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Looking for experience....job help, will work for FUN EXPERIENCES!!!

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Huntington Beach, CA
 dennis jonon   Private Message
 (714)951-7771   (714)951-7771

Hey guys, my name is Dennis Jonon. I come from the 2 wheels; motocross/ supercross industry, but retired in 2010...

I am looking to expand my racing knowledge and hopefully someday racing experience by getting in and helping a team with whatever they need.

Whether it's at the shop cleaning toilets and mopping for the race teams, or turning wrenches on customer vehicles, whatever really, or if it's working during race weekends helping anywhere I can at the race to give a helping hand in them winning - I just want to get my foot in the door.

This sport is already expensive enough, so I would really be willing to negotiate pay to may some type of fun/getting me to the races to help etc..maybe not actual cash for all that, but again we can talk and negotiate I AM VERY OPEN

I own my own sticker shop, I can offer truck wraps to teams and racers and if I'm with a team I could even help provide that type of stuff and much more.

so yeah, would love to bring my professional motocross and supercross racing experience over to 4 wheels, help out and have some fun! Feel free to contact me any time of the day, I should get back to you if not then, within 12-24 hours. Thank you for your time!

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