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1996 Ford Bronco$37,500.00 OBO
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Bronco lovers call it “one of the greatest bronco builds of all time”. People who ride in it? “God damn I didn’t know leaf springs could work this good”. People who drive behind it “damn I cant keep up with that thing”. If you’ve been to Baja, you have seen this Bronco. It was named long ago “The Morning Dump” since it is smooth, solid, and reliable. It may have even pulled you out of a silt bed or mud pit.

I am the second owner. It was purchased stock from the original owner and prior to me it was always dealer serviced(Colley Ford) and had been sitting for 4 years prior to me buying in 2010 but at this stage, none of that matters as its prepped like a race car now. Title is clean. Original 5.8 runs strong. Ice cold AC, power windows, rear window actually works.

Complete build thread over the 5 or so years of revisions and additions learning how to build the best Bronco that looks stock so its not a red flag for theft in Baja can be found at:

Wheel travel numbers? Yeah I have them but if that’s one of your questions, the Morning Dump isn’t for you. It has as much as you will get out of a stock width bronco and be reliable and it works better than most extended TTB broncoss

Cage is TIG welded front to rear and through firewall, engine area is mig welded. Interiror tubes are frenched into the roof sheetmetal and through notched into the fiberglass top so we could run one tube from A to C with a straight rearward horizontal shot. Not many cages in a bronco you will see like that, not many cages have more head room. Rear seats 2 occupants in race seats up to 6’3” with no head clearance issues. Rear race seats are mounted to a custom frame with the OEM hinge so 2 bolts and 8 minutes and the rear seats come out so you can load it down for a 10 day baja adventrure with the ol lady.

Lowrance 7200 GPS on the floor, PCI 4 seat intercom in the console, 4 head sets, Alpine head unit, XM/Sirius on dash, ICOM race radio on console. Rear cargo tray holds the cooler and luggage on over center latches with hinge for easy box access. Underneath the tray are 3 actions stackers with everything to keep you moving forward when youre on that adventure solo with the ol lady I mentioned above. 2 chairs sneak right in behind that action stackers and then close the tail gate. The 4 mastercraft pit bags for tools nest behind the rear seats in front of the action stackers out of the way with a nice cubby between the two rear seats for an air tank or sleeping bag. Dual optimas at rear corners with pyro jacket 1400F protection on the wire running forward the length of the chassis.. Master kill switch at rear of car, 2 kill switches inside car for deterrent. Two extinguishers are mounted on pins at the B pillar.
Wired by smith race wire

Front seats are OE…why? They are comfortable. When you are in the thing for 15 hours or getting in and out repeatedly do you want bolsters and a sore ass or comfort and an arm rest? They have lap belts as well bolted into the floor. Rear seat bar on cage is removeable.

3” 4 tube bypasses, air bumps and 2.5 coilovers in front
Cut and gusseted beams on uniballs, boxed radius arms
swing steering, Lee ram, Lee pump, Lee box
Land Cruiser 80 series air filter for the baja silt
F350 double cardan front drive shaft so no vibes with hubs locked on highway
bolt in stub axle 3rd member, 4.56 gears
Custom rear drive shaft
gusseted, stock full "cheater" spring hangers front and rear
custom leafs I designed and a fresh set just installed for B1k
Rear 3” 4 tube bypass with custom hoop
Sandy Cone Chromoly rear end with cone hubs
Fresh 3rd member and hub bearings. Detroit locker 35 spline diff, 40 spline drive plates 300m shafts
5/8 studs all wheels
Trans built by REMAC with all big superduty metal internals, billet converter, etc…
Dual trans coolers, spal fan, lock up override switch on dash, gage on dash
Motor is stock with 80 series land cruiser air cleaner, ceramic coated headers, and new cat
3/16 aluminum gas tank skid plate with chromoly frame and tin sides…no more replacing gas tanks every year. Fresh ford fuel pump and sender. Fresh gas tank with rhino lined outside for abrasion resistance
Everything that needs a gusset, support, plating, etc, is gusseted, supported or plated.

Paint is 2 years old and shines nice
Autofab front fenders
Boxed in front frame with two trailer hitch receivers behind the bumper since Ford didn’t think about provisions for getting pulled.
2 KC cubes in bumper, KC lightbar, KC cubes on bumper
Custom rear sheet metal bumper that is built off boxed in rear frame and will pull out damn near anything
2 gerry cans on swinger with dust light and license plate mount all tied into the tail gate and perfected in baja
Stock tire swinger supported with bumper and flawless for 7 years eventhough everybody said no way and now others are adopting the support concept

SPARES (bring a pick up truck)
Manual T-case with all linkage
Front and rear driveshafts
Radiator new in box
2 new bfg spares on alcoas
Spare seals, hiems, rod ends, shock seal kits, and fluids to prep the truck at least once over front to rear
Spare leaf springs
Spare front snout, spare brake lines, spare fuel pump, spare bearings, spare ignition control module, U joints, brake pads, etc…

Typical rear main seal leak. Ford repaired it per a recall with original owner but it still leaks
Typical exhaust leak at header flange
Cactus cracked the windshield on the passenger corner
Tool bags not included

It’s a sleeper. It looks stock. It’s reliable. It’s smooth. It’s capable. It carries everything to cover most issues on the trail. Its ready to go. Action stackers loaded in cargo area with spares and fluids included.

I would take it at any time and run to Cabo and back sole vehicle with my ol lady and run race course all the way down and that’s what anybody should want in a real prerunner and we do that yearly.

If I don’t get what I am asking for it I will build a fresh motor with more loud pedal and run it another 7 years all over Baja pulling people out, helping stranded folks and having a great time.

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