Off The GRID Expeditions / UTV Guided Tours

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Off The GRID Expeditions / UTV Guided Tours

Exploring beyond the limits "let us be your safety net". Professionally guided UTV off road tours. Tired of that same old camp site trail runs. Off the GRID Expeditions provides professionally preplanned multi day expeditions that allows you to push your off road experience. We take the "what if" factor out of the equation.

· Professional trail guide
· Pre navigated trails, mapped out with a GPS file for your vehicle
· Mechanics that are qualified for most any break down
· Spare parts and tools to repair most any necessary fixes
· Professional Logistic planning both in the USA and BAJA
· Multiple chase trucks and trailers, to provide additional aid to your adventure

Being a part of the OFF the GRID Team is the best and safest way to experience the offroad. Having these safety parameters in place will insure you have the ultimate off road adventure. Leave all the headaches to us and enjoy your off road adventure.

The excitement of a great off-road adventure, the beauty of the outdoors and the friendships that are forged along the way... are unmatched by any other experience!

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