1998 s10 prerunner

1998 Chevrolet S10$10,000.00 OBO
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Taylorsville, UT
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Bought this project already started from a guy who moved here from california

here are the details of the build as of 10/31/2021

""Currently not running""

Motor is a rebuilt 4.3l v6 vortec by a guy named fily in sandy utah

motor was bored a little over and installed new crank, cam, pistons, high cap oil pump

besides that all the accessories on the motor were left the same, alternator, waterpump, power steering etc..

The cab is the origional cab nothing special, seats are trashed i did get a set of RZR seats to install when i got a harness bar and some harnesses

truck is wired for a sound system but would need to be updated, works but not to my liking.

going to the back the entire bed is caged and gutted meaning there is no bed at all

spare tire carrier with a small cargo area to hold items as well as two 50 cal ammo cand for ratchet straps and tools

multiple areas on the frame have been tied together and welded for extra frame strength as well as spots on the frame being boxed in by 3/8" steel plates

rear of the vehicle has some nice newer leaf springs with heavy duty shackles as well as a new set of coilovers in the rear tied to the bedcage to give you amazing handling

going around turns at a high speed

driveline is stock but has had all the joint replaced and upgraded

transmission is brand new, seriously less than 100 miles on it, you could lick it if you want to but wouldnt reccommend

new starter with lifetime warrenty this is where she is not running, the started is not engaging to the flywheel so when you turn the key it will grind.

the suspension up front has a no name long travel kit with limiting straps coils shocks

uniballs in the upper control arm and ball joints in the lower control arm steering is all heim joints and upper steering is still tie rod ends

right now as it sits it has 31" tires but can fit 33" tires i probably would not recommend 35" tires unless they are 10.5" wide due to the fiberglass kit

Fiberglass is all mcneil racing front and rear bulged sides that flare out i beleive 4" but could be 6"

hood is off of a sonoma so it has that dip in the middle which looks great with the fenders

front bumper is tied into the frame and is solid metal not tubing

2 Round LED light attached to the bumper

4 Round LED Lights attached to the roof

light bar on roof

LED pods in rear attached to the reverse lights

LED license plate light

All lights have a control panel inside that will control each light and dome light

overall a really awesome start to a badass build just need something that can hold a car seat better

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