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Full Potential Offroad SandCar Prerunner $90K Albins LSX454

Las Vegas, NV$90,000.00
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Full Potential Offroad Sandcar Prerunner. $90K Firm

This the biggest heaviest plushest best handling car out there. Hood push bar just under 5’ high. Roof 7’. 1 5/8” chromoly on top of 2x3 square tube base chassis for unrelieved strength, 23” travel front and rear. I’ve had a bfd-scu-racer before. They don’t compare with the craftsmanship or performance. Not a straight tube on the car above the square tube base, chassis is work of art. This car is plumbed for heat and AC, has tilt adjust steering wheel, ect. Big Boy Car. I got this car in 2016, previously it had been stored and neglected after the company went under. Once I got it in 2016 it was torn apart and every single part replaced or rebuilt. Literally. No part left untouched. Originally built in 07 but car reborn good as new 2016. Since meticulous maintained. Check my Instagram or ask anyone at Dumont I always take my kids in this car, so it’s always driven relatively mild.

Full Potential was a subdivision of Weekend Warriors Trailers where the owners wanted to venture into making the best cars in the industry, period. They had a great start till the whole company went bankrupt in 2008.

Here is the article for the release for sale of new cars:

The first two cars were custom built for the owner and son’s personal use and advertising campaign. This was the son’s car. It’s the red car in this video. That’s red paint with clear logo wrap. The red paint can still be found on the car under current wrap and subsequent white paint job. The video:

Nevada Title

LSX 454, GM long block, Alper Motorsports top end. GM LSX cam. GM LSX heads. 4 light seasons on car since new. Kids in car every ride. Motor still fresh, powerful dependable. Motor is cooled by massive radiator as well as CBR liquid to liquid heat exchanger so oil Temps never exceed 250. External filter block, high pressure and volume pump Melling 10355 to keep flow and pressure in check. Motor runs a GM computer tuned by Redline with EVERY sensor active. I demanded this and it took some time to perfect. Drive this car to top of Pike’s Peak without a hiccup. Also DashBoss running through iPad can pull any logs or codes. The motor will give you a CEL same as a factory car if there is a problem. Drive by wire GM throttle servo to CBM 102mm drive by wire Throttle Body. The motor and operating system is as advanced as they get. Safe and Reliable.

5 speed Albins Sequential. Recently went through by RC Trans Las Vegas. New bearings, main shaft, couple gears. Worked fine before works fine after. Perfect bill of health. Maybe 10 hours post rebuild. Trans has big CBR cooler and fan, thermostat trigger pump. Spray bars added on R&P and main bearing for constant cooling and lubrication same as high end class 1 cars. See pic.

GM LSX long block
GM LSX heads
Granatelli wires and coils with relocation.
ARP everything
Holley Sniper manifold and rails
Drive by wire 102 CBM TB
Liquid to liquid cooling
Albins 5 Speed Sequential
Cooler, filter, 3x spray bar circuits
AIM dash
iPad in dash for engine monitoring and stereo control

Hot head 8-1 headers

GPS, intercom, radios
Big Kicker Stereo with 12” sub
Radflo 3.0 triple bypass (new 2019)
Radflo 2.5 Coilovers (rebuilt 2015)

Power steering filter
Jamar X front hubs
Tatum rear hubs
All bearings timken
934 cvs all fortin with zerks
double boots

Goodyear wrangler (Kevlar- light)
Skat Traks (12 paddle Scoopers)

Full fiberglass body, dash, center console, interior panels

Car wired, plumbed, fan for heat and AC! Can run fan now but circulates fresh air only. Heat exchanger is there to plump heat using coolant but currently bypassed. AC would require a motor and condenser be added but all plumbing exists and works.

Rear cargo rack (fits 37 plus room)

Champion Wheels

Jet trim seats, heated, 2 stage

25 gallon Fuel cell just rebuilt, new foam, Holley Hydramat, BMRS internal fuel plumbing.

Baja design HIDs on top LEDs below


Double boot kits On trans and midboards with cv savers.

All wiring fused and circuit breakers.
2x Odyssey batteries new in 2017

Car is 99” wide on paddles. Certainly have to change rear tires to get in any trailer. Strapped front can suck into about 95-96”. With loading tires 88" (included)

See more pics on my IG at jetjock15

Car needs nothing. Ready to run. Just ran flawless 4 days at Dumont over Pres. Only imperfections are small crank in windshield and the wrap is dinged up at driver door from getting in and out.

Loading tires
37 Goodyear wranglers in BTR beadlocks
Cv spares
MAF sensor
Spare new Belt

Reason for sale: retiring, moving, building house. Cashing out of sport for 2-3 years. Have Momentum 398M toy hauler and 20 deckover trailer to be sold too after car. Not for another year though so no rush to sell.

Serious inquiries only please. Via text. 360-808-3215.

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