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2008 MECHTECH$31,500.00
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Yuma, AZ
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All alu. body is all curved everywhere. Absolutely one of a kind. No fiberglass. All panels are upholstered inside. Has a glove box in the dash and ice chest under cover. Frame is all chrome molly and heavy duty for use as a dual sport machine. 4 wheel brakes and power rack & pinion steering. new paddles with one trip on them. Mendi trans with all weddel parts including ring & pinion,m300 axels & stub axels. 3.6 cadillac 4 cam with a Megastrand blower. 376 hp to the rear wheels (apx. 450 at the crank) has a new Haltech elite 750 eng management system. Also has a methanol/water system to cool charge air. Rear wing has storage inside. Fox dual bypass on the rear & internal bypass on the front. This car is an awesome duner with just the right balance between power and weight. it will lift the front wheels any time you want even at low speed on flat ground but won't lift until you want it to. It cost $71,000 when new and is just like new now. for the price of a side by side you can have a real sand car also good for the dirt to if you want but I never did. It's only been used in the sand.
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