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1991 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Project

1991 Ford Bronco$12,000.00 OBO
For Sale

Hillsboro, OR
 Vernon Edwards   Private Message
 (971)713-5191   (971)713-5191

1991 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Project, all original, 2nd owner. I love this vehicle but cannot justify keeping it any longer(~20 years). All door locks and handles have been removed and are in boxes. All parts listed are new condition and are in original boxes for the most part. Some items have been installed over the past few years. 128,000 miles, never abused or used as a tow rig. Kept inside majority of the last 10 years.

• Good running 351 Windsor, E40D trans, stock gears but never driven with larger tires.
• Does not have limited slip rear end.
• Right rear drum brake solenoid leaks and needs to be replaced.
• Body has had some minor dings repaired (never wrecked), and body coated in primer. Tire hanger has been shaved (holes welded shut) and tailgate emblem shaved. (I regret doing that but was going for a certain look). Body work done by a professional (my dad).
• Cut front bumper just below the plastic trim line for no good reason other than I thought it would look good. Planned to have a bumper built someday.
• Noico Butyl sound mat 1st layer with Noico Foam Insulation installed as 2nd layer 100% under cab carpet. I have boxes of the materials to likely finish both doors and the entire side panels of the inside.
• I do not have the cargo area carpet, trim panels, or side panels. I also don’t have a top for it at the moment because I chipped a corner really bad in storage so I kept the glass and got rid of the fiberglass. I know where multiple tops are available for ~$200 if you wanted one.

$935 Desolate Motorsports Bronco/F-Series 80-96 Plate Rear Bumper and receiver hitch
$350 Bronco Fuel Tank Skid 80-96
$1,680 Desolate Motorsports Spec Q80 and Shackle Combo for Bronco 80-96 with rear shackle hangers.
$439 Bronco 80-96 Upper Rear Shock Mounts for 12” Shocks
$299 New Ford Raptor take off Fox bypass shocks
$1,275 Corbeau Baja RS reclining suspension seats both with inflatable lumbar support and heaters
$278 Sliding seat brackets from Corbeau
$40 LMC Black padded arm rest set new in box
$320 LMC interior door panel set
$300 LMC Black Vinyl Headliner
$195 Solomotorsports rear tailgate aluminum plate installed
$57 Solomotorsports interior door handle reinforcement
$100 Solomotorsports shelf bracket for rear cargo area
$105 Solomotorsports billet Inner Door Handles / Ford Bronco and F-Series
$80 Solomotorsports gas tank access cover
$1,600 New 17" Method Wheels with 35" BFG All-Terrain Tires

$8,768 Total from parts list above with many new replaced items in recent years not listed.

    Project Vehicles   Listing #193159   Posted: Oct 29 Expires: Dec 08