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Fully Custom Maverick X3 Turbo R

2018 Can Am Maverick X3 XRS Turbo R$48,500.00 OBO
For Sale

 David Grochowski   Private Message
 (949)456-5485   (949)456-5485

Up for sale is my fully custom 2018 Can Am Maverick X3 XRS Turbo R 72” wide. I am the 2nd owner. Her name is Cammy. She only has 184 hours and 3,735 pampered miles. This X3 is fully built and is completely sorted out. She has been a passion project with no expenses spared. I figure there is close to $100K in this build. I absolutely love this X3 and it pains me to sell beyond words, but I’m starting a family with my wife and we can’t have her bouncing around in this now. I’m selling this turnkey with everything including an extra set of custom method bead lock wheels with 32” sand paddle tires, fresh air and intercom Klim helmets, Yeti cooler, winching supplies, battery jump box, KWI clutching tool kit, 4 extra drive belts, spare tire with jack and tool kit, and huge box full of misc. extra parts. This would be a great find for someone getting into the offroad side by side scene because all the work, setup, improvements, necessary mods, and debugging has already been done. I have owned everything from airplanes to 900 HP street cars and I can tell you there is nothing more fun than this damn X3.

The engine runs absolutely perfect and has always been babied. Oil is changed every 50 hours or less with fully synthetic Amsoil UTV oil. She has an Evo 3R tune to run on 91 octane pump gas, Evo blow off valve, EVO silicone charge tubes, upgraded spark plugs, turbo waste gate pressure slightly increased per EVO, and Gibson single exhaust with double thick mounting brackets with Evo “just the tip”. I have always run her very easy and most time is spent cruising around the desert with our two puppies. Never raced, never rolled, never abused. With all the upgrades she makes about 210 HP and with all the KWI clutch upgrades it gets it to the ground very well. She’s fast and walks the brand new Maverick R. Top speed run she will do 106 MPH +

The entire clutching system has been upgraded by KWI clutching with every possible upgrade available. I have never even come remotely close to breaking a belt or even heating one up. It was always a concern of mine so when I purchased this so I went all out with no expenses spared. The primary clutch bolt is upgraded to an essentially unbreakable $80 bolt, the entire primary clutch is upgraded to the new style 2021 which is much stronger and has steal wear plates, all KWI AO clutching weight system fine tuned perfectly, both primary and secondary clutches were resurfaced by KWI, secondary clutch has upgraded rollers and KWI helix, and the secondary clutch is full floating so the belt alignment is always perfect. I run a world’s best belt race series rated to 600 hp and this combined clutch system is absolutely flawless. I have never ever had a belt issue. I added a belt temperature gauge on the dash and normal running it’s only about 105 degrees. Long higher speed runs in sand It will hover around 135degrees. This belt apparently won’t break until around 400 degrees. I replace it every season as preventative maintenance, but I know it’s a waste because the belt always looks perfect.

There is a KWT pre air filter system that filters the dust prior to air getting to the air filter or clutching system that works shockingly well. They claim it filters 99% of dust prior to even getting to the air filter and now after 3 seasons of running it I’m a believer. I run a blue waterproof Donaldson air filter with sand sock and after a full season it doesn’t even get dirty, but I always just replace it anyway along with trans and front differential with fully synthetic Amsoil gear oil.

The suspension is completely upgraded with Eibach Springs, completely re-valved and tuned fox shocks by a professional race shock tuner, polyurethane A arm bushings, Shock Therapy rear billet radius rods, Shock Therapy double shear kit for the rear, ZRP billet radius rod plate, Shock Therapy sway bar links front and rear, Shock Therapy limit straps front and rear, S3 rear rock guards, front TMW double shear kit for all front A Arms, and a TMW front shock mount tower brace. This suspension set up is incredible and is beyond shocking how well it will handle whoops and bumps. The only upgrade I would recommend doing is adding CT Raceworks front lower control arms. I was going to do that next, but just didn’t get around to it.

The steering has Shock Therapy steering rods, Shock Therapy bump steer kit, and a Hess Motorsports steering rack support with a fresh wear bushing just installed. The steering is very tight and car handles beautiful in all conditions and is a true pleasure to drive.

She has a full PCI intercom system so driver and passenger can talk while driving which is a must. Having been in cars with no intercom it is very annoying not to be able to talk back and forth. Sale includes 2 nice Klim helmets (1 is medium and 1 is large size) prewired with intercom, integrated sunglasses in helmet, and full face shield. Also includes a PCI fresh air system with magnetic hose mounts for helmet and roof which makes connecting and disconnecting fresh air hoses a breeze. Great to keep you breathing fresh air in dusty conditions and is great to keep you cool when it’s warmer out too. Also has Car to Car communications with push to talk buttons on Sparco steering wheel and on passenger side dash.

Interior is completely redone with Lowrance GPS, engine temp gauge, belt temp gauge, PRP heated suede and ostrich seats which are heaven, PRP 4 point seat belts, PRP window nets, Sparco Steering wheel, custom mirrors, SDR door bags, upgraded door latches that open like butter, custom SDR door handles, PCI fresh air system, battery disconnect switch, Volt meter, USB cell phone chargers, upgraded shifter handle, upgraded shifter gate, upgraded grab handles, fire extinguisher, full time rear view camera, sun visors, upgraded interior lighting, and upgraded passenger grab handle. I added a high end Kicker Audio box that sounds really good mounted behind the seats on the roof too that is Bluetooth and USB compatable. I also had a Revelco anti theft device installed and a tracking device just in case someone wanted to steal it.

The doors have been upgraded to SDR doors, full Wolf Designs custom wrap, all custom powder coated suspension, CageWRX shorty roll cage, custom front grill, custom rear grills, and metal roof with wrap. Has custom extra heavy duty rear tire carrier rack to hold the 35” spare tire and custom extra heavy duty Yeti cooler mount in rear. Sale will include the Yeti cooler because it is color matched to her. Desert set up is 35” tensor race series tires on method bead lock wheels and sand set up is 32” sand stripper paddles with their own set of method bead lock wheels. Her time was spent 95% desert 5% sand.

Lighting consists of Rigid light bar on roof, Rigid light bar on front shock tower, Rigid side lights, 2 LED whips that can be customized to any color/pattern combo from a remote control, and rock lights at all 4 corners that can be customized to any color also. All Rigid lights have a blue background LED that look really cool at night too.

Electrical system was upgraded with 2 Odyssey batteries and a remote jumper mounted by engine to make a jump start/trickle charge very easy without having to remove the passenger seat. Electrical system is overkill and a dead battery would be very hard with this much juice. We will park with the stereo playing for hours with zero issues. All wiring was done so whip lights, rock lights, GPS, and stereo will remain on without accessory power. Sale also includes an antigravity jump box I keep under the seats in PRP storage bags just in case.

I added a Warn 4500 winch with synthetic rope and custom Rage bumper with Tow Ring to mount winch in. Sale will include a winch bag with ropes, soft shackles, winch pulley, etc.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot, but that’s enough for now. You get the idea how special this is. If you want the best here it is for ½ the cost to build it and it’s all done and debugged. Series inquires only. Title in hand. Please do not waste my time as I promise this X3 will not be a waste of yours. Dave (9 four 9) four five six – 5 4 eight five. Best to text first.

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