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Baja bug complete engine setup

Mazda  Rx7$4,500.00
For Sale

Los Angeles , CA
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Testing the waters on selling a complete rotary 12a engine setup to bolt right onto your bus trans with the supplied Kennedy adapter.

First off this bug with this motor is a side by side killer and eats them up with ease, second I’m only testing the waters because I want to add a 3rd seat and I’m going all out on rebuilding the bug, changing the motor to a v6 Chevy motor because I’m eventually going to need more power once I have more weight in the car and add the bypasses in the front so I’m doing this in advanced.

Motor is out of an 86-88 rx7 12a, it rebuilt it just for the hell of it because I had money to blow and I was anal about possibly breaking down since I bought the car like this, so I sent it to get rebuilt and ported and polish and got all new updated Apex seals, they also got the timing right and the 48mm Weber card needed to be jetted to 51 that’s why it never ran at full potential.

The motor has about 1200 miles on it since I did that and I have receipts, I also updated the radiator to the biggest I could fit and moved the oil cooler to the front of the car instead of the inside like it was before, doing that I had to add 20 feet of stainless steal lines (just to be cool) and ran the lines to a pwr electric cooler, everything is on sensors so you don’t need to keep looking at temps, since I oversized everything it doesn’t get close to over heating when you’re hauling ass for awhile, never needed to stop and let it cool down in any condition, I got it dialed in perfect. I don’t even want to change it because it rare as hell to see a rotary and it sounds different than anything out in the desert so everyone is always checking it out when it passes by trying to figure out what motor I have.

You can come by and see it running, do all your test and drive it out on the street I don’t care, the only thing I ever had to do was change spark plugs, changed the alternator (because I like to change parts before they break) and oil change. There’s nothing to work on with this engine. It does run like a two stroke so you mix your gas 1 oz of special oil for every gallon, oil that you can get online or I’ll give to you to get you going.

What you’re buying, you’re getting the complete back half of the cage, motor complete with all wiring ( minimal wiring) Kennedy adapter, radiator, stainless steel lines and oil cooler and All the sensors.

All you’re going to need to do is have someone fab up the cage to whatever you got going on, mount the oil cooler In the front of the bug under the hood, and wire up this super easy motor.

Motor alone rebuilt will cost you 6500 but I’m realistic and you’re getting all the extra stuff I mention. I don’t need to do this upgrade I just need something to do and want to upgrade. I would go with a 13b rotary but I would do a turbo and I don’t want to deal with all the wiring(I’d have to pay someone to do it) if I was building a bug I would buy this setup in a heartbeat, it’s everything you need minus welding, all the hard work and wiring and figuring out all the kinks has been done, super dependable and it can rev up to to 8500-9k and loves to be in a power band, i babied this think and it was enough power to me so I kept my limiter at 7k but this thing likes to rev which is rare for desert cars because people always are worrying about over heating but these motors run hot but I still wanted to keep it at 180 water temp and 200 engine temp even though it would except 30 degrees higher than that but I just took care of it and was super anal about it running hot even though it was ok I still
Wouldn’t get it out of my head.

Text me whatever you want to know.

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