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3.4L Toyota TRD Supercharger

Toyota Tacoma 4Runner Tundra T100$2,600.00 OBO
For Sale

Camarillo, CA
 (805)390-8502   (805)390-8502

TRD 3.4L 1st Gen “Grey” Supercharger
Has been rebuilt
Stock 2.3 drive pulley (6psi)
Larger 2.4 (safer air/fuel ratio) drive pulley (5psi)
First Gen Dual pulley tensioner bracket with new pulleys & bearings
New never used 3rd Gen Dynamic tensioner with upgraded “Sure-grip” pulley
2 new drive belts and 1 slightly used
Throttle body gasket
Throttle cable brackets
Misc tubing, fittings, & mounting hardware
Installation Manual

1996-2002 4Runner V6
1997-2004 Tacoma V6 (95.5 & 96 w/ ECU update)
1997-1998 T-100 V6
2000-2003 Tundra V6

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