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Free chase vehicle for Baja 1000

ID# 159686Posted Nov 08


Racing Opportunities-159686

Lots of experience in Mexico racing and chasing all vehicles. Looking to chase a team. We already have the time off and want to see the sights but our team bailed on us. Better than just sitting there drinking beer. We planned on heading to San Felipe at some point.

Baja 1000 - Driver/Co driver Looking to team up with a solid race team

ID# 159286Posted Oct 29


Racing Opportunities-159286

We are looking to team up with another race team for the Baja 1000. We will bring our own support teams and assist in logistics and overall operations of the race. We are looking to pair up with a class 10, SPEC, Class 1 or Trophy truck team and can negotiate length of seat time and portion of race to complete. We are more than excited to work with another team to be a competitive force and are looking for a win. We have the resources and ability to compete alongside the best. Here's a list of races we've competed in together (driver/codriver) :

'18 Parker 425 - 3rd place Trophy spec
'18 Vegas to Reno - 4th place Trophy spec
'17 Mint 400 - 2nd place class 10
'17 Baja 1000 - 4th place class 10
'16 Mint 400 - 2nd place class 10
'15 Henderson 250 - 1st place class 10
'15 Blue Water Desert Challenge - 4th place class 10
'15 Silver State 300 - 6th place class 10
'15 Mint 400 - 10th place class 10
'15 Parker 425 - 7th class 10

If all goes well, the idea of racing the 2020 season is definitely a possibility!

Please feel free to reach out and lets go racing!!

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