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BFD 2 seat TT - 1400 HP twin Turbo -show car condition (this car looks brand new and has many custom mods)

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2012 BFD 2 seat$127.00 Firm
For Sale

, CA

BFD 2 Seat Sand Car/ 2017 $60,000+ update
( This Car is Currently Arizona registered for “On & Off Road” Plated)

This Car has recently been fully updated / prepp’d (over $60,000 just spent) all receipts
- Danzio (fresh) Twin Turbo 1400 HP LS2/LS3 402 ci (9000 rpm RL) $60,000
- New Turbonetics T3/T4 Oil Cooled Turbo’s
- Fortin Racing Transmission (all new FRS-5( Sequential 5 speed)
- Fox C/O /Bypass all 4 Corners
- Beard Race Seats
- Motec Wiring $15,000
- All new Fuel System
- MOMO St Wheel
- Ron Davis Racing Radiators
- Hardened Water lines
- Sealed Alternator
- Remote Coil Packs
- Race line Wheels ( anodized GM Grey) 14 inch w/rears
- New Mark Brinks design & Paint
- Stand-Up “Aircraft” fuel pump (1800HP)
- Massive Fuel Injectors New
- New 30 Gallon Fuel Cell
- Race Fuel / pump gas or E85 Fuel compatible ( you choose/tune
- Custom design /build “wrap around” Windshield
- Perforated floorboard and Firewall
- Oversized rear / side view Mirrors
- Poly Carbonate Sunroof
- Soft Cover
- Mint

Class-1 Style Chassis
- Chromoly One-Off Pro-Chassis by RMS (BFD's Premium Brand)
- Chromoly Plate Steel Bulk Heads

25″ Suspension Travel
- Dual, Triple-Bypass Fox Racing Shocks on All (4) Corners
- Bump Stops
- Massive Connecting Points with Double Shear Limit Straps
- Chromalloy Plate Steel Shock Mounts
- Sway Bar (Very Light Torsion) with Custom Billet Arms

Chromoly Boxed Low A-Arms
- Upper A-Arms: Solid Billet Aluminum
- Lower A-Arms: Chromoly Plate Steel Boxed
- Massive Spindles: Solid Billet Aluminum
- Trailing A-Arms: Chromoly Tubing Reinforced with Chromoly Plate Steel
- Massive Connecting Points

1969 Camaro Inspired Full Body
- Custom Aluminum by CRB Alumifab
- Neoprene Adhered to Underside of Body to Dampen Vibrations
- New Brinks Design Custom Paint
- Full Body Black with Silver Metallic (Super Fine)
- Painted Dzeus Buttons
- Airbrush Graphics
- Hand Painted Racing Stripes

High-Performance Engine
- DanZio Twin Turbo 1400HP Engine
- Fresh & Just Serviced
- Overbuilt for Reliability
- Innovative Header and Fresh Air Plumbing Results in Minimum Turbo Lag
- Usable Power Bands
- Motec Computer (with Aim XML Dash)
- Programmer (On-the-Fly Unlimited Power Tuning)
- New Turbonetics T3/T4 Oil Cooled Turbos
- Remote Oil Reservoir (Capture Overflow Oil Under High Boost)
- All New Extreme Output Fuel System:
- Stand-Up Aircraft Fuel Pump (Supports 1800HP)
- Large Diameter Braided Stainless Steel Fuel Lines
- Massive Fuel Injectors
- 30 Gallon Fuel Cell
- Compatible with Race Fuel, Pump Gas, or E-85
- Ron Davis Radiator with Two Dual Speed Fans
- Inter-Cooler with Sealed, Powered Fan
- Mezier Mechanical Water Pump
- Quick Disconnect Couplers for Air and Water Lines
- Sealed, High Amp Alternator
- Remote Coil Packs
- Danzio Valve Covers
- Custom Pulleys
- Red Powder Coat Accents
- Badass Blow-Off Valve that Sounds Awesome (think Star Wars)
- Lava Wrapped Headers and Exhaust Side Turbos.
- When Exhaust Gets Hot, the Engine Makes Crazy Power.

Rock Solid Drivetrain
- New Fortin FRS-5 (Sequential 5-Speed) with No-Lift Shifting (1 Season)
- Fortin Sequential Shifter
- Potentiometer for No-Lift Shifting (Senses Shift and Perfectly Interrupts Ignition)
- On/Off Switch for Potentiometer
- 300M Axles
- 934 CV's
- Fortin Wheel Stand Hubs

High Style Interior
- Complete Custom Interior
- Custom Aluminum Forms (Including: Dash, Center Console and Sides Walls)
- Billet Accents
- Fabrics: Suede (Black), Leather (Gray), and Carbon Fiber (Dark Gray)
- French Stitching
- Custom Beard Seats with 5-Point Harnesses
- Custom Billet Switch Panel with Etched Labels
- Sun Roof with Removable Cover
- Headset Hangers
- Grab Bars
- Forced Air Helmet Ventilation Blower
- Two Large (15″x10″x20″) Storage Compartments Lined with Neoprene
- Large, Curved Rearview Mirror

- Tatum 4-Piston Break Calipers
- Cutting / Turning Brakes
- Howe Hydraulic Power Steering
- Momo Steering Wheel

- Aim XML Dash
- Keyed Ignition
- Dual Batteries with Quick Disconnect Remote Charging Post
- Weather Proof Fuse Box
- Car-to-Car Radio with Push-to-Talk Buttons
- In-Car Radio
- Headsets
- Car is Wired for Stereo with Marine JL Amp
- iPod Integration to Stereo and Headsets
- Siren (Whaler) connected to Steering Wheel Horn

- Red LED Interior, Accent and Ground Effects Lighting
- Red LED Glow Whip
- Rigid LED Radius Light Bar
- Baja HID Spot Lights
- Whelen Emergency Vehicle Lights
- (2) Super Bright Brake Lights (with Momentary Flash)
- (1) Amber Running Light (Multiple Flash Patterns)

Wheels & Tires
- Fortin Wheel Stand Hubs
- Custom One-Off RaceLine Wheels
- Billet 3 Piece Aluminum Wheels
- 14″ Wide
- Steel Bead Lock Rings
- Rock Domes
- STU 35.5 Tires (38″ with Aggressive Paddles)
- STU 36 Tires (37″ with Less Aggressive Paddles)

Offerd at $ 127,000
- * Financing is avail with 30% down payment
- Trade ins are OK if they are CLEAN and sound (no projects please

Maintenance Notes:

Lucas or Maxima Racing Oil 10W50 Full Synthetic

The car has (2) Odyssey AGM batteries, located on the passenger side behind the fuel tank. They’re small and lightweight but they require a special battery charger. I ordered one directly from Odyssey.

F&L SP-3 Racing Fuel (113 octane), or alternatively VP C14 Racing Fuel, or even C12 with lower boost.

Research Octane Number: 118
Motor Octane Number: 109
Anti-Knock Index, (R+M)/2: 113.5
Specific Gravity at 60/60 /F: 0.725
Reid Vapor Pressure at 100 /F, psia: 6.0
Distillation Range at 760mmHg, /F (Initial Boiling Point: 93) (End Point: 264)
Oxygen, Vol. %: 2.7
Color: Light Green

Bob Delozier

* This car has recently been updated to 2018 and most components are new.

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