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5 acres just off Highway 14 a cross from Jawbone OHV Entry

For Sale

, CA
 Robert Coello   Private Message

5 acres right off Highway 14 in Kern County area known as Jawbone. You will not find a piece of land this close to highway or jawbone ohv entry for anywhere near this price look for yourself. Dirt road access as well. I have not been to land so please do your homework before buying.
Serious buyers only or one heck of a trade.
Coordinates to paste in google maps:
This is front left corner of land 35.2993184010097,-117.998012147889
Answers to common questions you may have.
Is the deed in my name: Yes deed is in my name
How do you know who you are giving your money to: If Escrow is the option you would like to do it is around $1800 and we can split it. Otherwise you can verify all my information and see I have been around awhile.
Does it have water and power? No it is untouched desert land and I have not been to the property to tell you if it is close. Do your homework.

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