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2016 Ford Raptor $68,000.00
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Prerunner parts list

Blitzkrieg TT chassis
Blitzkrieg 4” TT housing rig welded (tabbed for links and brakes )
Blitzkrieg 3.25 6x6.5 rear hubs
Blitzkrieg tig welded links
Blitzkrieg tig welded cromoly center mount with heims and uniballs
Blitzkrieg TT fuel cell can
Blitzkrieg spare tire mounts
Blitzkrieg 2.5 6x6.5 TT front hubs
Blitzkrieg sway bar arms /cromoly pockets
Blitzkrieg steering bulkhead
Blitzkrieg cromoly tie rods with heims
Blitzkrieg motor plate
Blitzkrieg sway bar end-links with heims

King race series 3.0/14 coilovers (2)
King race series 3.0/16 coilovers (2)
King race series 4.5/14 5 tube bypass (2)
King race series 4.5/18 7 tube bypass (2)
King race series 3.0 top caps (2)
King race series 3.0 long rod ends (2)
King 3.5 finned resi 12” (4) (coilovers)
King 4.5 finned resi 14” (2) (front bypass)
King 4.5 finned resi 20” (2) (rear bypass)
King finned resi tube mounts
King bump stops 2.5x4.0 (2)
King bump stops 2.5x2.5 (2)

2004 Ford F-150 super cab with doors
(Door windows included)
BNIB Ford Door mouldings
BNIB ford keypad door handle set
Ford factory windshield wiper cowl

Cobra Suzuka pro bucket seats (2)

Howe TT resi
Howe TT rack
Howe 200 servo

Setrab coolers 16”x12” (2)

Spal 11” fans (2)

CBR power steering heat exchanger
CBR Large engine oil heat exchanger
CBR heat exchanger mounts (2)

CNC 631 6 piston Right calipers (2)
CNC 631 6 piston Left calipers (2)

Coleman Right 14” 8 bolt rotors (2)
Coleman Left 14” 8 bolt rotors (2)

Method race wheels double standard 6x6.5 beadlocks (6)
BFG project 39 brand new (4)

Fiberwerx raptor /luxury prerunner 1 piece clip, mini fenders and bedsides

Complete vintage air system heater and AC pn: 671400-VUZ

Flaming River micro steel steering column kit

Winters sidewinder shifter 4l80e

Sway bar torsion bar
Sway bar delrin bushings (4)

Billet radiator overflow tank

Hood latches

Spare hubs seals

Steering u joint (5)

Tig welded stainless LSX headers

Tig welded stainless mufflers for under cab rail

Steering column bracket mounts

Accessory belt


Cab slung to chassis , fire wall and floor removed , tabbed to chassis

Cromoly front seat mounts

Rear passenger foot cubby panels welded in

Floor tubes

Dry sump tank tube work in passenger kick panel

LSX motor mounts cromoly

Steering servo mount

Hydro boost brake mount

Steering shafts started / bushing mounts

LSX engine accessory bracket mounts tig welded cromoly (power steering , alternator , tensioner , compressor )

Ford cab door latch to chassis


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