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Class 1 2 seater $59,000 SCORE tagged chasis

Dallas, TX$59,000.00
For Sale

Cary Francis  (214)499-7997  Private Message
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SCORE Tagged Chassis
Albins AGB Highshift 5 spd H pattern Dog Gear
LS1 - MEFI - Aeromotive Fuel Rails - Headers - UMP Filters
Gear 1 Hubs front/rear - 33 Spline axles - NIB 35 spine axles
Fox Shocks 3.5" Rear 2.5" front
35" BFG projects - on BTR bead Locks (9) total
HID KC Actuated roof light bar - LED pillar & fronts
Howe Rack & Pump
Kenwood TK790 110 watt and intercom
RacePak dash and gages
Race Air
King Jack
spare parts - CV's, axles, misc
Lowrance GPS 8"

       Listing #128445   Posted: Oct 15 Expires: Nov 19