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BajaOj Ford Bronco Pre-Runner

San Diego, CA$69,999.00
For Sale

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BajaOj Ford Bronco Pre-Runner

Drivetrain 1,100 miles
408 Stroker V8
Built E4OD
9" Speedway Engineering Rear Housing 35spline 4.56 (spool)
CBR Radiator & Transmission cooler
Dual UMP Air Filters

Camburg Racing Extended Race TTB
Rear Deaver Springs
FOX 2.5 Coilover (Front)
FOX 2.5 Bypass (Front)
FOX 3.0 Bypass (Rear)
17" KMCwheels Enduro (6)
37" BFGoodrichtires KO2 (6)

MasterCraft Custom Interior
MasterCraftSafety 2x Seats & bench
Fiberwerx Navi Dash
Autometer gauges
PCIraceRadios communication
PCI Lowrance Baja 1 set up
Stereo and Subwoofer

KCHilites Lights
(4) HID PODs
(2) 10" FLEX Array LEDs

Richer Racing Rebuilt Bronco

AutoFab Fiberglass
AutoFab Motor & Tranny Mounts
Dual BlueTop Batteries

       Listing #127966   Posted: Aug 08 Expires: Oct 31