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Baja 1000 help

ID# 145827Posted Oct 28


I will not be racing in the 1000 this year if you need any help please let me know. I have been racing most of my life, I am 44 and race TT I've spent plenty of time racing in Baja I have plenty of experience and a chase truck that is well-equipped if needed. Please give me a call or text if you need a hand.
435-655-5301 jayson #44 & 48 RST

Experienced Navigator Available for Baja 1000

ID# 145317Posted Oct 16


I am looking for a top TT or Class 1 team to navigate for. I have been on multiple teams that we have won several championships. Last championship was 2016 Score class 1 champions. I am a former driver so I know what the diver is thinking. I feel the way I make my notes are 5 to 10 times more accurate than the top teams out there now. I have been team manager in the past but dont have that much free time any longer. I want to focus just on a good prerun and race its self. I have also done all the logistics for many years and can help with that.

I have good experience with all things Lowrance, Lead Nav, SatCom, Iridium Go tied to Leadnav, Sat phone texting and updating, Google map inlays. I can also help with good informed pit books.

I am an american that has lived in Mexico for 13 years so I have a good knowledge and experience with all things mexico like permits, visas, border crossings, Insurance, Lawyers, where its safe and where its not.

Not looking for a joy ride. I want to win and I know really good detailed notes with the best lines on a good prerun will help any driver go faster and safer. Example of my notes for San Felipe 250 I had over 3,000 way points and spent two weeks pre running.

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