"Full Potential Offroad" (FPO) Superlite, class 10 / Pre-runner Buggy

Full Potential Offroad Superlite$28,000.00
For Sale

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For sale is a "Full Potential Offroad" (FPO) “Superlite”.

This two seat Superlite is geared towards Desert racing. It comes with a 240hp Acura (K24A2) 2.4L engine, a 24 gallon fuel tank, a spare wheel carrier and a removable roof rack.

The engine has about 1500 race miles on it and about another 400 pre-running miles. It starts right up, runs like a top, has good compression, it don't smoke and has no oil (or other junk) blown out of the exhaust. It has a tuned header, a Hondata engine management and is mated to Mendiola S4 4 speed gear box rebuilt by Weddle Industries in a DECO main case w. remote oil cooler.

The Superlite weighs in at 2400 lbs (cert. Scale) and sits on freshly professionally rebuilt Fox shoxs. The axles and CV's have been freshly inspected, greased and reinstalled. There is a rear spare carrier as well as a removable roof rack. The hydraulic fluid is radiator cooled and an electric power steering pump feeds the power steering box and ram.

The cockpit features a Racepack display connected to the Bluetooth enabled Hondata engine computer. The cockpit includes a Lowrance GPS Nav system, a comm Radio, an intercom with music jack. It also has in-dash fire extinguisher, with remote activation handle, spraying both engine and cockpit, plus another 2 frame mounted ones.

As for lighting, it includes 40" Rigid Industries roof mounted LED bar and bumper mounted D.O.T. headlight, rear led red and amber lighting, as well as red cabin night lighting.

The are more pictures of the buggy for sale here:
https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/Zz7347

and videos showing off the amazing Craig Hall design and capabilities of the Superlites here:

And finally videos of celebrities like Heidi and Cameron Steel, Brian Deegan, Roger Norman and others raceing Superlites here:

It is ready to go pre-running, to race it with local promoters like BORE it may need minor stuff done (like new seat belts). To race it in SCORE class 10, it needs both the engine re-sealed and the frame tagged. I have some spare like front spindles and uprights, axles with CVs, power steering pump, alternator another spare wheel and tire as well as some filters and fluids.

I'd like to get $28K for it, let me know if you need more info or pictures


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