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VW 2180 4 seat IRS and A-arm front suspension

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VW 4 seater$6,500.00 OBO
For Sale

Corona , CA

I think I’d make more money parting it out but it’s a great car and I’d be willing to make a little less in order to get it into the hands of someone who would enjoy it.

I was cleaning it up and called an old friend of mine for some advice about hydraulic clutch fluid and he offered me his EFI long travel car for a great price so this one has to go.

The good and the bad and the ugly

The good:

This thing runs like a raped ape. I’ll do a compression check in the next day or so but I’ll be highly surprised if there is anything amiss. (Compression all came in +/- 8% with no outliers) It just runs so good. Keeps up with the big V8’s on the flat to about 60MPH but then it’s over. In the dunes is where it is just a treat to drive. Nobody will be waiting on you, in fact you’ll be waiting for the V8’s. Car was “built right” down to the smallest details and it’s never broken down on me out in the dunes.

The bad:

Needs a new battery and the shocks should be rebuilt or replaced. Probably time to put a new O-ring gasket kit in the carbs. But the battery does start it and it’s ready to go dunning with as-is. That’s it! AFAIK there are no other issues or pending issues.

The ugly:

If you are 6’ or taller, this car is not for you. It’s a 2 seat frame that’s been adapted for kids seats in the back. I’m 5’11” 225 pounds and I love it but if you are much bigger than that, look for another car.

Even with IRS and 3 point front end, it’s not a long travel car so you can’t just blaze through the whoops for long or you heat up the shocks. It’s fine leading into the big bowls and out in the dunes. The only issue is heading to the store you’ll want to take your time through those garbage whoops.

The price: $6,500

The Specs:

2X Webber 48’s
2180CC AS21 (German built) case
Bugpack 82MM forged and professionally welded crank
Chrome molly pushrods
Auto craft needle bearing 1.4 rockers
Super flow heads
Stainless valves
NOS 50 shot (the nitrous is completely unneeded, I’ve pushed the button exactly twice.. the car is plenty fast without it)
MSD ignition with electronic timing advance
02 3 rib built bus trans 5,42 ring and pinion, 1.56 3rd and 1.32 4th
5 point restraints for all 4 seats
Hydraulic clutch

The photos:

Old photo:

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