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2012 Tatum late model vehicles$150,000.00


If you have a mint condition Sand or Off Road Car that later model (2012 or NEWER) im probably a cash buyer and can have the money in your account / hand in as little time as 90 minutes depending on where you are located. ** Note- please read the following sentence's:
* The Car / Truck needs to "Truly" be no older than 5 years and that could include WHEN IT WAS BUILT , not what the title says
* The Car needs to be a diamond. (If its been hurt on or not taken care of and rebuilt /patched up, im not interested.( I know what im doing and ill discover the past history and you'll basically have wasted both our times... Please
* Alumi Craft / SCU/ Funco/Racer Eng/ Tatum/Brenthel /S&S and a couple others , but name brand builders with pedigree history... please
* I dont want consignments because I dont have the room.

FINANCING - (Important)
- I do have 3 Lenders that have a appetite for this type of paper ( and no, i wont tell you who they are) but I will tell you their appeal to Off Highway lending is growing.
IF you want to buy a new Car/ Truck and its a "safe" builder ( name Brand manufacturer, I might be able to help with that too.
My incentive is the "trade in" you have now.
So , if you have a name brand vehicle but you would like to have a new Car/Truck built , I might be able to get you approved if I like the trade in you currently have.
I will work with any name brand manufacturer and so will the Lenders i have relationships with.
720/730 Fico minimum
25 to 35 % Down payment
5 year programs at rates starting about 7+apr

My name is Bob DeLozier
Im just a small Dealer in So Calif
Ive been doing this for 35 years and I love all "Off Road Motorsports and Enthusiasts " and have spent the last 40 + years in this Industry.
Im in Partnership with R3 Powersports , in Beaumont Calif
We have many mint condition late model off road vehicles on display and ready for purchase .

We just opened a warehouse at 607 Luis Estrada rd, Beaumont Ca 92223
(right where the 10 fwy & 60 fwy meet, on south side)
We are open Mon thru Friday, Weekends by appointment only .
Anyway, we will do our best to help you .

You can text me at 909 478 4791 or email me at [email protected]

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