EWR Entry Level Prep Mechanic Position

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Simi Valley, CA
 Evan Weller   Private Message
 (818)620-9900   (818)620-9900

We are seeking a motivated, mechanically inclined individual to add to our team!

What does the job entail?
-Organized disassembly and detailed cleaning of complete race cars along with race car components
-Engine / drivetrain removal
-Cutting / Grinding, removal of broken parts in preparation for repairs
-Must be able to maintain a clean work environment
-Shop organization

What does this job require?
-Basic mechanical abilities
-Clean and organized work ethic
-Must be able to get along in a team environment
-Must conduct professional behavior in the shop and at race-track

What skills are a plus for working here?
-Welding (MIG and TIG)
-Experience using any of the following shop tools, manual mill, manual lathe, belt sanders, wire wheel, chop saw, band saw, sheet metal brake, shear, etc..
-Computer experience with Excel, google docs, etc..
-Ordering parts, drafting emails, basic office work

What could I learn working here?
-Valuable hands-on experience working on high end Offroad Race cars
-MIG and TIG welding
-Sheet Metal Fabricating,
-Steel fabricating
-Industry standard, proper prep assembly techniques
-Wiring projects, Mil spec wiring, Motec programming
-Magnaflux / crack checking components
-Race car plumbing (oil systems, power steering, brake systems, fuel etc..)
-Differential assembly (we do a large amount of in-house differential assembly and service on different types of applications)

What if I do not have any of these technical skills?
Don’t worry, if you are as passionate as we are on doing the best work that you can do, you will pick up these skills quickly. Working alongside a solid team will make these projects that once look daunting, become second nature.

What the heck does it pay?
Pay is based off what you can bring to the table and how eager you are to grow. This will be discussed during an in-person interview.

Shoot me an Email and let’s set up an interview to see if you’re a good fit for our team! We look forward to hearing from you!
[email protected]

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