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Race the Mint 400 in a Polaris rzr

ID# 162940Posted Feb 11


is it your dream to race the mint 400? my car and pit crew are available. just bring your race gear and race. we will provide everything needed to race. total fee is 9000.00. the car is a 2020 normal aspirated Polaris rzr. serious enquirers only.

Experienced TT or Class 1 Navigator Available

ID# 162387Posted Jan 28


Racing Opportunities-162387

I am looking for a top TT or Class 1 team to navigate for in BITD. Maybe in score also for 2020 I have been on multiple teams that we have won several championships. 2019 I have been racing is a new Mason 4WD TT. For the Baja 1000 I had about 16,000 notes on my GPS. I mark every corner of the course and alot more. I am a former driver so I know what the diver is thinking and what info will help him be faster. . I feel the way I make my notes are 5 to 10 times more accurate than the top teams out there now. I have been team manager in the past but dont have that much free time any longer. I want to focus just on a good prerun and race its self. I have also done all the logistics for many years and can help with that.

I have good experience with all things Lowrance, Lead Nav, SatCom, Iridium Go tied to Leadnav, Sat phone texting and updating, Google map inlays. I can also help with good informed pit books. .

I am an american that has lived in Mexico for 15 years so I have a good knowledge and experience with all things mexico like permits, visas, border crossings, Insurance, Lawyers, where its safe and where its not.

Not looking for a joy ride. I want to win and I know really good detailed notes with the best lines on a good prerun will help any driver go faster and safer.

Mint 400 team member available

ID# 161591Posted Jan 07


Racing Opportunities-161591

My family grew again this year so am taking a break from being team owner, prep guy, etc and my car is up for sale. Time is tight these days! so..... Am putting this out there to see if there are any opportunities to help a team out at the Mint 400 this year as I am local and don't want to miss the race. Can send my very humble offroad 'race resume' if interested. I have roughly 25+ races under my belt to include the SCORE races, Mint, and several of the smaller series. Can prep a car just good enough to roll across the finish of the 1000 and can safely get a team up and down the peninsula in at least an amateur capacity.

I would be interested in the following:

1) A driver seat (can pay my share and can afford to fix\replace what I tear up. I won't drive anything I can't afford to make right). I have driver race experience in 1600, UTV, and Class 1. I aspire to move to a 6100\TT Spec team in the future but am not too proud to rock a Class 11.

2) Assist a TT team with pit support. In the interest of transparency I am interested in learning how the big boys play to up my game as I am firmly from the dump can era.

3) I haven't co-driven in a race in 10+ years but might consider doing it for the right opportunity. Can still change tires etc but I ain't as young as I once was..... :)

Send me an email or private message with any questions. I live in Las Vegas.

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