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2014 Ford Raptor axel

ID# 144193Posted Sep 20
FOR SALE $3,500
2014 Ford Raptor

2014 Ford Raptor axel. All necessary parts included. Free shipping U.S only (lower 48)

Toyota 4AGE Race Package

ID# 144071Posted Sep 18
FOR SALE $4,500
0 Toyota 4AGE

I am about to do a DI ECOTEC upgrade on my Class 10 from the current 4AGE which was in it when I purchased it. The car came from Twisted Alloy in AZ , originally built by Tatum and they tell me it has about 1,000 miles on since full rebuild by LC Engineering, for which I have the build sheet.

Engine is running aftermarket SDS Management with trim and hand tuner and will be sold complete with everything you need to put into a Buggy, Rail etc including :

- Complete Rebuilt 4AGE _ approx 1000 miles with build sheet from LC Engineering
- Aftermarket SDS Management , ECU, Trim, Hand Control and Tuner
- Full Exhaust System with Super Trap
- External Oil Cooler with fan, fully plumbed and filter etc
- Alternator
- Custom Sump
- Adapter and flywheel to suit Mendeolla 2D transmission

The only thing I am keeping off the engine is the Power Steering pump and the air box .

Engine is currently still in the Buggy and can be viewed running etc. Be quick it is coming out shortly and then will be available on a pallet. If you are traveling some distance and would like to view and buy in the same trip, then I can arrange with my Mechanic to pull it straight after the deal is done while you go grab a beer or bite to eat unless you want to hang around and help.

To Answer a few questions I am sure people will have. I purchased the Class 10 several months ago with the intent of getting an ECOTEC as being a Novice Class 10 owner I was told the 4AGE was not really suited to a beginner and although it put out plenty of power and its power to weight ratio was pretty awesome the ECOTEC is better suited to me as a novice so I decided to do the change before I killed the 4AGE . There are plenty of people out there who love them and use them but stepping up from a UTV I just decided a more manageable engine package was more suited to me and my mechanic is a Chevy Guy not a Toyota Guy so he is much happier working on and supporting an ECOTEC .

Any questions please ask, I am not a mechanic by any means but i will do my best to help you out.

C4 Transmission

ID# 144060Posted Sep 17
FOR SALE $2,000

C4 Transmission set up for manual valve body shifter.
Originally built by Culhane and rebuilt by Craig Reid Racing.
Art Carr Shifter included.
Removable Bell Housing.

misc baja bug parts

ID# 144036Posted Sep 17
1966 vw bug 

1966 baja bug clean title pink in hand shell tagged by chp so all you need for registration (no pan needed) currently on non op no back fees also have section of pan with the matching vin full tube chassis tabbed for midengine ls with 2d but has room to make rear engine, includes custom box trailing arms 1" uniball inner pivot and 1.25" heim outer pivot. had the car to a full roller and lost interest. measure 12 1/2 ft end to end with a 105" wheel base and 81" width on 35x12.5 toyo mt tires rolled no problem into my 26ft weekend warrior that has 12ft to the first cabinet 3,000.00 obo
brand new king 3.0x14 three tube bypass shock 2300.00 obo
brand new king 2.0x12 coilovers 1200.00obo
tilton hanging adjustable brake bias pedals with master cylinders and matching throttle pedal 650.00obo
RBP 934 micro stub hubs complete with bearing micro hub and brake rotor 2200.00obo
baja bug quarter window air scoops 425.00obo

all parts were for this bug project so can make a good package deal for someone who want to get a head start on a new car \
call or text mike 951-733-5432 (text preferred) for more info or pictures

LS1 - Nearly Complete Package for sand car Engine Swap - $4500

ID# 143990Posted Sep 15
FOR SALE $4,500

Over the summer I took out this LS1 for some more torque - an Alper built stroked LS3. I originally planned to sell, then decided to keep it and swap it into my FJ40 landcruiser. The honest truth is I will move this engine around for another year or two before I tear the FJ40 down and take another 6-8 months to complete the swap. Cruiser runs fine with GM350 as it sits, and my free time is limited so I am selling this package.

