Cryogenic Treatment for Gears, Engine Parts, Brake Rotors, and Metal Components

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 Polar Cryogenics
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Cryogenic treatment improves the strength, durability, and lifespan of high stress metal components and tools.

Parts received by end of day Wednesday are processed over the weekend and shipped back the following Monday or Tuesday.

At Polar Cryogenics, parts are cooled in a computer controlled dry chamber to -315F where they remain for 24 to 48 hours before being slowly warmed back up to room temperature. At the atomic level, this process provides two very important benefits. First, it improves the hardness of metals by changing their atomic structure, repositioning the carbon atoms and transforming austenite to martensite. Second, the cooling and warming process causes the internal core structure of metal to break up large grain clusters creating a much finer and more consistent microstructure that improves toughness.

Benefits of Cryogenic Treatment:
• 300% Improved Wear Resistance
• Increases Hardness by Converting Austenite to Martensite
• Improved Heat Dissipation
• Improved Heat Distribution (Warming and Cooling)
• Increased Resistance to Cracking or Warping
• Keeps Sharp Edges Sharp 300-400% Longer
• Stress Relief and Stabilization
• Improved Corrosion Resistance
• Improved Cycle Fatigue (Springs)
• Improved vibration damping
• Increased Electrical Conductivity

The most common items treated by Polar Cryogenics include:
• Ring and pinion gears
• Brake rotors and brake pads
• Differentials, spools, and lockers
• Axle shafts and flanges
• Engine and transmission gears
• Coil springs and valve Springs
• Drill bits, end mills, CNC inserts, sawsall blades
• Screwdrivers, allen wrenches, and sockets
• Industrial equipment, dies, and molds
• Knives, blades, and cutting instruments

To learn more about cryogenic treatment and our services, please visit www.polarcryogenics.com or follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@polarcryogenics)

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