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Baja bug engine and cage setup

Mazda Rx7$6,000.00
For Sale

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Testing the waters on selling my complete engine setup, 12a Mazda rotary motor, rear cage, radiator, oil lines, oil cooler. Kennedy adapter. Everything you need to bolt onto a 002 bus minus fabrication.

Setting up the car to be a 3 seater so I’m going to need more power and I want to try a new setup instead of going to the 13b version because it’s super expensive versus going to a Honda engine or 6 cylinder vortec, I really don’t want something everyone else has so it’s hard to get rid of this and not go to a the 13b.

This motor was rebuilt just because I didn’t want it to break and I had money to blow at the time, while In there I got it ported and polished and updated the Apex seals and turned out the 48 Weber carb needed to be jetted to a 51 and after the thing ran so much cleaner.

The engine is in the car and just came back from 3 holiday trips with no issues as always, the motor probably has 1300 miles since I rebuilt it and it’s built to last for a while. They like to run hot but I updated the radiator to a bigger one and and moved the oil cooler to the front for better cooling and added 20 feet of stainless steel lines which added oil capacity and keeps it even cooler.

This motor does not over heat or even get close to it, the fans for the radiator and oil cooler come on and off automatically and I’ve never needed to pull over to cool down even in deep sand and running it hard to not get stuck.

This motor likes to rev to 8500-9000 but I’ve kept it at 7k because it was enough power for me.

You’re getting a complete setup minus doing some fab work and running power since everything can come out wired up minus the capacitors in the car for 6k, you can come and bring your mechanic, check it out, drive it on the street and rev the shit out of it to test what you’re getting.

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