What is included:

LS1. I do not know who this motor came from. Nothing on the back of the ECU. Any speculation would be just that. All I have to go by is this readers ride build showcase from RaceDezert, which lists it as 480hp?

I bought the car, and the engine in the photos is the engine I removed and am selling. As for the history, based on the condition of the Fortin 5 speed when I had it rebuilt this summer, the motor has VERY low run time prior to my ownership. The gearbox was in great shape except for one bearing, and Fortin easily identified some polishing on the ring gear that they had documented back in 2003 and said they had not seen it since 2003. I called all the players in the trans rebuilding industry in CA and AZ and no one had recolection of touching this box since Fortin did in 2003. Fortin said that the car lived a very easy life and/or was driven very carefully. John Cooley also told me that the car lived a very easy life and was used very little for it's age. I know for a fact the previous owner that I bought it from ran and finished the mint 400 in 2016 or 2017 with this car and engine in the sportsman class. I did 8 trips to Glamis with it and changed the oil every other trip. Engine always ran great and I removed for no reason other than I can't leave well enough alone.

Included in sale:

-GM power steering pump (you will have to build your own lines)
-Howe remote power steering reservoir
-Standard 1 wire alternator
-Spare belt
-Water pump with drilled, tapped, & plugged heater holes, and brass plug with 1/4" hole in place of the thermostat.

Note: if you do not want the water pump with the AN fitting, I have a brand new pump from CBM that I will swap onto this motor that has the push on hose fitting. The push on fitting has a couple marred spots because my buddy attempted to remove it with a pipe wrench before I whacked him upside the head with the wrench. I ended up not needing the pump for the project we purchased it for, and I couldn't return it due to the marring, so it sits on the shelf as a spare.

-Remote oil filter adapter
-Remote oil filter mount
-Oil cooler hoses & AN fittings

You will need to supply your own oil pressure sender appropriate for your oil pressure gauge. I reused mine. Engine comes with an oil pressure dummy light switch (key on, engine off, it will activate a dummy light on the dash. Or engine on, if the dummy light comes on you'd better stop quick because you lost oil pressure)

-Bosch 044 fuel pump with all required plumbing (-10 supply to pre filter, -10 supply to pump, -06 supply to fuel rail and return to fuel cell, two -08 feeds from fuel cell to a -08x-08x-10 tee which was re-used with my new system) - I would strongly recommend using new hoses. The fittings can be disassembled and reused with new hose. Age of hose is likely the same age as the car (2004 build)

-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
-Napa 100 micron pre filter
-Napa 10 micron post filter (have one brand new spare)
-Carbon fiber engine cover
-Stock AC Delco plug wires (not pictured)
-Truck coils (they're supposed to be higher voltage than others?)
-Alper Motorsports stainless header studs and aluminum header gaskets (which are not shown in photos)

- Will come with ceramic coated coolant tubes that I removed when I took out engine
- Mefi computer and complete harness - you connect battery power, switched ignition power, tach, and radiator fans.

-Your choice of partial clutch parts:

New Kennedy 8" dual disc flywheel (you supply new pilot bearing, flywheel bolts, dual discs with floater, and pressure plate)

Used 9" single disc flywheel with Kennedy stage 4 or stage 3 single disc pressure plate (i have two) (you supply new pilot bearing, flywheel bolts, and new disc to work with your trans. I would recommend having flywheel and pressure plate surfaced before use

Things that I can think of off the top of my head that you would need to complete a swap, other than the appropriate fabrication mods to make the engine fit:

-You will need to buy the proper adapter from LS to your trans
-You will need to figure out a throttle cable and bracket as I reused the old one with my swap. There was a bracket that came on my LS3 that I mounted up to this motor, but I have no clue what kind of cable it works with.
-You will need to supply an intake or air filter
-You will need to supply headers/exhaust

Price: $4500

Here are some videos that I took before removal. This is a "cold" startup. Copy & paste into your browser.

