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Baja Mobile Dome LAST ONE! Utility Trailer Dome Shelter combination

2013 Baja Mobile Dome / Vimetal Trailer Vimetal / Gen 2$14,000.00 OBO
For Sale

Alpine, CA
 Jeff Breier   Private Message
 (619)760-7677   (619)760-7677
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LAST ONE OF IT'S KIND !! Be the lucky one in the front of the line to purchase the last Baja Mobile Dome Gen 2. These Trailer Domes for Happy Campers, Off-road enthusiasts and Emergency Shelter Preppers were manufactured back in 2012 & and 2013. My Mom got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I left Baja California to take care of her. I have one 2013 Baja Mobile Dome Trailer Gen 2 + Dome Tent for sale + a whole lot of extras and accessories. Retail on these trailer dome combinations was $16,000 back in 2013. This LAST ONE is slightly used selling for $14,000.
SEE PICS! The sale includes a slightly used (500 miles) 7 foot by 12 foot utility trailer that expands to a 12 foot by 12 foot trailer deck with 4 scissors jacks mounted under each corner to level and stable the deck.
SEE VIDEO LINK on YouTube for how the deck expands and how the Dome inflates) 5 minutes to set up trailer - 5 minutes to inflate the dome. Includes several heavy duty tie downs on the deck to haul a full size side by side UTV or 4 quads or 6 motorcycles and a whole lots of gear.
New Trailer deck wood and with a clear clean waterproof finish. New paint on the metal and NO RUST. New Tires!
Sale includes slightly used (3 times) inflatable Dome tent 12 feet in diameter, 9 feet high in the center - Orange Color. Dome tent has an inner skin wall Tan Color and an outer skin wall Orange Color. The outside skin and inside skin form a 9 inch layer of air insulation. This BAD ASS tent is professional grade, made to last 30+ years! The Dome stays warm inside when it's cold outside and vise versa. The Dome tent has an extra large front door with mosquito netting zippered on both sides. The Dome tent has 4 windows with mosquito netting zippered on both sides. The Dome tent also has a small triangle shaped portal to access the front trailer box where the Dome is stored in transit. Many owners place their generator inside the front trailer box for access to power from inside the Dome. A fan is mounted on the front of the trailer box to force generator exhaust outside and not back into the Dome. The Dome tent has a small round air vent near the ceiling of the Dome for more ventilation.
On each corner there are heavy duty tie downs, strapping the Dome to the deck. The Dome can withstand 60+ mph wind no problem. The Dome will not detach from deck and fly away. Sale includes one 4 hp electric inflater/deflater. The Dome inflates in 5 minutes every time! After 5 minutes, close the valve and the Dome stays firm, will not lose air.
Also included in this sale is another trailer axel, barley used with only 300 miles on it. The extra axel is identical to the axel on the trailer pictured in this posting. Sale includes 2 brand new tires/wheels and 1 brand new spare tire/wheel + 2 slightly used tires/wheels. This sale gets better! 3 pieces of inflatable furniture from FUGU from France is included in this sale. SEE PIC. 1 sofa - 1 chair - 1 table The FUGU inflatable furniture cost me 3K - shipped from France. VERY comfortable furniture. The Trailer has a California permanent trailer license plate and a clean title in hand. The utility trailer + Dome inside box dry weight is 2000 lbs. The weight load capacity of the trailer is an additional 2000 lbs.

Copy this YouTube link to see the Baja Mobile Dome video presentation with Gen 2 Trailer and Gen 2 Dome tent in action!

In addition to the sale described above, I'm also selling the Baja Mobile Dome business for $10K Yes! $10K
The business for sale includes all the CAD drawings of Gen 2 Trailer and all the CAD drawings of Gen 2 Dome tent. Includes the name, Baja Mobile Domes dot com, logos, promo swag, promo photos and best of all, I will provide professional consulting and support for a full year. I will introduce you as the new owner, to the manufactures of the Trailers and Domes. Mobile Dome Trailers have several applications to include but not limited to: Happy Campers that like innovative "cool factor" camping with lot's of room inside their tent. Being off the ground sheltered inside an insulated environment. Off-road enthusiasts, Burning Man burner shelters, homeless shelters, emergency disaster shelters, first aid and medical shelters and so many more applications.
Make me a fair offer for the above described Baja Mobile Dome Trailer/Dome combo + extras and accessories AND hey, why not buy the turn-key business? Be the proud owner of the whole enchilada!

    Trailer/Motorcoach   Listing #199249   Posted: May 12 Expires: Jun 21