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Class 5 Unlimited - Subaru Powered

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For Sale

The day has come... The former "Subaru Crosstrek Desert Racer" is for sale. Fresh prep and new motor.

If you are interested, please contact Neal Grabowski directly. (909) 225 - 2332.

There are a ton of detailed photos and race footage on Grabowski Brothers Racing social media pages.


Top Finishes:
2022 SCORE San Felipe 250 - 1st in Class
2022 King of the Hammers - 2nd in Class
2021 BITD Cal City Desert Challenge - 1st in Class
2021 BITD Laughlin Desert Classic - 1st in Class
2021 Legacy Baja Nevada - 1st in Class
2021 BITD Silver State 300 - 1st in Class
2021 BITD Parker 425 - 2nd in Class
2020 BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge - 1st in Class
2019 BITD Vegas to Reno - 2nd in Class
2019 SCORE Baja 500 - 1st in Class
2018 BITD Vegas to Reno - 1st in Class
2018 SCORE Baja 500 - 2nd in Class
2017 MORE PCI 300 - 1st in Class
2017 MORE McKenzie 250 - 1st in Class
2016 MORE Sierra LED 250 - 1st in Class

Chassis: Designed by Roy Dehban of ProAm Racing Products, Built by Desert Dynamics
Wheel Base: 105”
- Block: Subaru FB25 (2.5L, 4cyl)
- Pistons: JE Pistons
- Rods: Pauter Rods
- Engine Tuning: James Lin Motorsports
Dry Sump Pump: Dailey Engineering Custom Setup
Cooling Systems: CBR Performance Products
- All In One: Water Cooler / Oil Cooler / Heat Exchanger
- Transmission Cooler
- Torque Convertor Cooler
- Torque Convertor Heat Exchanger
Water Pump: Meziere Enterprises External Pump
Power Steering Pump: Howe Performance T/C Pump
Exhaust/Headers: Custom Built
Transaxle: Albins Sequential 5-Speed
Torque Convertor: Coan Racing
Driveline: ProAm Racing Products
- Axles: 35 Spline
- CV’s: 934’s
Brakes: ProAm Racing Products
- Front: Four Piston Calipers with 4” Brake Pads
- Rear: Six Piston Calipers with 6” Brake Pads
Hubs: ProAm Racing Products
- Front – King Kong Hubs
- Rear – 934 Mid-Board Hubs
Wheels: ProAm Forged Wheels
- Front: 15”
- Rear: 17”
- Front: 35” BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KDR2+
- Rear: 37” BFGoodrich Baja T/A KDR2+
Front Suspension:
- Trailing Arms: Foddrill Motorsports VW Style Arms
- King Shocks: 2.5” Internal Bypasses / 2” Coilovers
- Travel: 14”
Rear Suspension:
- Trailing Arms: Custom
- King Shocks: 3.5” Internal Bypasses, 2” Coilovers
- Travel: 17”
Suspension Tuning: SDG Suspension / KING Shocks
Fluids & Grease: Motul
- Motor Oil: 300V Competition 15W-50
- Brake Fluid: RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid (DOT 4)
- Transaxle Fluid: Gear Competition 75W-140
- Grease: Grease Tech 300
- Radiator Fluid: Distilled Water & MoCool Radiator Additive
Fuel Cell: Harmon 38 Gallon
Body: Custom Built by Victory Race Cars
Vinyl Wrap: SignPros
Steering: Howe Diablo 2.5 Rack & Pinion
Wiring: Jax Motorsports / James Lin Motorsports
Computer: MoTeC
Lights: GG Lighting
Navigation: LeadNav / Lowrance
Communication: Rugged Radios
- Radio: M1 Race Series
- Intercom: RRP 5100
Helmet Air Pumper: Rugged Radios Mac Air
Spark Plugs: NGK Spark Plugs
Air Filtration: Walker Performance Filtration
Seats/Seat Belts: PRP Seats
Heims & Ball Joints: FK Rod Ends
Flame Out System: Safe Craft

Have a long list of spare parts, will count what we have of each for serious inquiry:
• Front Hub w/ Left/Right Spindle Nuts
• Rear Hub
• Left Spindle
• Right Spindle
• Front Lower Arm
• Front Upper Arm – Right
• Front Upper Arm – Left
• Through Rods
• Tie Rods
• Front Brake
• Rear Brake
• Power Steering Rack
• Shifter Cable
• Air Filters
• Power Steering Pump
• Power Steering Bracket
• Racecar Battery
• Water Pump
• Water Pump Pulley
• Msc Water Lines
• Fuel Filter – 10 micron
• Fuel Filter – 100 micron
• Fuel Pump w/ Fittings
• Oil Filter
• Direct Injection Fuel Pump
• Rear Axle
• Alternator
• Alternator Bracket & Auto Tensioner with Pulley
• Fuel Filter Housings (small & big)
• Injectors (Port & Direct)
• Coil Packs
• CV
• CV Boots – Inner & Outer
• Starter x 1
• Racecar Belt
• Shock Bolts:
o Shock Bolt – Front Lower/Rear Upper
o Shock Bolt – Front Upper
o Shock Bolt – Rear Lower
• Control Valve w/ Mounting Bracket
• Crankshaft Pulley
• 02 Sensor
• Steering Column
• MSC’s Hardware /Smaller Parts
o CV Bolts
o Spindle Lock Nuts
o Washers/Shims
o Through Rod Washers/Nuts
o Shock Washers/Nuts
o Misc. Shims
o Link Pins
o Arm Pinch Bolts / Nuts
o Brake Mounting Bolts
o Brake Bracket Bolts
o Limiter Strap Clevis & Bolt
o Tie Rod Bolts/Nuts (Inner & outer)
o Lug Nuts
o Power Steering Bolts
o Spark Plugs
o Cam timing sensors
o Axel Boot Clamps for CVs
o Oil Caps
o Radiator Caps – Big & Small
o Gas Cap
o Msc. Pulleys
o Thermostats
o Msc Engine Sensors
o Brake Bleed Fittings
o Oil Pressure Sensors
o Power Steering Cap
o Brake Lines
o 55 Gallon Barrel Cap
o Lug Nuts
o Link Pin Bushings
o Front Hub Bearings
o Front Hub Seals
o Wheel Studs
o Knock Sensors
o Trans Filter
o Wheel Studs
o Steering Column Lock Nut
o Front Wheel Bearings & Seals
o Beam Bushings
o Shock Shaft
o Shock Bump
o Mirrors
o Timing Plate

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