, came off a Prolite. They need rebuilt. One body has a little gouge in it and the compression tube has been moved from its original spot (can send pics). Asking $1000 for both

28” overall length, 9” stroke

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