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Laser Cutting - Tube Laser - Water Jet - CNC Machining - Robotic Welding - Press Brake

ID# 194479Posted Mar 27
FOR SALE $1,234

Jobs and Services-194479

Laser Cutting Fast - We now offer next day flat laser services for customers who drop off their own material and laser ready cut files.
We offer laser cutting up to 1 IN thick steel
Water Jet Cutting up to 9 IN
Tube Laser up to 8 IN round
CNC mill and CNC lathe Services
Sheet Metal Forming
Robotic Welding
Manual welding mig or tig


ID# 197866Posted Mar 21

Jobs and Services-197866

THE OFFROAD JEWELERS RACE PREP is a full service RACE/PLAY prep facility with over 20 years of experience,4 Baja 1000 class wins ,4 milestone awards the last one was (RAUL GOMEZ 2022 SCORE TT),Back to Back Baja 500 Class 1 wins with Justin Davis and over 50 class wins in the past 15 years we have what it takes to take your race program/play car to the next level. We SPECIALIZE in taking a struggling race program and bringing it to their FULL POTENTIAL while keeping in mind their BUDGET along the way
We are not limited to just a race program we also have a FULL background of Fabrication services from steel to aluminum we can do it all
We have built or prepped the following car/trucks

Get paid to do what you love

ID# 188581Posted Mar 04

Jobs and Services-188581

Armada Engineering is looking for talented fabricators and mechanics to join our team of skilled craftsmen. Great attitude is a must, we strive to hold an outstanding company culture and need like minded individuals. We are not looking for drifters, we are looking to invest in individuals who want to grow with us in a long term career.

Learn how to use state of the art equipment. In house laser cutting, metal forming and cnc tube bending.

Located in Chatsworth, CA. Paid vacation and holidays. 401k, health care and other benefits. Normal hours are Mon-Thurs. 7am-5pm and Friday 7am-11am. Contact us for more details.

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San Felipe 250 GPS Prerun race notes for sale. Also SCORE, BITD, KOH, MINT, SNORE, MORE

ID# 197711Posted Mar 16


Jobs and Services-197711

I am offering full GPS race files for any race that I do. San Felipe 250 is up next. Prices vary from 500 to 2500 depending the class and time I spent making them.

San Felipe 250 I plan to get in 9 or 10 full laps of the course before race day. I will be on course every day allowed. 14 days non stop checking every line so those that cant take off 2 weeks will have the best lines.

My notes are mostly suited for vehicles with unlimited suspension and pro classes.

FOr SF250 I will have approximately 5,000 notes. I make a note for every turn the perfect speed. and mark thousands of rocks, dangers, trees, poles, gates, and more.

We have the helicopter and will make multiple passes to be sure we get every line.

Trophy Truck Team Manager

ID# 197689Posted Mar 15

WANTED $1,234

Large Trophy Truck Team Manager

Looking for an organized person to help manage a large existing professional trophy truck team racing SCORE and the occasional stateside race. This would be a great part time job for a retired person. In the beginning it will take more time to build procedures but once everything is setup it will be a very simple job that can be managed easily with organized paperwork.

Example Tasks:
- Design pit plans
- Build pit books
- Create procedures
- Manage team players and volunteers
- Inventory and clean chase trucks
- Book hotels
- Oversee safety of all employees and volunteers while in Baja
- Working alongside crew chief to manage inventory in shop and chase trucks

Must be:
- Microsoft Excel Proficient
- Able to build procedures
- Self-driven and able to hit deadlines
- Able to travel to Mexico
- Flexible for travel before races
- Come into shop before races to organize
- Manage employees

Driver and crew chief are currently running the team. Driver operates family business and marketing side of race team and is running out of bandwidth. The race team has grown quickly and now need someone to oversee the operations so that we have a top performing professional team. Driver will still be part of ops and assist in transition period. We are working towards being the most professional and organized team to compete with teams like the McMillan’s.

