Fully Built, Z1-Swapped, HCR Long Travel XP4

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2014 Polaris RZR XP4$29,500.00
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, CA

This RZR started as a 2014 XP4. However, it has been fully built with no expenses spared.

• Artic Cat Z1 (1056cc, factory turbocharged) Swap
• Full Pace Offroad (Biffle's company) wiring harness
• Head Studs
• STM Rage 8 Primary and STM Secondary
• SDR Betsy Cage, Doors & Windshield
• Baja Designs ARC Lightbar
• HCR Long Travel w/ boxed, high clearance arms/radius rods & King IBPs
• Windshield Wiper & Washer
• Heater
• Fluidyne Radiator
• Winch
• PRP Seats
• Simpson Belts
• Rugged Intercom/Car-to-Car
• MSA M21 Lok Wheels
• 33" BFG KM2s
• Dragon Force Racing Steering Wheel w/ Quick-Release
• Factory UTV full skid plate
• Shock Therapy Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
• Rugged Radios two person "Big Boss" fresh air pumper w/ variable speed controller
• Gear Grabber Shifter
• Upgraded Voltage Regulator
• 3 x Battery Tender 480c LiPo batteries
• Amsoil in everything
• RC2 Air-Filter w/ Brace
• 2017-style intake & CVT vent covers (the bed-top ones)
• 2015+ Glovebox Door/Latch (yes, really)
• Pawltector Parking Brake
• Razorback 3.0 Edition Belt Temp Gauge
• 2018 Turbo Front End
• RCV Pro Series II "tip to tip" axles + CVs (over $3k alone)
• Boost control w/ knob
• Knock light
• Timing Trigger Module
• Tuning (18-40# boost)
• Flex Fuel Sensor
• Fuel pump and Injectors for E85
• Hawk "Stage III" Turbo (NOTE: currently running factory Z1 turbo, Hawk Stage III turbo included)
• Wiseco Pistons and Carillo Rods
• Valve Spring Kit
• Gaskets/Seals etc.
• Helix & Weight Kit for the STM clutches to match this power level
• Freshly rebuilt motor with new rods/pistons and a completely refreshed head
• Freshly rebuilt trans with bearing upgrade
• 10% under-drive in trans (to make up for the large tire setup)
• Freshly phased and balanced driveshaft with Sandcraft RCR carrier bearing and collar
• Completely rebuilt clutches (that were almost new anyway)
• 3 new Battery Tender 480c LiPo batteries (yes, 3 batteries all run together)
• New radiator fan & shroud (https://www.tcpperformance.com/store/-p68656514)
• ISOTA Offroad rear seat storage tray (mounted to a 2nd set of factory seat bases so it swaps in and out easily)
• ISOTA Offroad rear fuel/water Rotopax mount (with 4 fuel jugs and one water jug, either run all fuel or 3 fuel and 1 water, you can also run 2 jugs with the rear seats back in)
• Hawk Engineering Alternator kit

I'm sure there is a ton more I'm forgetting, basically everything that can possibly be done to a RZR has been done on this car.

Now, the "bad", here are the only flaws with the car right now:

• Tune - it starts and runs every time, and could be used as-is as long as you want. On a ~70 mile ride it used about 5 gallons, which was only about .5 gallons more than our 2018 XP Turbo used on the same ride. Still, it's on the rich-side under power (.75 Lambda under power... that's about 11:1 AFR) and I think it would run harder and do even better on fuel closer to 12:1 AFR
• Driver's door-frame a little bent - it blew open on a "drying run" after washing it, I must not have had it fully closed. It'll need some tweaking to get it right, or a new door frame if you prefer to go that route (skin is fine)
• Battery drain - as mentioned, there is drain somewhere in the system and it will drain down in 2-3 days. Not an issue when in constant use, but something maybe worth chasing down someday... maybe not if you leave it on a trickle charger like I do
• Light bar switch - the switch itself is bad, light bar is fine, but the switch somehow got stuck and won't rock to the "on" position, I plan to order one and swap it when I get time, but at this moment it's not functioning
• It has been used and trail-ridden - if you look close you will find scratches and "trail stripes" here and there. IMHO it looks really, really good and better than most RZRs out there, but I still think it's worth pointing out

*Sand wheels/tires available at extra cost. Method beadlocks with STU 31 Blackbirds (#2) and Tributes (reverse paddles shaved), extremely little use on them

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