Armada Engineering 6100 Spec TT Race Truck

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2018 Armada Engineeting 6100$179,999.12 OBO
For Sale

Bishop, CA

This is perhaps the fastest 6100 truck to roll across the face of the earth. I have got laid more than ever in my life since rolling around in the bad ass Armada Engineering 6100 Spec TT truck. This truck has numerous 1st place finishes in famous races such as the 2019 Tijuana to Reno, Dakar 2013, and the 2015 race to your mom's house for a cause. This truck literally added 10 years to my life and made people like me more. I am selling this truck because if I become anymore awesome the planet may catch on fire and I am tired of your wife calling me. For the love of God please buy this truck from me. If you want to know important details like the tire size, headlight angle, or what color oil goes into the radiator you can call Armada Engineering. They are in the phone book. Murica!

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