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Offroad fabrication / race-prep

ID# 197251Posted Feb 28


Jobs and Services-197251

Hello my name is Ezra Kuhn I am an Experienced fabricator located in Perris, Ca. I’m 19 years old with years of experience working for people well known in the industry. Having a hard time finding people that will trust me to work on their cars or new projects! Figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw an ad up to get my name out there. Check out my work on Instagram @barmyfab! I can assure you won’t be disappointed with my work.

Contacts :
[email protected]
@barmyfab on Instagram

Thank you for reading - Ezra Kuhn

House for Baja 250 San Felipe

ID# 196846Posted Feb 19

WANTED $2,000

Jobs and Services-196846

House for rent for Baja 250 race March 29 to April 2 ,three bedrooms on suite ,plus kitchen we all you needs ,four full bathrooms ,BBQ ,two balconies with panoramic view to the front the beach and San Felipe town and to the back the beautiful mountains and desert 180 degree view ,4 nights 10 people $2000 included cleaning fee call me for more detail

Looking for experience....job help, will work for FUN EXPERIENCES!!!

ID# 196818Posted Feb 18


Jobs and Services-196818

Hey guys, my name is Dennis Jonon. I come from the 2 wheels; motocross/ supercross industry, but retired in 2010...

I am looking to expand my racing knowledge and hopefully someday racing experience by getting in and helping a team with whatever they need.

Whether it's at the shop cleaning toilets and mopping for the race teams, or turning wrenches on customer vehicles, whatever really, or if it's working during race weekends helping anywhere I can at the race to give a helping hand in them winning - I just want to get my foot in the door.

This sport is already expensive enough, so I would really be willing to negotiate pay to may some type of fun/getting me to the races to help etc..maybe not actual cash for all that, but again we can talk and negotiate I AM VERY OPEN

I own my own sticker shop, I can offer truck wraps to teams and racers and if I'm with a team I could even help provide that type of stuff and much more.

so yeah, would love to bring my professional motocross and supercross racing experience over to 4 wheels, help out and have some fun! Feel free to contact me any time of the day, I should get back to you if not then, within 12-24 hours. Thank you for your time!

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Experienced Trophy Truck Navigator Available for some races in 2023

ID# 196809Posted Feb 18


Jobs and Services-196809

I'm available for some races in 2023. Currently I am racing Jax Redline and Mike Walser in Score where we are 3rd in points and for 2022 I am available for BITD, Mint 400, CA 300, Snore, MORE, RECORD, CODE and Legacy races too.  If you are in need of or ever wanted to try an experienced navigator. I am a veteran navigator that has experience in TT, Class 1, Class 10, Class 12, Spec TT, UTV and other classes. I have been on various championship winning teams over the years. I do my system differently and in more detail than others. In my prerun I mark every single turn max safe speed so we dont guess on race day. In the straight sections I have a pace note every 3-4 seconds. I also mark every rock that could possibly give us a flat. Of course all the dangers and multiple levels of checkups. I'm also a good line hunter and to find those creative lines..

I have raced in the new Mason AWD trucks, New gen 3 Brenthals, Jimco, ID designs and Geiser G6.
I have good experience with all things Lowrance, Lead Nav, SatCom, M-sat, Iridium Go tied to Leadnav, Sat phone texting and updating, Google map inlays and Starlink. 

On average I put 2000 notes per 100 miles. So that could make Baja 500 with 10,000 notes. . With good notes you can make a fast race pace without pushing your car.. Most navigators just mark dangers and maybe some fast sections.
Lot of car owners are too busy to do a lot of good pre running. I can go alone and do all the homework then we can come back and hit a fast lap and show you what's important to remember then race. I am self employed and can spend any time I need for a race. 

Not looking for a joy ride. I want to win and I know really good detailed notes with the best lines on a good pre run will help any driver go faster and safer.

  Jobs and Services