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1967 Tube Chassis Baja Bug

1967 Volkswagen Baja$18,000.00
For Sale

Castle Rock, CO
 Doug Bug   Private Message
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This is a custom built 1967 Baja, honestly the only thing VW on it is the Bus transaxle, and the body skin.
It has a custom built tube chassis (1.5" x .110" ERW) and the body panels bolt on from the outside. They are all removable.
It has a 2.4L Ecotec VVT mated to a VW bus transaxle, with the 5.36 R&P. The Ecotec came out of a 2007 Cobalt with 113,000 miles. Inside and outside the engine is clean and runs well. The bus transaxle is rebuilt, but stock internals.
A Arm front suspension with 15" travel, 2"x10" Fox coilovers.
H Arm rear suspension with 14" travel, 930CVs. It is currently limited to 19 degrees, if you upgrade to better (RCV) CVs it is mechanically capable of 18" travel. 14"x2" Fox coilovers.
31x9.5 tires in front, 33x10.5 tires in rear.
Disk brakes all around, Willwood master cylinders and pedals, CNC cutting brakes.
Edge digital dash (it plugs into the ALDL and gives data)
It is titled and insured, VIN number in welded to the chassis.
Doors open, they are only door skins, lightweight but not as nice as factory doors.
Currently this Baja is designed for street/trail use, however with the chassis it has there is potential to upgrade the engine, transaxle and suspension. The chassis will handle it just fine. Working on this is a breeze as it's so accessible once you take the panels off. At that point you're basically working on a rail.
The Orange paint job is brand new, the panels are good, but there are some imperfections.
I have a YouTube channel (dougbugbuilder) where most of the build is covered. So if you really wanted to see specific details on this you can go look it up. Or reach out to me, I can tell you everything you want to know.
Also the chassis has a cross tube in the same location as a typical bug in the rear, so it could be converted to swingarm is someone wanted to do that.
I have about 20k in parts in this, all the labor is mine.

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