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New Brenthel 6100 - FINANCING

Anaheim, CA$255,000
For Sale

 (4) Jonathan Brenthel  (949)232-6235  Private Message
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**Chassis In Stock** - Chassis completely Tabbed with Aluminum. Ready to race in 8-12 weeks depending on options.

***Financing Available***
$75k Down and $2,500 a Month
30% Down - 700+ FICO - 8 Year Terms

Chassis is actual vehicle but Turnkey cars are examples

6100 / Spec Trophy Truck = $255,000 Turnkey & Ready to Race

***Turnkey ONLY, Will not sell Chassis or Roller Separate***

Contact - Jonathan Brenthel - 949-232-6235 or Email

       Listing #120422   Posted: Jan 17 Expires: Dec 30