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Drakart 4x4 RaceCar: BITD Tagged/Ready: UTV Unlimited

2020 Drakart Race-Car$89,999.00 OBO
For Sale

Las Vegas, NV
 Kieran Cox   Private Message
 (702)475-3789   (702)475-3789

What is a Drakart?:
This is a fully custom built 4x4 UTV. Drakart has been making off-road vehicles for 30 years and has the best suspension/ride in the business in this class. It's a chain driven, fully chromoly welded chassis, sequential shift, 4x4 NA UTV with 210hp. That's right, it's NA with 210 Hp and runs on 91 pump gas.

This is the first 4x4 BITD racecar Drakart has ever built, and it's basically perfect. Fully race ready [with spare and gear] and no fuel it's just over 1730lbs.

The engine in this Drakart is a 4th Gen Suzuki GSX-R1000 that has custom ECU mapping for the high HP. Drakart Inc, has a pattented PTO that the engine connects via a large/thick Suzuki Hyabusa Chain. How long does the chain last? Typically about 3 years of hard use or 5 years of light use. It's very easy to change too.

Brings me to the next point. The sprockets can be changed like changing gears on a track bicycle to optimize for top speed or lower speed.

You can also change the engine to just about any motorcycle engine you like as the engine is connected to the PTO by chain. I've often thought about dropping in a 300 Hp Supercharged Kawasaki H2R engine in...

Top speed? Appx 103mph. However, it's important to note you can drive at that speed until the tank runs dry, because alas THERE IS NO BELT TO OVERHEAT!

The handling/speed over large whoops is *legendary*. The first time I went for a ride in this car after coming right from RZRs and CanAms, I was scared for my life as this car does things you would think no UTV can with regard to speed over rough terrain.

It's like the Porche/Ferrari of UTVs at a price that's tough to believe. So if you're tired of wasting $100k building up CanAms/RZRs just to have the same stupid problems... step up to a real race car that was built from the group up to be one. You'll save money and you'll go faster and safer.

Selling because with my kids, I got no time to race anymore. Believe me, I hate to sell it. I hope she finds a good home and is used and abused racing like it should be.

The nitty gritty:
79.9" Wide, Chain drive [no belts to deal with]
~1700lbs, fully loaded [no fuel]
Gen 4 Suzuki GSXR 999.8cc, 6 speed sequential trans including reverse.
210hp ECU tune, 91 pump-gas
26 gallon fuel cell
Elka 2.5 in the front 21” travel
Elka 3.0 in the rear 20” travel
Willwood brakes
Electric power steering- adjustable on the fly
Simpson Vortex seats
Lowerance GPS
Rugged radios equipped
32” Arisun Dirt tires + 8 spares
Mirrors, light bars, etc.
4130 Chromoly Tig welded frame, arms, etc
Lots more, too much to list

    Off Road Race Vehicles   Listing #191821   Posted: Sep 22 Expires: Nov 01