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Help offered for Baja 1000!

ID# 169530Posted Oct 09


Retired engine builder for TRD available for Baja 1000. 33 years racing in Baja with legends of the sport. Lived in Baja for a while, multiple class wins riding and chasing. Solid reputation. Give me a call for details. Available all week. John
760 712-7138

Jason Davis experienced racer (Driver/Codriver) looking for Baja 1000 team

ID# 169516Posted Oct 08

FOR SALE $5,000

Racing Opportunities-169516

Im available and ready to race. I live and race in Baja with several class team wins. I know every inch of Baja & work it 2-3 times a month. Logged over 29,000 miles this year in Baja. Half my reputation is true & the rest is true too. Fabricator, Mechanic, Legal Mexico Permanent Resident, logistics professional
Class 1, Class 6, Class 7, Class 3000, Class 1600, Class 1400, Jeepspeed, Ultra4 4800, Dirt Riot 4500
SCORE, BITD, Ultra4, Dirt Riot, Campeonato Estatal Aeabcs (Baja Sur racing)

I can provide partial race expenses & expert logistics. I'm here to race & help win or have fun racing.
-Chase truck & trailer
-Home available in Ensenada
- I will be prerunning every week & entire race week.

Looking for a ride for the Baja 1000

ID# 169512Posted Oct 08

FOR SALE $1,000,000

Experienced racer looking to race with a team in the 2020 Baja 1000. Been racing UTV unlimited since 2017. 2019 Baja 1000 class winner.

Excellent mechanical and fabrication skills. Easy going low key guy.

Can contribute to entry fees, gas, ETC. Prefer to find a team in the AZ east valley area so I can help prep the car and meet the crew. I have worked with out of state teams so I'm open to that too.

Can provide a 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max prerunner.

Night driving is my specialty. Very good conservative driver. I know how to take care of a car and get it to the next driver change.

Can help chase, prerun or whatever is needed also.

Experienced TT Navigator Available for Baja 500 and Baja 1000

ID# 168930Posted Sep 17


Racing Opportunities-168930

I'm available for limited races this year depending the races I already have scheduled , if you are in need of or ever wanted to try a experienced navigator. I am a veteran navigator that has experience in TT, Class 1, Class 10, Class 12, Spec TT, UTV and other classes. I have been on various championship winning teams over the years. I consider my self one of the top navigators and I do my system different and more detail than others. In my prerun I mark every single turn what it is so we dont guess on race day. In the straight sections I have a pace note every 3-4 seconds. I also mark every rock that could possible give us a flat. Of course all the dangers and multiple level of checkups. Im also a good line hunter and to find those creative lines..

I have raced in the new Mason AWD trucks, New gen 3 Brenthals, Jimco, ID designs and the Geiser that won Baja 1000 and 3 score TT championships.

I have good experience with all things Lowrance, Lead Nav, SatCom, Iridium Go tied to Leadnav, Sat phone texting and updating, Google map inlays. I can also help with good informed pit books. .

On average I put 2000 notes per 100 miles. So that could make Baja 500 with 10,000 notes. . With good notes you can make a fast race pace with out pushing your car.. Most navigators just mark dangers and maybe some fast sections. Look at your old race files and check what info your navigator saves.. See how much info he is saving.

Lot of car owners are to busy to do a lot of good preruning I can go alone and do all the homework then we can come back and hit a fast lap and show you whats important to remember.

I am an american that has lived in Mexico for 15 years so I have a good knowledge and experience with all things mexico like permits, visas, border crossings, Insurance, Lawyers, where its safe and where its not.

Not looking for a joy ride. I want to win and I know really good detailed notes with the best lines on a good prerun will help any driver go faster and safer.

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