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Street Legal GSXR-1000 Powered SS1000

2018 Protolite SS1000$17,500.00 OBO
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Salt Lake City, UT
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The SS1000 has roughly 350-375 miles on the build. Yes, only 300-375 miles. The engine is a K8 GSXR 1000 fuel injected with aprox 1350 miles. The RPM sequential gear box with reverse was bought new with the build and only has 350-375 miles. Everything but the engine was purchased new and reflects the 350-375 miles (brakes, suspension, etc)..

This is a manual sequential gearbox (6 speed plus reverse and neutral). It is currently geared to hit 90 mph very easily and extremely quick. With different gearing, you can expect 120 mph. The buggy is incredibly quick. I've owned an RXR 1000 turbo (2019) and this buggy out accelerates it violently and keeps pulling.. If you want a off road toy that will absolutely scream across the desert, dirt, snow, handle well, get sideways, have you white knuckle gripping the steering wheel, this is for you. If you want something that is casual to drive, does extreme rock crawling, its not ideal. The buggy was designed to simply go extremely fast, very quickly and handle well while doing it.

Additionally,. since the buggy uses a heavy thickness drag bike chain, you will not find yourself having to worry about overheating a belt, replacing belts, bet left stranded. This chain should get you an easy 10k miles before replacing it and replacing the chain is worlds faster and easier than a belt. It should also be noted that the life of this engine is expected to be 50k miles with heavy use. Ive owned several GSXR-1000 bikes for both track and road use that exceeded 50k miles.

The suspension is currently setup for high speed handling but can be raised or lowered to preference.

Below are the specs and extras that I will include.

-K8 GSXR 1000 engine 185hp

-RPM 3.9:1 Sequential gearbox. 6 speed with neutral and reverse

-Fox 2.0 Adjustable air shocks (19'' travel front 15'' travel rear)

-RollCage 0.083" x 1.5" Dia.Tubing

-Wilwood front and rear brakes with adjustable brake bias

-72'' wide 122'' long with wheel base of 94'' long

-Porsche 930 cv's


-Kirkley certified race seats

-G Force 5 point certified race harness (driver and passenger)

-ITP Beadlock wheels with new dirt tires (less than 30 miles on them)

-Dual Radiators

-Headlights, corner markers, turn signals (front and rear), reverse lights.

-Side mirrors and rear view


-Dynojet Power Commander Tuner (installed but currently running factory Suzuki Map)

-Speed ODRD speedometer calibration

-Extra set of ITP wheels

-Nitrogen tank for fox shocks (full of nitrogen)

-Different size sprokets

-(2) 5 gallon fuel jugs

- Probably some other stuff i'm forgetting.

Within the last few weeks I spent $3,500 in upgrading the heim joints, steering rods, overflow, brake position (calipers and bias) alignment and countless other items. I took this out on 9/1/20 and its ready to rip.

I just want to set the expectation on this vehicle. It's definitely no production SXS. Its fast, its raw, it can get you into trouble quick if you don't know what you're doing.

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