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Weddle S5 Ring & Pinion and Gear Sets

2024 Weddle Transmission Parts S-4 and S-5$1,500.00 OBO
For Sale

Poway, CA
 Kelly Jones   Private Message
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I have a brand new Weddle S-5 installed in 4 seater prerunner buggy. I purchased the new transmission with standard gear sets for 1-3, but I opted for taller gears for 4th (137) and 5th (120). But the biggest mistake I made was running with a 3.88 Ring & Pinion instead of the standard 5.14. I have a V6, not a V8 so I was trying to keep up with my friends who are all running LS2’s or equal. The problem was I was doing almost 35-40 mph in 1st gear with this setup. I just wasn’t working as I sacrificed major low end power when I really needed it. This Ring/Pinion and two gear sets were brand new 90 days ago and have less than 250 miles on them. I don’t race. I follow my kids around on dirt bikes primarily…be it Baja or local deserts in So Cal….point being these are easy miles….and never in the sand. So I just ordered a new 5.14 Ring & Pinion along with new 4th and 5th gears which Eric at Transworks in El Cajon just rebuilt for me. He’s awesome and has done all the work/purchasing for my MD4-2d and then my recent upgrade to the S-5. He is the one who mentioned these parts are so new (excellent condition) that I should sell them as I will never use them again. I paid $2400 for the Ring/Pinion alone plus another$600-$700 for the 137 and 120 gear sets. These gear sets are for the S-5 only. Per Eric…the Ring/Pinion will fit and S-4 or an S-5. I’m asking $1500 for the 3.88 Ring & Pinion and $350 for each gear set (137 and 120). The gear sets come with 2 gears for each set.

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