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99 Ford Ranger 4x4, 4.0, Auto, Dixon Bros long travel

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1999 Ford Ranger$8,500.00 OBO
For Sale

Santa Paula, CA

Its time to part ways with my old truck, I am the second owner, purchased it in 2003ish. It was a daily driver while I lived in San Diego 10 years or so ago. I used to frequent Dezert Rangers as well as these forums and events back then. This truck has mostly been parked and used as 3rd vehicle since those days. Only off roaded 3 times in the last 8 years and was used locally between my 2 properties or when i wanted a "fun" vehicle to drive around town. I think I've driven it less than 20,000 miles in the last 10 years. Don't get me wrong its not perfect but it has been "kept up". It is mostly just dirty and needs a few small things from sitting so long. Ill start this description with the 3 things I know are wrong. ABS light is on, I haven't traced the problem and the brakes are sensitive when "mashed" you can lock them up (maybe a vacuum leak?). 2nd the paint on the fiberglass has flaking clear coat, which I am currently working on making it look better by hand treatment. 3rd is that the front left coilover has leaked fluid for the last year and at this point might be empty. I haven't driven it enough since it started leaking to know how bad it is. I just got the truck smogged and it is street legal in California. They might pop you for no mud flaps as I have no bed, just bed sides on the truck but I have never been stopped for that. I literally have described this truck as "my baby" for years now and will really be sad to see it go but it needs some one to use it and abuse it like it was built for.

I have a lot of extra parts including the head unit which is a Eclipse DVD player. I am working on collecting all of my goodies for a better picture but don't have that yet. I am also washing and cleaning the truck up, the paint on the frame and tube work needs some love. I will get some pictures when I get the stuff together and when the paint is waxed and interior detailed. I would knock more money off the sooner you get back to me to save the detailing headache on my side haha. I will also go get it smogged again for you if you want, I think it is getting close to my original 60 days allotted from the last smog. This truck is street drivable and can be driven home from here, It was never a trailer queen and it also hasn't left me stranded yet either! I am trying to be really transparent with what I have as I don't want any secrets on my side, but I know this truck will please whoever has a little time and bit of money for it! Here is my YouTube channel that has this truck being used years ago.

if you look on my account on there it is featured a few times, let me say though that the bedcage has been completely rebuilt from what is in the videos, the current look is as the pictures attached!

1999 Ford Ranger
4.0 Liter Motor runs strong (140k miles, headers, flowmaster, intake)
Automatic transmission
4x4 A-Arms (Dixon Brothers Long Travel with Sway-a-way Coilovers and Bumpstops)
-Yes this prerunner is 4x4, so pull up on your jeep and other trail buddies with ease!
Rear Suspension is Deavers race pack with 2 of the leafs currently removed. Sway-a-way triple bypass shocks and air bumps
re-geared less than 1000 miles ago and hasn't been off roaded since re-geared. It lockers and 4.56 gears done professionally
Has engine cage and bed cage but no interior cage, that was the next upgrade on this trucks list but had never been started.
Front and rear fiberglass painted to match but is not in perfect shape, trail rash and some flaking which im working on.

I know I am missing much more, please call and ask, I will be 100 honest with anything I know of the truck and I have a large folder of receipts for everything done to this truck.

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