Email me for more photos.

2.4l Ecotec LE5 engine includes computer

ID# 143937Posted Sep 14
FOR SALE $1,450
2016 Chevy Ecotec

2.4l Ecotec LE5 engine includes computer And everything in the pictures.

EWR (Evan Weller Racing Inc.) Third Member / Differential Services

ID# 143868Posted Sep 12

We offer a variety of different Third Member / Differential Services for many different applications such as, Trophy Truck, Spec Trophy Truck (6100), Unlimited V6 (7200), Class 8, 1400 / 1450, Prerunner, Ultra 4, Circle Track, Pro Mod, Drag Race, Hot Rod, On-Highway, etc..

Our services include:
Post Race Inspection, Complete Tear Down, Hot Tank, Magna Flux, Specific assembly and Blue Print process per race application to insure gear life and performance.

Complete New Third Member Builds

Outsourced Aerospace Grade Duplex Shot Peen, REM Polish to increase efficiency and reduce fatigue

Our Vendors Include:
Motive, US GEAR, GearWorks, Strange, Mark Williams, Timken

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or a estimate for our services

Strange/Motive 9 1/2” 3rd member

ID# 143692Posted Sep 08
FOR SALE $2,200
2016 Strange/Motive 

Built an off-road pre-runner over the course of 10 years and just got it running a year ago. Builder purchased 3rd member for me. 3rd member only has around 400 miles of off-road use on it. 3rd member was just taken apart and inspected and is in good operating condition. I’m going with a steel case and different gear ratio so no need for this 3rd member anymore. It will cost you over 3k to build a new one like this.
3rd member info
-case is a aluminum Strange N1912PS with 3.812” Bore for bigger bearings
-strange tapered ball bearing pinion support part #N1952A
-strange lightweight pro race spool #D2002
-Motive 9 1/2” ring and pinion 4.56 ratio
-strange pinion yoke chrome molly #U1604

$2,200 OBO
Text or call if interested.

Ford Ranger, F-150 & Bronco Suspension

ID# 143684Posted Sep 08

Threat Motorsports has been offering Ford Ranger, F-150 & Ford Bronco Suspension, Steering & Rear Link Suspension for over 20 years. We offer high quality at fair prices on I-beam kits. Check out the site at for specials!
Bronco/F-150 DIY 5" Per side TTB kits
Bronco DIY rear shock mount kits
Ford Bronco, F-150 & Ranger DIY double sheer pitman arm kits
Bronco Shackles & hanger kits
Stock width C&T twin traction beams
Extended twin traction beams
Radius arm kits
Bronco/F-150 coilover mounts
Ford Bronco, Ranger & Explorer Crossover steering kits
Bronco Leaf spring kits
Bronco, F-150, Ranger & Explorer Link kits
Give us a call to go over what options we offer to suit your needs.


ID# 143670Posted Sep 07
FOR SALE $3,500

Race Prepped VW 4.57, 1st - 3.44, 2nd - 2.25, 3rd - 1.67, 4th - 1.35, Waterboxer super diff, Steel sleeved case, 930 CV's, gusseted case, aluminum gear carrier, chromoly diff cover, chromoly pinion nut, all new bearings including pinion bearing!

$3500 Exchange

Benco Racing
9880 Indiana Ave #13
Riverside, CA 92503

Jet Trim bucket seats

ID# 143643Posted Sep 06
FOR SALE $1,000

4 Jet Trim bucket seats

Adjustable lumbar

Adjustable head rest

Rear pockets on two front seats

4 Simpson 5 point harness

Seats are in ok shape

Located in
Riverside, Ca

Cost over $2,500 new

Asking $1,000



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