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San Felipe 250 GPS Prerun race notes for sale. Also SCORE, BITD, KOH, MINT, SNORE, MORE

Fulltime$500.00 Firm
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Mexico/ USA, CA
 Bryan Hanson AKA Baja Bryan   Private Message
 (760)335-6609   (760)335-6609   anytime
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I am offering full GPS race files for any race that I do. San Felipe 250 is up next. Prices vary from 500 to 2500 depending the class and time I spent making them.

San Felipe 250 I plan to get in 9 or 10 full laps of the course before race day. I will be on course every day allowed. 14 days non stop checking every line so those that cant take off 2 weeks will have the best lines.

My notes are mostly suited for vehicles with unlimited suspension and pro classes.

FOr SF250 I will have approximately 5,000 notes. I make a note for every turn the perfect speed. and mark thousands of rocks, dangers, trees, poles, gates, and more.

We have the helicopter and will make multiple passes to be sure we get every line.

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