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SCORE /BITD Copilot/ Navigator available

ID# 154116Posted Jun 04


If you are in need of or ever wanted to try a experienced navigator. I am a veteran navigator that has experience in TT, Class 1, Class 10, Class 12, Spec TT, UTV and other classes. I have been on various championship winning teams over the years. I consider my self one of the top navigators and I do my system different and more detail than others. In my prerun I mark every single turn what it is so we dont guess on race day. In the straight sections I have a pace note every 3-4 seconds. I also mark every rock that could possible give us a flat. Of course all the dangers and multiple level of checkups. Im also a good line hunter and to find those creative lines..

San Felipe 250 I had over 6,000 notes.. With good notes you can make a fast race pace with out pushing your car.. Most navigators just mark dangers and maybe some fast sections. Look at your old race files and check what info your navigator saves.. See how much info he is saving.

Lot of car owners are to busy to do a lot of good prerunning I can go alone and do all the homework then we can come back and hit a fast lap and show you whats important to remember.

Professional UTV race team

ID# 153944Posted May 29


Professional UTV race team is seeking a new partner to share driving or navigating duties for the 2020 season. We currently race the BITD series in a top of the line Polaris RZR built and maintained by a leading industry professional. Our team comes turn-key with existing sponsors and all of the the logistics and vehicle prep covered. All you will have to do is fly in and come racing. Partnership will have a 1-year duration and will include adequate space on the race car and chase vehicles for company logos. The ideal candidate has prior racing experience with determination to win.

In addition to driving partners, we also have multiple comprehensive marketing packages available.

Please email us for additional information on how to join the fastest growing class in desert racing.

UTV Co-Driver

ID# 153686Posted May 22


Looking for a Full-time co driver for our race UTV. We are a Idaho based team and it has been challenging to find a Co-Driver. If you are in Boise Idaho metro, I’m looking for a Co-driver that has passion and that can help with prep and expenses for the race. I’m okay with a Co-driver not in Idaho but you must have a track record of Co-driving and be able to provide some monetary compensation. I need a Co-driver that wants to take ownership/pride in the car and team, and that is willing to help. This season I’m racing SNORE, VORRA and BOR and the car currently has a 100% finishing rate, next season we are looking at BITD. Please reach out to me for more details and to discuss.

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