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Manx style street legal 4 seater buggy

1970 Buggy Manx style 4 seater$58,000.00 OBO
For Sale

Victorville, CA
 Joe Suderno   Private Message
 (760)792-0177   (760)792-0177

This is NOT your father's Dune Buggy...this is a One-of-a Kind High Performance mid-travel Off-Road and On-Road vehicle.

More Details

The Engine. A 2004 Honda Odyssey V6 3.5L SOHC Fuel Injected 24 Valve engine is installed on this buggy. In the stock configuration this stock Honda engine produced 240 HP. With the addition of an AL’s custom header, Anaheim, CA, and computer modifications this engine is estimated to produce about 270 HP on 87 octane gas. The custom headers were designed to handle an added turbo system if someone wants to add another 100 HP. The aluminum intake manifold and oil pan were polished to give that extra special custom look. This water cooled engine is chilled with a custom CBR radiator, Lake Elsinore, CA, with three cooling fans which are activated by dual thermostats for one or three fans operation.

The Transaxle. The engine is connected to this transaxle via a Kennedy Engineered Products(KEP) adapter, Palmdale, CA. The trans is a highly modified VW 094 side shifter transaxle from a VW Bus. The gears were replaced with high performance Weddle gears which are able to handle over 300 HP. The power is transferred to the rear tires through race prepped 930 CV’s.

The Frame and Suspension. A 1970 VW Bug (Registered in California as a Salvaged titled VW sedan) floor pan was used to start this project. The old pan centers were cut out and replaced with new steel sheeting which was custom rolled to fit this Manx style buggy configuration. This pan was then powder coated and also Rhino coated as appropriate. The steel cage is made out of 1 1/2 inch DOM steel which was all TIG welded. The complete cage is actually a three piece structure integrated into this MGM plastics fiberglass body. The frame and suspension has been extended to provide a 102 inch wheel base. Each wheel travel is about 12 inches with King Shocks, Garden Grove, CA, each with reservoirs, and coil over springs on all four wheels. All transmission and motor mounts all rubber insulated for vibration free performance.

The front beam is 6 inches wider than a stock VW and is frame mounted about 4 inches forward of a stock VW beam location. Steering is provided through a Rack and Pinion steering box. Each front trailing arm is about 3 inches longer than stock for the extended wheel travel. Heavy duty chromoly tie rods are installed. The rear suspension boxed trailing arms are each 6 inches longer and 3 inches wider than stock VW. All four wheels have disc brakes. Ground clearance is 14 inches.

Bracket rings are installed at all four frame corners for tying down this buggy on or in a trailer. A custom tow bar with wiring is included for a ground towing option.

A custom built aluminum gas tank with about a 15 gallon capacity is installed. The gas tank is equipped with internal baffles and a gas gauge sender unit.

The wheels are all stud mounted and the front tires are Deestone Extra Traction 7.00 - 15 inch, and the rear tires are 33 X 10.50 inch R15 LT BF Goodrich T/A K02 tires.

The extra sand tires are all on VW large 5 hole polished aluminum wheels with the front tires being Tires Unlimited 6.75 Razor Backs and the rear tires are Sand Tires Unlimited Padla Trak 13.00 PLUS - 15's. A $2000.00 deduction from the sales price if you do not want the sand dune tires.

The Interior. Four PRP adult size custom upholstered seats, each with adjustable headrests, and 4 point PRP seat harnesses are all frame mounted. The front seats are heated. The front seats will easily handle driver/passengers over 6 feet tall. The rear seats easily handle passengers in the up to about 5 foot 6 inches tall. Even though a rear passenger up to about 6 feet tall can fit in the rear seats, I would not recommend it.

Full AutoMeter gauges include a GPS based speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, voltmeter, gas tank level gauge, and also alternator and oil pressure ‘idiot’ lights are mounted. A removable Momo, Milan, Italy, steering wheel, with a working horn button and turn signal is installed. A dash mounted two cups drink holder, which can easily be exchanged for a passenger off-road ‘grab handle’ is included. The built-in dash is carbon fiber wrapped. A rear view mirror and two side view mirrors are included. The headliner under the powder coated aluminum roof is covered with dark gray carbon fiber fabric and includes two dome lights. A Bluetooth stereo and four speakers are built in to this buggy. An operable VW style cable parking brake is built in. Off road turning brakes are included. A hidden drop down accessible fuse and relay tray is built in. A fire extinguisher is also included.

The Body. A MGM Plastics, San Marcos, CA, fiberglass/gel coated Manx style body, which is about 15 inches longer, about 6 inches wider, with sides about 6 inches higher, than a stock genuine Manx body was used for this project. The rear inside wheel wells were modified to accommodate the King coil over shocks and springs.

The Other Stuff. This suspension is fully adjustable and can be dropped down significantly to give this buggy a lowered street buggy effect. Center line style wheels and street tires could give this buggy a whole new look as a radical street car.

As this buggy is currently configured it handles windy roads like a sports car.

A two inch tow type receiver hitch is built in to the rear cage to accommodate a bike rack or ? Bike rack is not included. Off-road front bumper mounted headlights and a LED light bar, with full cover, are included.

Four theft deterrents are built into this buggy which include a battery disconnect, hidden ignition kill switch, fuel shut off valve, and a removable steering wheel.

An enclosed trailer delivery in the USA is possible.

This four seater Manx style buggy was a retirement project which took place over a period of about four years at a cost of more than $60,000.00, without a dime included for my thousand plus labor hours in this cost calculation.

This Buggy is in Excellent Condition and has about 2100 miles on the odometer.

Joe Suderno 760 792-0177

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