2017 Championship Pro 2

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2017 Chevy/Stamper Chassis $120,000.00
For Sale

Murrieta, CA

Pro2 sale list

Chassis 2017 Stamper Remodel
Pro Power 410ci Chevy Config
ATD Turbo 400 210 Ratio
- Oberg Trans Filter
Weismann Under Drive
Aim Sports MXG Dash with all TORC Legal Sensors
King Shocks
Cooling System:
- CBR Radiator
- CBR Heat Exchanger (Engine Oil)
- C&R Trans Cooler
- CBR Power Steering Cooler
Rugged Radios:
- Radio Harness
- Fresh Air system
Pro Am:
Fuel Safe fuel cell with Aeromotive A1000 inboard pump
Peterson Oil tank
Tube works rear end
Howe Steering components. Pump, rack, and servo

ProAm Rear end Housing
full set of King shocks, Bypasses and coil overs
set of axles
2 sets of trailing arms
4 sway bars
1 upper A arm
1 lower A Arm
1 Spindle

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